Stimulus? Don't give up hope

Briefly, I do not qualify for stimulus money. Period.

Trump’s six hundred bucks? I got zilch, zero, nada. Trump shut me down and shut me out.

So I was shocked just now, logging into my Alliant account, to discover that our beloved President and esteemed leader, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., truly a man of all the people, will be sending me $1400 next Wednesday.

Thank you, President Biden!!

Deserve according to the rules: $0
Biden regardless sending: $1400

How can anyone not love our great leader to tears?


Maybe I am counting my chickens early. Maybe the money Alliant is telling me will be mine on Wednesday will somehow be cancelled between now and then. Maybe Biden will discover his error. Anything is possible.

But don’t give up hope of receiving undeserved stimulus money. It could happen for you as I hope it will for me. President Biden’s largesse apparently knows no bounds!


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I assume you’ll be sending that money, sent to you in error, right back to them immediately :slight_smile:


Oh, of course I will.

:rofl: :rofl:

Seriously, I have to wonder if all this money actually materializes how many other tens of thousands of undeserving recipients exist. I hope I get the dough before the press picks up on this error and squirrels the deal. There could be hundreds of millions of dollars involved.

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Just curious - what made you ineligible?


Oh, dear.

Further research indicates the IRS will expect me to return the payment, at my expense. Great!

Damn Biden.

Income way too high

He’s an illegal alien. From Ganymede.


Heck, if I were illegal I’d be able to keep the money!!

This is annoying. Think I’ll wait for the IRS to bill me. At least that way I will earn enough interest on the dough to pay for the stamp they think I should pay for myself.


To clarify, in situations such as this the IRS apparently expects you to send them a (paper) check.

Time to play dumb, pretend I do not know the rules. :wink:


I don’t get why they sent it to you, in the first place. You say you have to much income.
I bet if you check, most of us received the stimulus check. (we don’t need it, but most say Thanks & keep it)

Trying to figure this out. I have no idea anything about your income. But my theory is…unlike most of us here, we have deductions & big time expenses to off set our income.

Our AGI is less than $400k for joint or $200k single.

Don’t send it back, make the IRS come for payment. Over payment from IRS?? Unheard story… :thinking:

Clearly, when it comes to other people’s money, Biden is a very generous fellow. He could be the last of the big time spenders. :smiley:

Again, if Biden is sending me money like this, you have to assume millions of dollars of taxpayer money are being disbursed through error. I mean, no way am I the only one experiencing this sort of thing. Biden’s administration is clearly wildly awry. Doubters need only look at the Mexican border to see confirmation of this.

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I would assume this would be corrected when you file your 2021 taxes.

Just as if you were supposed to receive one and didn’t, it gets corrected on your year end taxes, if you got one and shouldn’t have, it will be corrected.


If they send me a bill . . . .

I will pay it. :wink:

Otherwise I’m just another dumb American who does not know whether I’m entitled to a stimulus payment or not. I don’t pay any attention whatsoever to this stuff.

(hee hee)

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I’ve received emails from my bank as well telling me to expect money from the IRS. I don’t expect any this time around and I’d be surprised if the IRS is that incompetent as to not be able to factor in eligibility based on income level.

I think these emails were based on random spam sent to all customers who received stimulus payments before, and bank assuming you may still qualify, rather than the IRS notifying the bank to expect a direct deposit from them.

Time will tell but I wouldn’t hold my breath for an actual stimulus if income makes you ineligible.

For 2020 stimulus payments, if you were incorrectly paid you kept it, no correction. Only corrected if you were underpaid. I don’t know what the rules will be on next year’s taxes for the 2021 stimulus payments, but since they are potentially much larger, families would have to potentially return $7-10k. I don’t see that happening after they didn’t even make people pay taxes on their unemployment after people complained their tax return was going to be as big as they had hoped.


Duly noted. And I concede anything is possible given current Federal government incompetence.

However that said, and just to be clear, I did not receive email of any sort. I received instead, from Alliant and only after logging into my account, an official TREAS 310 - TAXEIP3 notification within my checking account and dated with this coming Wednesday’s date.

I have never received such a notice without the money arriving thereafter on the date promised. But there is a first time for everything. I will report here, on Wednesday, what happens.

And today is Wednesday:

I’m $1400 richer this morning thanks to Biden’s incompetence.

Secretary Yellen has done for me that which (former) Secretary Mnuchin was unwilling, or perhaps merely too expert and masterful, to do:

She sent me undeserved money.

Yellen may have her money back. All she has to do is notify me, admitting to her error. :grinning:

Seriously, I wonder how many hundreds of millions of dollars are being disbursed erroneously and when this will hit the news. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever special about me. I cannot be alone in having received such a wrongful, though highly stimulating, payment.


Yes that’s really concerning. One of the main critic was that the stimulus were not targeted enough to people who needed them. It seemed like they at least attempted to lower the income qualification bar to prevent this but your experience does not bode well for their ability to execute on it. You’d think that such a trivial check as AGI qualification should have been not too difficult for the IRS to get right. Apparently, not so.

I don’t think they’ll ask for the money back. One, the IRS would have to notice the error in the middle of tax filing season. That’d represent a considerable change in competency which I would not expect at this point. Second, they would need to have mechanism in place to do so. There was no clawback provision on the previous stimulus checks if you received too much so I doubt that this third round had any either.

Just enjoy the money. You didn’t get the administration you wanted but at least their incompetence sounds like it gave you some modicum of compensation for the inconvenience albeit along with some justified concerns about the future but I guess you win some and lose some. :laughing:


Well let’s remember that the $1400 payments are merely the completion, albeit by Biden, of Trump’s called-for $2000 payment from late last year. Trump did not prevail at that time so only $600 was permitted by Congress to be sent by (then) Secretary Mnuchin. And I received no part whatsoever of that $600 . . . because I did not qualify.

Maybe I should write to Secretary Yellen and ask her to check her current ledgers and send me the $600 she will surely discover she owes me. Actually I intend instead simply to remain absolutely silent. :wink: :grinning:

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Yes calling them on the error would violate the primordial rule of never calling if error is in your favor. :slight_smile: