Keesler Federal Credit Union

I have had somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 dozen personal, verbal interactions with Keesler personnel. Some are dedicated, knowledgeable, professional, capable, and personable. There seem to be just as many who are there to meet a number / be a warm body.

With some of the errors they make, I’m glad they limited their membership.

Same with me.

In spite of the fact that terrible occurrences in my home (my husband is in the hospital). My HIMMA Plus account ended today. keesler rep said wait to close until 9/1, to gain interest.

So I’ll be on long hold (phone) again tomorrow. Such a nuisance, to hold & transfer same (new money).

I’m very sorry to hear that. I hope that he is quickly on the way to good health.

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First, to repeat @sullim4’s comment, we all hope that your husband is well on his way to be being back home, and telling you that your car hasn’t even been broken in, so keep it another 10 years. :wink:

As for Keesler, I’ve closed at least 5 Himma+'s. There was no issue with the interest. I’ve learned to double-check everything related to Keesler. The interest was always credited, to the penny (or one penny in my favor once) correctly, regardless of the date of closure.

Sorry to learn that news, pattyb53, and I hope your husband recovers very soon.

Regarding your Keesler account closure:

Honkinggoose’s experience is the same as my own. You can close your HIMMA Plus at any time and your accrued interest will be credited forthwith. You will not lose interest.

The most front line Keesler reps oftentimes do not have a good handle on intricate banking matters at the credit union. While they mean well, they often miss the mark with their counsel.

I currently have such an “intricacy” revolving around inability to access HIMMA Plus straightaway via ACH when the ACH is initiated at Keesler. My rep, as happened with you pattyb53, gave me bad information. When I pointed this out to her she was very nice and offered to have a Keesler person at a higher level give me a call. That call has not yet come through, but I realize they are recovering from a hurricane so I need to display some patience.

Back on your situation, pattyb53:

It is Wednesday and we are in a new month. I just checked the Keesler rate sheet. Barring any change later today (it is early in Mississippi), the HIMMA Plus account remains up, running, and available to all Keesler members!

This is sort of a Godsend. I hope I have equivalent good fortune when time comes for me to renew my HIMMA Plus.

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An interesting post over on Ken’s website which relates to HIMMA Plus. Credit for this goes to RickZ:

It is possible to have a single HIMMA Plus account for nearly seven months. Your fortunes depend on the time of the month you open your new HIMMA Plus account. Earlier in the month is much better than later. RickZ writes:

It goes to the end of the 6th month. Open 8/31/21 ends 2/28/22. Open 9/1/21 ends 3/31/22.

Today is first of September. Open your new HIMMA Plus now and you are in the tall alfalfa beyond the beginning of next spring. Pretty sweet, and something to remember!!

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As others have said, I too hope your husband recovers quickly.


I’m not really angry or pissed off. It would be fair to say I am slightly annoyed.

I use my Keesler HIMMA Plus as a reservoir for funds needed to fuel my side hustle. So funds move out to buy (short) CDs and back in when those CDs mature. HIMMA Plus is my personal best option for storage of liquid money, which I need for my side hustle.

The side hustle is not big bucks. Millions? No. Hundreds of thousands? No. Tens of thousands? No. I’m not some kind of big time “playa”.

So this morning I had three CDs mature all on the same day. I went to the Keesler website and tried to move my money back into Keesler for HIMMA Plus. I can report as follows:

Yes. The Keesler $7500 daily ACH transfer limit, when you initiate the ACH at their website, is real. I was only slightly over and (I guess) was having trouble believing the limit was that low. So I tried to schedule the ACH anyway. They waited until after verifying me to tell me I was over. Oh, well.

I like Keesler. It is a really good credit union. But some of the goings on there are quirky as hell. You have to live with the quirks and learn to love Keesler regardless.

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Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.

My HIMMA+ expires this month (the 6 month anniversary is next week, but I read here I get till the end of the month)

I see mention of HIMMA Plus renewals or multiple accounts… is there a way I can do anything to keep the 1.4% interest coming in? If so, please let me know what I need to do. ( FYI - I don’t have a spouse)

Have a look here:


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Thank you! Perfect!!

Reporting here my formula for ACHs into Keesler which seems to be working. These ACHs are originated at Alliant:

I’m fairly consistently receiving same day ACH service, between the two institutions, Monday through Thursday. However, the earlier in the week the better. I have never had an ACH initiated at Alliant on a Friday be credited (and earn interest) at Keesler the same day, and I have given up trying. Instead:

When I have money at Alliant on a Friday which needs to be moved to Keesler HIMMA Plus, I put the money into Alliant savings, thereby earning interest at 0.55% for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The following Monday I ACH the funds to Keesler where, often as not, it is credited and earns interest same day. Hence, no loss of interest.

It goes without saying (or maybe not) that all funds ACHed into HIMMA Plus from Alliant go directly into that account, with no intermediate stopovers in another Keesler account. You can locate the correct MICR number for your HIMMA Plus by first accessing your account, and then clicking on “Account Details”. The MICR account number you need to set up direct ACH transfer will appear in the list you thereby bring up.

Pet peeve:

It rankles ever so slightly that, while the above works well when you are initiating the ACH from outside Keesler, e.g. in my situation at Alliant, it is nevertheless impossible to do the same thing when the ACH is initiated at the Keesler website. This is just another one of those Keesler “quirks” I have mentioned in earlier posts, and you have to learn to live with them.

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I follow those very same instructions. BUT never have I gained credit or interest on those deposits the same day. Now maybe it’s because of our physical home locations. You living on the Far East as opposed to my living on the far West, traveling time. :frowning:

Who knows? But great Keesler processing HIMMA Plus 1.40% interest.

Agreed. Totally. But for me just a little scary at the same time.

This is because I have no backup plan should HIMMA Plus at some point become unavailable to me.

I at present earn “only” 1.3% on my HIMMA Plus money. But I cannot come even close to that with any other liquid account currently in my portfolio.

Gosh I hope Keesler continues to make the HIMMA Plus account type available. I will for certain be renewing my HIMMA Plus prior to year’s end, I can promise you that!

Data point

It is forever a roll of the dice at Keesler. Nothing is for certain. But a happy outcome for me today:

Was able, using an ACH initiated at Keesler, to move a few grand from Ally to Keesler same day. Of course they made me move the funds into my savings. Only option to get money into HIMMA Plus, where I actually wanted it to be, is to call Keesler and have them move the funds manually. You have until 7:00 pm CT to get that done. I saw the money in my savings and called. After a long wait was able to reach a rep and get the money moved with only about twenty minutes to spare.

All is well that ends well, as this did. But in the Keesler crap shoot, sometimes you win and other times you lose. Today I was lucky. :slightly_smiling_face:

Received from Keesler today, via snail mail, a large brand spanking new (though undated) Membership and Account Agreement. It is nearly a full eight pages long and includes enough boilerplate to choke a large horse.

The accompanying letter from a Keesler VP states they are instituting compulsory arbitration of claims and disputes in order to protect Keesler from frivolous lawsuits. You may, of course, opt out.

Good luck to all.

Great! In consumer arbitration, the business foots a pretty significant bill, giving them a pretty significant incentive to resolve the dispute before the claim proceeds. It sets the “just make it go away” bar pretty high.

Not sure how they’re more protected, since you can file a frivolous arbitration demand as easily as you can file a frivolous lawsuit. And an arbitration demand doesn’t even require that you pony up for a lawyer, unlike non-small claims lawsuits.

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