Stop touching my eggs

Stop touching my eggs

Trader Joes has the best prices on a dozen cage free eggs. Yesterday, I decided to try their jumbo eggs which aren’t even available at my other grocery stores. But the cashier always opens the carton and checks the eggs. It’s a free service that I didn’t ask for. Except I already checked the eggs when I grabbed them from the fridge. Today I found cracks in two eggs. One of them the cashier held up for me and said, “this one isn’t cracked but we can exchange it” because it looks like clear veins are running through the egg shell; it’s hard to explain. But I found a tiny crack and ate the egg anyway. The other egg had a larger crack on the bottom so I threw it out.

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Wait - so you check the eggs before buying them, but then buy them even if you find they’re cracked? I mean, I know the old saying that knowing is half the battle. But the other half of the battle, using what you know, is rather important too…

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None of the eggs were cracked when I inspected them. I suspect that the eggs cracked when the cashier touched them but I cannot prove this. Although it is the only time when the eggs could have cracked because the carton wasn’t opened again until this morning. So yes, I bought cracked eggs without knowing. Hence, stop touching my eggs.

Correct. I am an Expert Porter in Death Stranding so I know how to take care of fragile packages.

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My best understanding is that cracked eggs can be problematic in that entry of bacteria is facilitated. However:

Much depends upon how the eggs are used:

For example, baking for a while at 350 degrees will kill most any bacteria . . . if it even existed in the first place. Hard scrambled eggs (thorough cooking) also is tough on bacteria. But

For those who prefer runny eggs, it might not be a good idea to cook up a cracked egg.

All of that said:

It is unwise, and unnecessary, to purchase eggs you find cracked at the supermarket. This is because you have no way to know for how long entry of bacteria was made possible. But

If you examine the eggs before purchase and they are fine, and then one or more eggs cracks subsequently, it’s not a big deal or cause for concern. Just use those cracked eggs first, thereby not allowing time for bacteria to enter, multiply, and cause problems.

To be doubly sure, candle them yourself. Your supermarket will remember you for life. :laughing:

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