Taproots giving away free shares of company stock to new users

Taproots is having a stock and prize giveaway. The company makes apps/games and it is run by a former Etrade exec.

It’s free and no purchase is necessary to try for the prizes or stock. Lots of FatWallet members made out pretty well on the Jet.com and Travelzoo free stock offers. I just hope this company is worth something in the future.

There is an optional part of the contest where you can be eligible for better prizes if you sign up your friends. If you want to help me out, here is my link. If you want to still check it out through without helping, here is a non-ref link to the site.

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I wonder how many people will use burner email accounts to refer their main email… may not be worth the hassle for a game/app company but who knows.