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One more piece of feedback: The javascript on this site is capturing Control-F (“search for text” on desktop browsers) and forcing us to use the site search instead of the browser search. Sometimes I just want to do a very simple search on one page and not use the whole site search.

I can get around this with a addin on Firefox but haven’t figured out how to do it on Chrome.

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Press Ctrl-F twice.


Thanks! Very useful!

I’d like to see topic alerts via email be an option if available?


You might try either the Activity Summary or Mailing List Mode under Settings->Preferences->Emails. Settings is the gear when you click your icon on the top right.

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So I have a deal that’s been marked dead but I just bought the item. I can’t access the page anymore to bump it. Any reason we can’t see dead deals?

This is the Moto g4 at Walmart for $89.

Thanks but I checked there and didn’t see a way of adding a “topic” or subject alert so to speak, but saw what you referenced.

Might be something they can add later or enhance if it’s buried…


Thank you so much. I was resorting to Alt-E F - a combo that I haven’t had to hit in years … and it showed. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s just me but I’ve noticed it’s getting difficult to navigate the site using my phone. For threads that have 200 or more posts, I have to keep scrolling to get to the last post.

I suggest forming subfora for particular topics of interest. Based on replies and views, Manufactured Spending is one those topics that can generate a lot of discussions; there’s other topics that can get too long that it becomes difficult to follow.

I don’t seem to get notifications of some new topics. They don’t always show under “New” or “Unread.”

I’ve got one suggestion, one question which may turn into a suggestion, and feedback to lead it off

I thoroughly enjoy this site, and despite the differences from FW in the forum software, am slowly adjusting to it. Thank you for finding a domain, purchasing hosting and bandwidth, managing the software, and doing all of the other things that I’m unaware of. It is something I look forward to looking at each day.

My suggestion is to to create a forum for Suggestions and Feedback so that we can close a thread once a suggestion is dealt with (either shot down, enacted, or work-a-round explained). I re-read this entire post to see if my next question was already mentioned.

Can someone explain how to quote more than one level deep? Currently, I can only figure out how to quote one level. [edited to remove unintelligible description] Okay, let’s try this:

This quote was taken from upthread and is xerty quoting, and responding to, jokerzwild. However, it appears that xerty authored the entire quote. Hopefully this makes sense, and please let me know if it doesn’t.


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I too want to know how others are doing nested quotes. The only way I found is to manually copy each quote from the original message, and paste one inside the other in the Reply window. But this is time consuming and I’m pretty sure other users aren’t doing this extra work.

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I CANNOT post any new messages, I can only reply to existing ones. I get the message I screensaved that you see in this post. I haven’t the foggiest idea what it is, or what it’s referring to. Never saw it before, but it’s preventing me from posting a Free Preview deal, upcoming on various cable providers. If it’s any consolation, there’s a bug over in PhatWallet today too, which I also posted about there. At least I can post a new topic there, I found a work-around. Weird that both forums are causing issues with new posts.

ETA: Cropped then enlarged screenshot.

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This is related to a new plugin. In your posting box there are stars for rating a topic and a checkbox. If you uncheck that box (as the error message is telling you) that should take care of the problem.


Got it. Thanks!

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Can @thefdadmin confirm/denty the existence of html table support on the site?

@scripta has a good point that summary data is best viewed as a table.

Not sure why markdown tables aren’t working. Looking into it.

I just enabled HTML tables though.


Thanks for that. FYI, discourse-style hyperlinks do not work inside HTML tables – have to use <a> tags.


@thefdadmin, can we also separate Tax matters from Finance into its own subforum?

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On it. Should be operational in 5 mins.

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