Mailed tax return in October, still no refund

I checked on the IRS website under, “Where is my return” and it said they don’t have any information to give me. Is there a number to call at the IRS to ask a real person instead of some automated messages that go around in circles?

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I apologize in advance that this post is not helpful to you. It’s because I do not know the answer to your question. But I wanted to thank you for being helpful to me: Thanks.

Like you I have, for my entire life, always filed my taxes with the IRS by mail. No exceptions!

This year, for the first time, it appears I will be filing online. It will be a significant learning curve for me to ascend. However, the number of horror stories out there today, from people like yourself who filed by mail, is overwhelming. The situation is sufficient to force me to alter a lifelong filing habit.

On your question, and bearing in mind I’m guessing:

I should think, if you wait an eternity and after you suffer their wildly annoying automated responses, that you would be able in the end to reach a human being at the IRS. But that is not the voice of experience speaking. I really do not know and, as I said, the horror stories are numerous. :slightly_frowning_face:


One additional point:

My reading is telling me that the principal and primary cause of delayed refunds is a problem with ones return. When there is an error, anything at all, it forces manual intervention by IRS personnel. And they simply do not have the manpower to deal timely with all of the faulty returns.

I assume you have copies of what you filed last year. Were it me I would be going over my return “one more time” with a fine toothed comb. This might not speed things up, but at least you have the chance to discover the cause of the holdup.

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Well, I’ve been on hold almost an hour after calling some other IRS number for business callers. I don’t even know they received it.

Call the IRS number. Select what sounds relevant, but when asked to enter your SSN, do not. That’ll get you in line for a live rep.

My experience is that the tool will tell you that your return was received, even if it hasnt been processed yet. So I would call them, because there’s a good chance there might be an issue you dont want to ignore.


Message says to call back when you have your ssn.

Then you need to select another option. I dont recall offhand (although I do need to call them soon, too), google should help you find the step-by-step but it isnt one of the top results.

October? I’d wait at least 6 more weeks. I mailed mid April and didn’t see anything until the end of August. The online status doesn’t have any information, because they haven’t processed your return. Hopefully you followed the instructions and sent it certified, so the tracking number would at least tell you if they received it.

Google “irs talk to person”. The first link should do the trick (1 2 1 3 2 -skip SSN- 2 4). Unfortunately, even if you get through the prompts, it might tell you they’re too busy and to call back the next business day. Happened to me a couple times last week. And once with the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

I had no issues on my return, they just didn’t process the mail for 4 months. And then they processed it incorrectly, issued a partial refund and held on to the rest without any letters or explanations.

I too am considering filing the federal one electronically for the first time ever. I’m still gonna mail the state return. I haven’t had any issues or delays with CA and I’m not paying $15 extra to e-file.


I wasn’t paying extra for certified mail since the IRS OWES me money. I did get a receipt when I handed it over the counter to show it was mailed and when.

Doesn’t CA have a free e-file service. Many states do.

If it’s like here in OH, I use tax software to prepare federal and state tax returns.Federal E-file is included for free but I don’t pay extra for state E-file since it’s just a matter of entering the numbers from the software into my state free E-file service.

P.S.: I found something that looks to me like the free CA state tax return site called CalFile.


That receipt doesn’t count, because it doesn’t show what was mailed and to where. You need certified mail. I think it’s admissible in court as proof of mailing. Nothing else is.


Thanks for that. I’ll think about it. It’s an extra 15-30 minutes (probably more for my return) to input data I’d already inputted into tax software.

How does certified mail show what was mailed anymore than the receipt? I could have used certified and enclosed blank sheets of paper.

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Hey man, I don’t make the rules. I imagine if you enclosed blank sheets of paper you’d have problems with the IRS. But the goal is to know whether they received it.

Instructions on my paper return:


What late filing penalty? I’d think the IRS would be more than happy delaying sending my refund.

Mailed tax return in October, still no refund

I heard on the news that the IRS is at present confronting 50 million unprocessed returns, of all sorts. :astonished:

Boy do I ever not want to end up with my return added into that total. :fearful:


For me, it feels like it’d take about the same or possibly more to do my state return on paper. Beyond copying stuff on paper forms, I’d also have to print the return, find stamps and envelop, and waste 15-20 min dropping it at the post office. Either way is fine but I agree the $15 e-filing fee is not worth it for me, especially since I always owe extra state taxes so not like I’d get refund faster by filing electronically.

Same problem w/ efile :frowning:

I hope not being audited

The good news is they give some interest on delays

trackable delivery? I’ve used that as proof w/ IRS.

Usually efile but they don’t allow PY efile :frowning: They did pay some interest on delay (1 year from mailing!)

I went here
and got
Your Expected
Refund Amount:


Refund Status Results

Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. For more information about processing delays, please see our [Refund Frequently Asked Questions.](javascript:openLink(‘IRFOF’,‘6638’,‘’,‘R’,‘700’,'500’))

Please Note:

For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

I do have a 570 on

which means?