Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)

I opened a Platinum Visa card with 0% APR 12 months for balance transfers last week. I was able to close another Navy Fed. card and transfer the entire credit limit to the new card. I did 3 transfers, including one for cash to my Alliant checking account. We’ll see if that goes through. It has in the past.


Transfer successful to checking account.


also posted in CD thread

Not sure if it has already been mentioned, but NFCU is currently waiving the checking account and direct deposit requirements on their Special EasyStart Certificate which is at 3.50% APY ($50 minimum balance and $3,000 maximum balance). One per member.


What does that mean? Is it waived for the length of the term?

I don’t see anything about a waiver on the website.

Yes, for the length of the term. No, it’s not on the website but I verified thru chat today.

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