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This thread is for discussion of anything relating to Keesler FCU. In particular I’m trying to avoid posting off topic on the Alliant thread:

Please be aware, pattyb53, that at Keesler you must open your HIMMA Plus account with new funds.

I realize you already know that!

So this comes down to: What does Keesler consider “new funds”?

That is where you might encounter a wrinkle and I want to make you aware that time is of the essence.

When you call in to open your HIMMA Plus:

  1. Funds which arrived that same day are “new”
  2. Funds which arrived the day before are “new”
  3. Funds which arrived two days prior might or might not be “new”.
  4. Funds which arrived even before that could pose a problem.

Also, highly importantly:

At Keesler, “days” are just that. Holidays are “days”. Weekend days are “days”. So for example:

If your funds arrive on a Friday and you call in on the following Monday wanting to open a new HIMMA Plus, those funds are already three days old . . . the way Keesler looks at things.

I hope this is helpful. When doing business at Keesler you must do things their way and according to their rules. Do so, and there is never a problem.


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My new Keesler FCU funds did arrive today. However, with the long 4th of July weekend moving funds quickly was disappointing.

Overnight ACH transfer of funds didn’t work for me this time. Funds transferred 7/2 arrival 7/6.

I just got a return call from Keesler FCU

and the Agent proceeded to open my HIMMA Plus account.

Completed, excellent % rate for another 6 months.

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Just received, via snail mail from Keesler, the paperwork pertaining to my HIMMA Plus account renewal executed end of last month. I must sign one copy and return to Keesler. The other copy I keep.

The Keesler rep told me I would be receiving this paperwork . . . but I forgot. HIMMA Plus account renewal is a more formal process for Keesler than it is for me. Nevertheless, I shall comply with their request and send back the new account form ASAP.

Anyone re-upping their Keesler HIMMA Plus account should be on the lookout for these forms which are an indicator you are back in the tall alfalfa for another six months. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had a rude awakening this morning.

Opened up my Keesler account expecting 2 deposits is the Savings. But no, only 1, Alliant CU. Yesterday I ACH transferred funds from TIAA and Alliant. Nothing arrived from TIAA.

I called TIAA Bank to see if there was an error in the transfer. Everything looks ok.

Agent said maybe a later transfer and for me to check Keesler later on or tomorrow. So unusual, I’m so used to overnight transfers.

Anyway, funds better make Keesler tomorrow!

Well this is a new one for me…

As a rule I usually don’t check my accounts later in the day, but decided to take a look at the Keesler account just now. There is that second transfer I was expecting from TIAA.

So of course it’s to late to get the funds transferred into my HIMMA Plus account. Lost a day of interest!

Very annoying!

I actually never realized that they made two runs a day on ACH transfers. Live & learn…


Im sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I would’ve told you to check again around 3:30-4:30 Eastern time, because Keesler does post transactions late afternoon, giving time to make the subsequent transfer before the close of day.


Good to know. I send a lot of money into Keesler via ACH and have never experienced that. But all of those transfers are coming from Alliant so likely all dispatched at the same time of day and arrive at Keesler early in the first batch.

Probably irrelevant, but I’ll mention anyway that both Keesler and Alliant are on CT.

What is the rate with the bonus?

1.30% up to $49,999.99?

$10k-$49+=1.30%. $50k=1.35%. $100k+=1.40%

All new money. HIMMA Plus account good for 6 months.


Copied and pasted from the HIMMA Plus rate page:

New money only. $2,500 minimum to open account and to earn dividends.

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There is a LOT of interest in the Keesler FirstStep one year CDs, which can be opened by members without speaking to a rep.

Credit for the following goes to poster Ustaad. I have not done this personally:

For those who want to create a ladder of CDs but do not want to call and be put on hold every time, I would like to share a solution that I used. After chatting with a CSR, I learned that Online option is available which is extremely quick, if you already have funds to open a new CD in your primary share account. Follow these steps:

1) Log in to your account
2) Click on “More” tile at the bottom left corner
3) Select “Quick Apply” Tile
4) Select “Shares” Tile in the upper left corner
5) Select “Certificate” Tile from the pop-up menu appearing in the far right corner
6) Select “1 Year First Step Share Certificate” (fourth from the top) from the menu and click on the “Apply” Button.
7) Select your funding account and amount and click on the “continue” button on the lower right.
8) Acknowledge receipt of terms & conditions

You’re done.


Unrelated but noted in passing:

It appears that with the “Quick Apply” feature you are able to apply for a new HIMMA account, but NOT for a new HIMMA Plus account. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yes. 1.05% 1 yearCD. I actually haven’t checked with Keesler, but folks are saying it’s an add- on CD. Plus $25. to open account.

Reading about this offer, they talk about adding one of these CD’s monthly as a possible remedy for today’s low rates.

What say our folks here?

I just applied online for FirstStep One year CD. 1.05%.

First I transferred the $25 over to my savings.
I wrote all the instructions down. One by one, however I was stuck on #3 apply. Finally finished.

I figured it’s only $25, but I still need to find out if it is an add-on CD. If it is, actually I may end up getting a fare interest rate for the year.

One thing I forgot to mention.

Everything completed & new FirstStep CD is showing up on my Keesler Account. :relaxed:


Ken this morning featuring a Keesler RCA. I’m not an RCA fan so I’ll just offer you a link to Ken’s write up:

Ken’s new write up of the Keesler RCA

The above is dated 12 July.


Ken in that same write up is offering his readers a VERY thoroughgoing discussion regarding Keesler membership.

This Keesler Account has so many different accounts that it is complicated. Or maybe it’s just me and I’m making it harder.

I actually have that RCA account. I also have the Kasasa Saver Cash account that is required. But I have been withdrawing those monthly payments from the Savers Cash.

After shinobi posted more info about Keesler this morning I realized I’m doing it all wrong. I need to leave those interest payments in the account. Since it’s paying 1% on funds up to $150k. In fact this is a beautiful place to save funds drawing a decent %rate.

So I just got off the phone with a Keesler agent and she confirmed my issue.

Again it’s “Live & Learn”. Slow learner! lol


How is Keesler for everyday banking? What do ACH limits and transit times look like?

Hi, sullim4. Wish I could provide you a straight answer to your inquiry. But, so far at least, I am not originating any ACH transactions at Keesler. I remain an Alliant member and their, albeit increasingly shaky, overnight ACH service continues so far to work for me. And Keesler always processes the deposits straightaway and timely.

Unlike pattyb53 I do not have a Keesler checking account. But their HIMMA Plus is a splendid cash cow for me, for my liquid funds. I also like their credit card and its 2% reward.

Keesler has some ongoing IT problems which you have to learn to live with and not bitch and moan about. But overall it is a great credit union, a “must join” in my view for those who qualify.


They are not hub material. $7500 daily, $12500 weekly, $50k monthly. No clue if it’s a calendar or rolling month.

Everyday banking is an obsolete concept these days. I have my ongoing activities to generate income (interest, bonuses, cashback, etc) based on the individual account features, and my ‘everyday’ stuff gets slipped into wherever the funds happen to be when they’re needed.

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