Its very sad how Finance never really transitioned from the FattWallet

Seeing this thread made my day. Good memories, and love the idea that there’s still some sentiment for somehow turbocharging what we have here.

Between pandemic-induced business struggles and a previously amicable divorce which has gone south, I’ve not been nearly as present as I would like. But am ready to change that in a flash as circumstances warrant.

LOL on boomers of internet finance…something to that. And I confess I don’t even know what “Discords” are, and am barely Instagram literate too…gotta get my daughter’s help to figure that out. :slight_smile:


Love it l33tsauce,

I fondly recall those days. I would do a $9,xxx billpay (max was $10K) and use the four maximum swipes to drain 3x$500 prepaid debit cards and then do one $8k+ Suntrust debit payment. Didn’t even have to mess with MOs that way. :slight_smile:

A few years later I applied for a Suntrust credit card to get a $200 bonus and I got rejected stating that I had a “previously unfavorable relationship with the bank”. I had to laugh and took that to mean they figured out what had happened and how much it costs them :rofl:

That’s a bummer! I know several others in your boat.

Even though I earned 1 million + skymiles, I never had them AA me; I have a bank account with them to this day.

I guess the big challenge is finding the private groups that share such info.

I remember when DoC used to spam their links in FWF…now it’s like the only place I really check consistently.


I apologize if this has been discussed or is obvious to others, but how is this site monetized?

I don’t see any ads (although this may be my ad-blocking software).

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The owner operator loses a little bit on each post we make. But they make up for it on volume.


Anyone remember that FWF guy with the never ending inheritance / estate problem involving distant overseas relatives and foreign jurisdictions? Do you remember if he ever got it resolved, or did the problems outlive the FW site?

I was reminded of this from this Bogleheads thread where people chimed in with lots of inheritance woes. 10 pages and counting…


I do not recall that one

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I’m pretty sure it was unresolved as of the last update. And if I remember correctly, at that point the poster was pretty resigned to it remaining unresolved until there was nothing left to fight over.


I recall that as well.

It was a hilarious thread by cga about kinship proceedings. Upon Fatwallet’s imminent demise, he registered a domain ( to provide updates. He never published the domain, so I presume nothing has changed … or he received a trumpillion dollars and started buying models. :slight_smile:


That’s the one!

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I also recall the guy with the epic circus thread - and I think he died very young?

we already have a thread about it here:


True-to-life “Bleak House”, from what I recall.

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Wasn’t there a cat house thread? Anyone remember the address? Would be fun to do a google street view drive by and see what it turned into!

It turned into a coyote house for a few months to take care of the cats. Then a few crocodiles moved in. Then Floridaman moved in to get rid of the crocs. But then he got a girlfriend, she kicked him out and now it’s a cat house again.


and looks like OP has disappeared too




and he’s back!