Monkey pox discussion

San Fran only a few days behind the Bee’s forecast

Yet while LGBTQ sex parties in other parts of the nation – most notably New York – have been cancelled due to the ongoing monkeypox outbreak, public health leaders and event organizers in San Francisco are taking a different approach.

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation has actively encouraged people to attend the event, while also listing safety advice on its website…

Most SF locals I know are avoiding it (like the plague) lol. I go every year but this year is a nope, even though it’s a block or two away. Too risky. It is an outdoor public festival, but plenty of shenanigans go on inside the bars. Anyone with any sense is trying to limit their risk. All my friends here are on waiting lists for the vaccines.


Once again the American people are being poorly served by our public health muckety-mucks.

Fauci cannot even take care of himself; look at a current photo of his face, lower left side.

And both he and POTUS are “rebound” victims of their latest phony COVID-19 cure, paxlovid.

Monkeypox? They’re probably still attempting to conjure a way to make money, in the stock market, from some pharma company peddling a supposed monkeypox cure.or vaccine.

A pox on all of them! :face_vomiting:

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How beloved can it be?

CA emergency

The French Laundry became a lightning rod for criticism of Governor Newsom in 2020, when he flouted his own COVID lockdown rules by dining maskless, indoors, and in close proximity to other people, though defenders have noted that he dined with important Democrats rather than ordinary peasants. Governor Newsom came under fire again when a similar photo came to light last night, capturing Newsom “engaging in egregious acts of an orgious nature” during the first night of the state’s orgy shutdown.


And here’s the real article on the CA emergency - fretting about stigma.

Public health officials are clear: stigma is unacceptable and counterproductive in public health response,” Michelle Gibbons, executive director of the County Health Executives Association of California said in a statement. “The fact is that monkeypox is primarily spread by skin to skin contact and sharing objects like bedding or towels, without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The type of monkeypox virus identified in this outbreak is rarely fatal, and people usually recover within weeks. But the lesions and blisters caused by the virus are painful, and they can prevent swallowing or bowel movements if in the throat or anus.

So we should logically conclude that avoiding stuffing dirty towels in our mouth or other end should keep us safe. Thanks Gavin.

Meanwhile, the third world is doing what it normally does about new diseases… nothing.

so we can expect wider non-Africa reservoirs of the pox and even more spread means more chances to evolve / mutate into something worse.



Blankets are bedding. And they might not always be sanitized from guest to guest (sheets are for sure, I realize that). Or the blanket sanitization process might be inadequate.

So be careful choosing your hotel or motel. The pox is out there. :wink:

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Guess WHO wasn’t paying attention 5 years ago to the African outbreak of gay sexually transmitted monkey pox?

These men also didn’t fit the typical profile for monkeypox patients. They weren’t hunting or handling animals but instead were middle-class men, living in busy, modern cities. Ogoina wondered: “Why isn’t it affecting children? Or females? Or the elderly? Why are we seeing only young men, ages 20 to 40?” (In fact, Ogoina and his colleague eventually figured out that the young boy didn’t even catch the virus from an animal but rather from a male relative in his household.)

And the rashes that affected these patients weren’t in the typical places where monkeypox struck. Instead of being on their face and extremities, the blisteres occurred around their genitals. “They had very extensive genital lesions. Very, very extensive,” Ogoina says.

Ogoina and his colleagues started to investigate these patients further. “We decided to do a sexual history assessment of some of the cases,” he says. That assessment found that many of the patients had high-risk sexual behaviors, including multiple partners and sex with [male?] prostitutes.

Sounds like WHOever was in charge didn’t like the possible stigma back then either, and just ignored it.

Over the past few years, Ogoina says he has tried to warn health officials and scientists repeatedly that monkeypox had changed and was possibly spreading through sexual contact. At one international meeting, he tried to bring up the possibility of sexual transmission. Somebody told him to be quiet.

“Yes, someone told me that I should not say it. That I should not say sexual transmission is possible,” Ogoina recalls


real or parody, the stigma edition.

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the Midterm Election Emergency is - the Pox! thanks to our federal declaration, we can now ignore some of our health rules to more quickly distribute the limited vaccine supplies to those at highest risk.

In particular, prior and now aspiring gay orgyists who have been refraining during these more perilous times don’t qualify since they haven’t had multiple sex partners recently, although those who have been living it up and quite possibly getting or spreading the pox are prioritized. Your government at work!


Are those who have been living it up more at risk than the ones playing monogamous? That seems common sense.


Sure, but you’d think you’d at least offer the vaccine to high risk people who want it, and they aren’t unless you lie about your recent activity (which I assume the responsible people are doing once they find out that’s what’s required to get the shot). It sure doesn’t sound like you want to get this - the 10-15% of people they found needing hospitalization were for extreme pain management rather than anything else at least so far.

If you read the prior article about this Nigerian strain that was being ignored by the WHO for the last 5 years, the poxes are more localized on your body to often the general area of contact (not covering your whole body like some of the older monkey pox pictures), so I guess if you got it from causal skin contact on your hand or arm or something (rather than from sex), at least that would be a lot less sensitive area.

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And in a striking attack on male homosexuals …

“If people want to have sex, they are going to have sex,” said California state Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), who is involved in the city’s monkeypox response. “I know people who normally go to sex parties who will not. People will make their own decisions about their own risk levels.”

This isn’t the former child porn progressive representative from NY, is it? How could he be electable, even in SF?

Also, reading his first and second quoted lines appears to be the definition of talking out of both sides of your mouth … or as high cheekbones Warren might say, speaking with forked tongue. I guess she might only say that if Wiener was a Republican or it got her a minority slot or tax credit. :wink:


Given the mode of transmission in that particular group, the only way health authorities can decide how to prioritize the currently limited doses is by asking and trusting community members will be as truthful as possible. How else can health authorities know who’s been nutty and who’s been nice?

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Looked him up out of curiosity from your post:

I think you have him confused with someone else, since I don’t see any mention of NY.

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That other guy is Anthony Wiener. He is out of jail now, a little concerned about Huma’s current dating relationship, and on the radio with his own show on 77WABC. And I’m pretty certain Anthony is not gay, though he still might have a “thing” about exposing himself to young girls. I dunno.

Oh, and Anthony is strictly a New York City guy. Strictly.

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Oh, and Anthony is strictly a New York City guy. Strictly.

That is who I figured he meant, but I had mis-remembered him as one of the guys from Chicago rather than NYC.

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Just a quick reminder why the FDA / CDC bought pox vaccines for just this eventuality and didn’t have them in time to stop the outbreak.

“Why were the Europeans able to inspect this plant a year ago, ensuring these doses can be used in Europe and the Biden Administration didn’t do the same,” he added. “The FDA is making a judgment that they’d rather let gay people remain unvaccinated for weeks and weeks and weeks than trust the European certification process.”

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