Products with real supply chain risk?

The car shouldn’t ding if you do it right – use the turn signal.

Thanks, HM.

Mine doesn’t ding if I do it left either using the turn signal. :laughing:

It does when there’s a car in the blindspot (and I have that turn signal on).

LKAS (lane keep assist) and ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) are great. Stop and go freeway traffic is much less aggravating, and I can provide more attention to other vehicles without also micromanaging speed changes. Yes, they can be both optionally turned off.

My previous car that was totaled last year in a hit a run also activated the Emergency Brake Assist, which likely reduced injuries by lessening the collision speed differential. (My back was sore enough for ~6 months as it was).

Now… the backup beeping on the new car is louder than I’d like, not sure why that was mandated. But in parking lots (etc), it is likely useful to pedestrians.


Another theory about the chicken shortage. BTW We have no problem finding whole chickens in the store. Apparently the shortage is in high demand parts like wings