Seeking CC help/suggestions - Specific conditions

At least in my experience, credit union IT departments aren’t exactly crackerjack organizations. They outsource their online banking platforms to third parties and quality varies widely. Certain institutions (First Tech FCU and Keesler FCU come to mind) are more fickle than others.

You are correct that bill pay is outsourced to the same group of vendors, but the individual deployments of each banking platform still need to talk to them. As APIs are deprecated or as breaking changes are made to these platforms, are these smaller banks telling their vendors to test and update their individual deployments?

Further, again, many of these smaller banks will have varying rules for funds delivery time, and some charge a fee to use the bill payer. It’s just easier to initiate an ACH pull at a larger institution rather than incur an unexpected fee or risk violating “Argyll’s Rule” because certain banks hold funds for a few days before they forward the cash on to the biller.

Ally is big and predictable. That has its downsides but one of the benefits is that there are plenty of data points on what to expect in terms of their feature set, bill pay included.


Oh, sure. And this is documented up thread.

I use both the Bank of America Cash Rewards World Mastercard and the Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa card to earn rewards through purchase of CDs. Of course you understand both cards are limited to $2500 (each) of purchases per quarter. Ahhh, if only that were not so . . :smiley:.

But that limitation does exist so, between the two cards, you end up receiving $600/year in rewards. Some people turn up their noses at $600 and cannot be bothered. I myself am pleased to receive $600/year I would not otherwise have received. Bank of America has been very good to me over the years and I appreciate their largesse.

Another important benefit of the cards about which you inquired is this:

It’s a stand alone deal. There is no requirement further to engage with Bank of America or to purchase any of their other financial products. To me, that feature is as important as any other aspect of their deal. :wink:


I actually believe Bank of America may be getting better or at least improving lately. Several years ago I used BofA almost inclusively.

If you kept a larger amount of funds in your accounts they provided a private Rep behind the door that was always available. That person offered special deals that were not available to the man on the street. It was great times!

As usual those good times changed. They dropped all special and personal interest in loyalty. Very soon I dropped my interest at BofA.

I must admit that BoA changed over to special interest in serving folks sending money to foreign countries. Particularly Mexico. I don’t understand completely how the bank makes profit in these dealings.

Changes abound!

So far so good on the money laundering workaround using Ally Bank. It remains very early, this is a new way of doing things, so unknowns are possible and ongoing vigilance is needed. But so far so good is better than uh-oh the s*** has hit the fan.

This new situation will reduce the number of transactions I engage in at Alliant, which will in essence become less a hub for me than it was in the past. But as long as Alliant continues to make available that 2.5% reward on their Alliant Visa Signature card . . . well . . . I have to do what I can to guard and protect my relationship with them. And that is accomplished by not being so obvious about my “purchase CDs with a credit card” activity.