One Amp smart charger for 12V batteries (Duracell brand)

Decent deal on this smart 1A charger:

Duracell smart battery charger

$11.69 cost includes shipping. USA seller. Compare price at Amazon and at WalMart. Decent reviews.

These suckers are selling REALLY fast. Not certain how much longer deal will be available at this price.


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Dang it, I didn’t even know I needed one of these.

Any idea how long it would take to charge a typical car battery that’s pretty much dead? 1A doesn’t sound like a lot, and the higher current models are more expensive.

I took the liberty to add “for 12V batteries” to the subject.

Well, you’re right. This is surely not a dead battery quick charge sort of device. For that you need a LOT more current.

I bought mine because I have two lead acid batteries I do not want to sulfate this coming winter. Cannot just let 'em “sit” or I’ll be buying new batteries come spring. These sorts of low current chargers are good for that.

It does say it can charge a battery from dead. I dunno. Maybe. But like you are thinking, it’s gonna take quite a long time even if such a thing is possible. I have a 10 amp charger I use for such duty as that.

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I have a car I haven’t been driving, I think this device is meant just for that. If it doesn’t charge, I’ll probably just replace the battery (it’s old anyway) and then hook this thing up to keep the car alive.

For anyone under 40 who’s reading this … Check the water in your battery before charging, even with a maintenance charger. And use distilled water if any of the cells are low.

^^^ not applicable to “maintenance-free” batteries, right?

My best recollection is that, in a lead acid storage battery, the liquid level will increase during charging. However:

It is important when commencing charging that the battery plates be completely immersed. Otherwise that portion of the plates not immersed will not charge.

What I usually do, once plates are covered, is to charge and then re-check level. If it’s not up sufficiently owing to charging I then fill to the mark. But if filled to the mark first, then charge applied, there can be overflow.

And of course I alway check for bubbles during charging. You hope quantity of bubbles appearing in each cell is (more or less) the same. Otherwise you might have a bad cell.

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I have not seen a car battery that needs adding water in the last 30 years. Oh dang, I just dated myself.


I haven’t dated myself since my teens. :blush:

Actually, no. Even “maintenance-free” have vents that can be opened to add water and they do lose water. This includes AGM and Gels batteries. Granted while AGM and Gels are not ‘flooded’ but if you have an old battery that is weak or won’t charge properly, adding a bit of water to each cell doesn’t hurt it.

Wear eye protection when opening vents since acid and eye balls don’t agree with each other…

On the topic of Duracell chargers… Note that these are probably designed and made by some Chinese company. Duracell brand is licensed to other companies for things like chargers, flashlights, usb things, etc. Duracell the company, doesn’t control quality or design.

On the topic of Duracell, their consumer batteries (AA, AAA) are terrible now. They keep leaking. On the topic batteries, Energizer’s consumer batteries are the same – meaning that they also leak like crazy compared to the same batteries made 10+ years ago. I have had multiple, new in packaging with expiration of 10 years and after 3-5 years, are leaking in the packaging. I have noticed that batteries which are included with things you buy (Duracell’s and Energizer’s B2B) batteries rarely leak. Both Duracell and Energizer also sell “Industrial” batteries (bulk packaging, which you can buy from Staples, leak just like consumer batteries but maybe a tad less?

Most of my devices now, I use rechargeable, they rarely leak and when they do, it’s barely noticeable. However, there are a few devices that for whatever reason, are designed to only work with Alkaline batteries (higher nominal voltage @ 1.5) and will not work with rechargeable (nominal voltage @ 1.2). So I’m stuck with cleaning that the contacts and battery housing when they leak.

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I have the same experience. I think it started about 5 or so years ago. Even their “industrial” branded cell I used at work leaks. I did the rare thing and left a review on Amazon about this.

There are Nickel-Zinc rechargeable AA out there that is 1.65 V. They are rare but you can get them on eBay. I use those in my electric fly swatter… hehe, make for quite a light and sound show.

shows 24.99 for me

deal expired

My new charger arrived this morning. Am totally pleased except for the long wait for delivery. But received an absolutely brand new charger, totally pristine, in a sealed box. It was packed carefully in an outer cardboard box; no bubble paks. It came from City of Industry which is “China east”. Unit carries a 3 year warranty from Duracell.

Price on this was right and I can really use this charger. Am fortunate.

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This darn charger has saved my bacon several times so . . .

I want a second one but . . .

the price out there now is DOUBLE what I paid and . . .

I’m not willing to pay double price.

Looks like I will have to make do with just one charger and move it between batteries.

DANG it. Why didn’t I buy two when I had the opportunity!!

Coming from City of Industry, I started reading this as “has cooked my bacon”.

Glad that you’re getting your money’s worth.

You know, one lives and learns. I was unaware C of I had any residents. Just checked online and sure enough, population is 219 souls. I though it was all industrial.

I don’t think I ever visited C of I when I was in SoCal. Not sure; too long ago. Am much more familiar with a similar situation in IL called Elk Grove Village, which is immediately west of O’Hare. Have been there a few times thinking, similarly, it also was all industrial. Wrong. Just checked and learned Elk Grove has a thriving residential area with lots of people and very low taxes because of all the industry.

You’re smart living in C of I. Your taxes must be close to zero!

You’re right about living and learning. If I had re-read my message before posting, it would be easy to see my error which misled you.

I am not from City of Industry, but have driven through it. I was actually referring to the battery charger coming via City of Industry, which led me to see “cooked my bacon” instead of “saved my bacon”.

It seemed funnier at 2:00 a.m. than explaining it now. :smile: