The fatwallet member who joined the circus

I was reading my little guy the Dr Seuss Book “If I Ran The Circus” and my mind wandered between the younger twisters to
The fatwallet thread of the guy who ran off and joined the circus.

And that got me thinking back to BrianBrianBrian and Codename47

Anyone still keep in touch?


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Don’t recall the username of the circus guy.
I always thought BrianBrianBrian was @TripleB

… made so much money suing telemarketers that he now plays on his own island and doesn’t have time for internet forums! :slight_smile:


I remember the circus guy - he was their accountant or something. Sounded like he had a lot of adult-rates stories we never heard the half of from riding around the country for a year or so on that circus train.

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Best thread ever.


So true. I thought tripleb made an appearance here, perhaps I’m mistaken.

Didn’t they archive/mirror fatwallet threads somewhere?

Yes, but I don’t think it’s indexed (I couldn’t find the circus thread). If someone saved an old bookmark, we’d need the thread number.


Financial Considerations for Joining the Circus - (Update 5/1 - The End) (


It was ebates that bought and killed FW. Rakuten bought and killed ebates. Their history of blunders (buy . com) should be studied in business school as a warning :slight_smile:


… made so much money suing telemarketers that he now plays on his own island and doesn’t have time for internet forums! :slight_smile:

I just imagine him lounging around with his heavy hands resting on the heads of his chihuahuas :stuck_out_tongue: (wasn’t that how the news article described his interview?)

Wow, it’s difficult to believe that was back in 2013. I remembered it being so much closer to the end of fatwallet days. Considering how often I checked in on that thread I also had no recollection that he got fired or the circumstances surrounding it.


Wow! I forgot or didn’t know about this interview. Sounds like classic FWF!!

Yes I was BrianBrianBrian, and had a couple other names because I kept getting banned. Oops.

I was not the circus guy but that thread was epic.


How about an update from you? What’s new in life?

Hmm, mwa423, gets to this… anyone remember if the OP was from Ohio?

If this was our circus friend, rest in peace

too bad you can’t keyword search somehow I’d love to refernce some old FWF threads

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90% of the time a circus person has an obituary, he’s faking his own death. Godspeed and hope your next journey goes well, my friend.

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I was the nail in that fake usernames coffin.

I said uh. U goofed up.
You were posting n replying to yourself with the wrong username.

So funny.

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