Social credit in America - Politics invades personal finance

So should the schools take the role of parenting the children with bad grades and kids who smoke? Or do nothing? I don’t think either would be very popular.

None of it is very popular. And thus they arent even considered as options. Except for this one thing, which is inexplicably expected to be a welcome policy despite the same lack of popularity.

Imagine the widespread confusion, if a state were to make illegal for schools to give students a fake report card to fool their parents into believing their child is getting good grades. Literally everyone would wonder why such a law was even necessary, since a school would never try to usurp parental rights like that anyways.

The argument isnt any different for this insane secret trans crap, except that schools are in fact trying to get away with such policies. Instead of people being baffled that such a law is even necessary, the narrative is outrage that a law was enacted making such secrecy illegal.

This is a small segement of the population deciding how they want things to be, then reverse engineering policies and standards that enable the means that accomodate that desired end, then demanding those policies and standards be accepted by all despite all the conflicts and contradictions with long-established and widely accepted societal expectations.


Notifying parents that their kids has trouble with their education (grades or discipline) is directly tied to the school’s mission to provide quality education.

Monitoring who your kid prefers to hang out with or how they prefer to be called is not tied to the quality of the education they receive (or shouldn’t be). Why should the schools notify the parents if Johnny kisses a boy and say nothing if Johnny kisses a girl? Isn’t that a form of gender discrimination or at the very least double standards? How such monitoring/reporting linked to the school’s education mission (as long as the kid’s preferences do not seem to affect Johnny’s grades or discipline)?

IMO School should remain out of this stuff completely unless it has had an impact on grades/discipline. It’s not their business/mission to out kids to parents.

At best (parents are neutral or supportive), it’ll have no impact on the education of the kid. At worst, the kid could get kicked out of their house, thus be negatively impacted in their education by the school’s action. That looks 100% contrary to the school’s mission.

The only case where I see the school mentioning this to unsuspecting parents is if there is otherwise an identified problem with the kid’s education (grades or discipline) and they mention this as a potential root cause. But it should only come out of an educational concern, not out of routine monitoring of the kid’s preferences IMO.


Would you expect your 12 year old to be able to walk into the school office and fill out a change of address form for themselves? Can your kid add people to the list of who is allowed to pick them up after school? Can your kid sign his/her own permission slip to attend a field trip?

We arent talking about their direct education. We’re talking about, essentially, record keeping. Formalities. Demographic information. VIrtually everything outside the direct educational cirriculum. (Yes, even fake report cards, because the grades still are what they are, they’re only lying to parents about the grades, not changing them). That minors always always always need to have their parent’s permission to change (most of the time, even after they’ve turned 18). This is no different, besides some rabblerousers fretting that a parent may dare to not give their permission. So it’s decided that the best “solution” to that is to just not bother asking them.

Your 11 year old daughter really really really wants to that hot 18 year old boy who flirts with her to pick her up after school. Surely you’d agree that she can simply tell the school she can leave with him, right? After all, it also has nothing to do with the school’s educational mission. You wouldnt complain about the school letting her leave with someone you hadn’t approved, right?

Exactly - the parents enroll their child by filling out the required paperwork, and the school goes by what is on that paperwork. Period. That should be their position.

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“One Chip Challenge” chips removed from stores after teen’s death. A half page article in my small town newspaper today.

Three High School students were referred to the emergency room after participating in the One Chip Challenge.

“At this time, a number of students have already been sent home and have been referred to the emergency room because of their reaction to the substance.” The High School Principal said in a message sent home to parents, that anyone found in possession of these chips will be sent home and will receive progressive consequences.

Sure caught my attention when I was reading my daily newspaper. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili peppers can cause mouth and throat irritation and on fingers can cause pain in their eyes, face or other body parts.

A challenge at Bay Area schools, but never expected it to explode right here in my little old town. :joy:

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The super majority of Democrats in the California legislature passed a law that if parents do not “affirm” their child’s “gender identity”, child protective services can take the child away from them. The governor Gavin Newsom will almost certainly sign it.

Edit, after reading the bill, this may not be accurate. At a first reading, The bill requires judges to determine whether a parent goes along with the Child’s transgender identity in divorce custody cases. This is still outrageous, but not as bad as stated in the article. However, the bills are written in convoluted language, so it’s hard for non-lawyers to figure them out.

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How can a parent affirm such an identity, when there’s such a concerted effort to not tell parents of such an identity?

Doesnt this just intensify the divide, and harm to the child? Instead of the parent being sympathetic and seeking treatment for their child’s psychological disorder, now their only option will be to dismiss the child as a freak and wash their hands of the relationship.

Ignore for a second the fallacy of the entire concept. There’s so much objection because there are so many incrimental steps to acceptance that are not only being skipped over, but are being actively enforced with the polar opposite mindset. If you want a child to be able to mutilate their body to satisfy a psychological disorder, there’s a dozen other body-related things you need to start allowing that child autonomy over before reaching the point where mutilation is the logical next step.

How come no one is asking how the winner was selected? I’d bet anything that it was determined as soon as the boy entered, as no one would dare deny him his [very recent] life-long dream. And I’d also bet that punishment was implied (if not directly threatened) if any of the female contestants objected or walked off the stage when the winner was announced.

The only reason men are allowed to take titles and awards away from women is because the women are allowing it to happen. If they would simply refuse to play along, there would no more pageant to compete in, no more race to swim.

I do think it’s unfair to blame the participants. All these things are a time-limited opportunity, from highschool/college sports to pagents; if you skip it on principle you cant just make up for it later. You cant expect teenage girls to sacrifice their childhood dreams for the sake of saving society.

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How is it fulfilling a young girl’s dream to participate in a freak show and give it credence by your presence? Life has given them bad choices, but they have to make a choice and they might as well choose dignity and sanity.

I’m going to play devil’s advocate here. When I was young and naïve, I stood up for what was right. Yes, I can look back and be proud of that. However, it didn’t serve my interests well.

Regarding these young women’s situation today… I can see they’ll be facing cancel culture if they refuse to participate on the basis of principle: they’ll be accused of being razist, homophobic, etc. etc., and they’ll be criticized on social media with potential long-term negative consequences.


You must not deal with teenagers much.

They’re naive and idealistic and endlessly hopeful (at least those who compete in beauty pagents are) - and when they’ve watched for years waiting for their turn, they’re only concerned with taking their turn when it comes up. They want to compete, not win, and that’s what they think they’re doing despite it being a charade. You need to beat them down repeatedly before they’ll conclude that it’s best to not even bother to begin with. Until they’ve suffered, they never consider what could happen to them.

It’s pretty much the exact same reason why kids shouldn’t be given the autonomy to mutilate their bodies to indulge their delusions. They only see what they want to see.

From the article Glitch linked

where Tristan Young, a male student who calls himself a trans woman, was crowned homecoming queen. Young’s victory comes after a similar incident in 2015 when another trans-identified student won the same title at the school.

No girl is going to get canceled by simply not participating. The girls and their parents knew the whole thing was a farce. After reading the article, it is pretty clear that the girls were trying to score some woke points by taking part. The experience will probably make for a great college admissions essay that will get them into a leftist College that will charge them $100,000 a year to get a degree in gender studies.


Did they know who they’d be “competing” against before signing up to participate? Because it happened once nearly 10 years earlier?

Farce or not, this was still Homecoming, and their one chance to participate. Such girls aren’t the type to strategize for “woke points”; this isnt them planning for the future, this is the future they’d been waiting years for. They may accept the fraud competitor or they are disgusted by it, either way it’s secondary to getting their moment in the spotlight.

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The whole thing is just a popularity contest, so maybe Young is just that popular. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of these teenagers voted only to spite their parents.

Or a bunch of these teenagers voted only to perpetuate the joke.

I definitely would have voted for him too, twice.

What better opportunity than putting a transgender ahead of the usual vain girls clique to knock down the cheerleader captains’ egos a peg or three?

Throw in the opportunity to turn an idiotic tradition on its head while possibly pissing off some stuck-up grown ups? What’s not to love! LOL.


I mostly agree. The only problem is that this could stroke the transgender person’s ego, and they could be just as vain as all the others in the running :joy:


And stroking the transgender person means something entirely different than with the female contestants. :zipper_mouth_face:

I’m agreeing. Homecoming night was a big deal for high school kids. I only had boys who participated in all sports :football:. But that night was important for everyone. A High School tradition!

But who would have thought a transgender girl would win as Homecoming Queen? As I recall boys may have competed for the title BUT they competed as males. Woke, what a joke!!


Newsom is pivoting from his usual far left to run for president

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