Keesler Federal Credit Union

Thanks again @shinobi, for your excellent information about Kessler HIMMA Plus account and it’s demise.

I’m going to be ready for mine to go :cold_face: the middle of February.

A question is whether it’s interest stops the 15th, as I’m assuming, but they keep the account open until the end of the month? I believe you mentioned earlier that it does. But I’m inclined to remove most of the funds shortly after the 15th. If so do you think I will get that good interest on halfway between the month and the poor interest rate for the remaining time?

Does that make sense?

Like you I’m going to miss that good interest. I’m searching for someplace halfway decent for placement of those funds. 1%, maybe as good as anything available.

Ahhh, that is the question.

I didn’t mess around with that. What I did is to have my HIMMA Plus cleaned out, except for a few dollars to keep it open, on the six month anniversary day.

So what would have happened had I, instead, left serious money in the HIMMA Plus subsequent to that same anniversary date? How much interest would those funds have garnered, at a possible new interest rate, until the first of the next month upcoming when the account converted?

I do not have those answers. That is not what I did. I have a tiny confession:

I didn’t even try to learn answers to the above. This because I thought such an intricate situational question would overload Keesler’s ability to offer me a correct answer. So I just took (most of) the money out as of the anniversary date.

Certainly others might view this differently and think it possible to telephone Keesler, ask what happens in the aforementioned situation, and obtain a reliable answer. If that’s your view, I wish you well.

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Nice outcome at Keesler today

Busy day and I did not discover until late money in my Keesler savings that needed to be moved to Ally. It was nearly 1:30 pm CT when I made the discovery.

Immediately scheduled the ACH at the Keesler website. They are promising same day ACH service on this movement of funds to Ally. That will be pretty good if it happens. We shall see shortly.


It is now “shortly”. And doggone, Keesler pulled it off!!!

How they’re doing this is beyond me. Keesler sent my money to Ally, via free ACH initiated at the Keesler website, in THREE HOURS!!

No kidding. That is all the time they had. Ally tells me when money hits my account there, and of course I know when I initiated the ACH at the Keesler website. Maybe it’s just because I’m old. But to me that is scary fast for an ACH. Heck, that is essentially as fast as a wire!

Keesler: sure it’s a little wacky. But it is also the coolest credit union in the US of A. You never know what lies just around the next corner with this outfit. :grinning:

I am fortunate to be a member, if only for the entertainment value alone.