Keesler Federal Credit Union

Like a 3%/$25k checking account? :wink:


I’m into their Rewards Card, as you are. But I hate the 12 $3.00+ debit card route attached to the deal.

So what to do? Nothing easy…

Just a reminder for purchasers of the Keesler 30 month step-up CDs that some of us acquired. I’ve got one maturing this week.

I received no notice regarding it’s maturity, other than what is provided on monthly statements. To boot, it will automatically re-invest at the prevailing (sad) KFCU rate, and you’ve only got 10 days to unwind that re-investment before penalties kick in. If you don’t undo it before the 10 day “grace” period, you’re on the hook for what may be onerous EWPs. They are not particularly clear on the minimum EWP, but it appears that they have wiggle room if properly motivated.

The above, vagaries notwithstanding, is meant as a reminder to check your maturity dates, set a calendar reminder for those dates, and move the money before it gets renewed.

Even with the above, seemingly dire warnings, these last six months at 4.11 are smile makers.


FYI, I received a online notice about 30 days prior to maturity. Including a form to give them instructions about what to do when it matures.

Thanks. I’m glad to see that they are monitoring these forums. :smile:

You sure you didnt just miss it? It wasnt through the messaging system, it was a document. Had it been a week earlier, I would’ve dismissed the new document notification as the notice for my monthly statement. If you log in and look, I’d bet it is there.

Did you get any notification via e-mail that you had a new document? I mean, if they stick a document in there without telling anyone, I could have missed it and will check on the weekend. But I do not have time to check every place that each of my financial institutions could place a document.

I’ve got another one maturing in June, and will look to see if I get a notice in the doc section at the end of the month.

Yes. It was the same notification as when the monthly statement is ready. As I said, had it been a week earlier (closer to the first of the month), I would’ve ignored it assuming it was the statement notification.

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Aha! I don’t get a notification about my monthly statement because I get paper statements. Do you get the ?quarterly? newsletter online as well, or do they snail mail it?