The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war (Part 1)

Because the last earth-shattering revelations were that Trump owes mortgages on his properties and he has depreciation and carry-forwards that have offset most of his taxable income.

(and “pretend it’s real” is all you, much like “drink bleach” and “all mexicans are rapists”)

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I’ll bet anything that the contractor is responsible for disposing of the scrap from the project. So who cares if they give it away so they dont have to haul it? Maybe Mexico could object, if stuff is being pushed over the boarder and left, but their opinion wasnt part of this story except to say that Mexican dealers seem to be scarfing it up.

Funniest part is the ecologist who’s doing the complaining seems to want all the scrap hauled to the dump.

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You are mischaracterizing what I wrote. I don’t care about how information was obtained, be it leaked by anonymous sources or hacked. I do care about who presents the information and whether that person / organization can be trusted. Glen Greenwald and Bob Woodward can be trusted. Breitbart or some random website cannot.

And that’s any different how? If it’s your first filter, it’s your first filter.

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It’s naive to state that everyone has the same information when voting. They could have the same information, because it’s all out there, but it does not mean they are aware of it. Plenty of voters are micro-targeted by paid campaign advertisements which are made to look like news. You really should see some of the Jordan Klepper segments on The Daily Show. I know it’s comedy and they only show the most outrageous interviews, but dam, some voters (and rally-goers) are so ignorant it is scary.

Interesting that the FD poll so far is close to a dead heat, with Trump up only by a whisker . . . . . just like the situation nationwide.

You can vote in the FD POTUS election poll here

To be honest, I thought Biden would be ahead in our poll. And that still could happen. There is not a dull moment in this life:

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Journalistic integrity, that’s how. A respected journalist will vet his sources (they’re anonymous to everyone, but not to the journalist) and verify the information.

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Haha. You are free to pretend. Trump could be ahead nationally, it’s certainly possible. But it wouldn’t take just a standard polling error (like the states that were “wrong” in 2016). It would take a historically high polling error just for him to be leading in electoral college. And an even higher error to actually be leading on overall popular basis.

The fw poll let’s you change your vote. What about the possibility the silent majority sane voters might be hiding with fake Trump responses to not discourage people from heading to the polls? Need to keep the enthusiasm up!

President Trump has announced he will hold fourteen rallies between now and Monday, all in battleground states.

He also has made known he might hold a rally or two on election day! This has not yet been decided upon for certain.

Joe? He is holding a few rallies. They are very sparsely attended so are scarcely worth his effort. Regardless, Biden needs sufficient time between rallies to recover his strength.

True, personal story:

Many years ago I took care of my dad during the final several years of his life. I loved my dad a lot and I still miss him. One time I needed to be gone for hardly more than an hour to buy groceries. I left dad in his bed, listening to his books (he was blind).

When I returned I found dad on the floor at the foot of his bed. He was uninjured but he had failed to make it from his bed to his chair, and he could not get up by himself. When I entered his room there was an unforgettable wide-eyed expression on my dad’s face, one of confusion and hopelessness. Obviously I put things right as quickly as I was able, and dad was OK.

I have seen that same expression on Vice President Biden’s face once or twice, very briefly. It was disconcerting because it triggered my memory of my dad. Biden is still several years younger than my dad was during the above referenced incident. But the albeit fleeting similarity still hit me. I loved my dad very much. But there is no way he would, late in his life, have been able to handle the duties of POTUS.

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The same information exists for everyone. It’s up to the voter to be as informed or uninformed as they choose.

What’s naive (or simply disingenuous) is trying to insinuated otherwise, given I even gave the example of a (real) bombshell while the polling is ongoing. That’s clearly my point, not naively thinking that everyone gets the exact same campaign mailers in their mail box.

In fact, the only reason to so vigorously encourage early voting is to minimize the amount of votes subject to last minute revelations.

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I’m pretty certain Trump is not ahead nationally. I expect him to lose the popular vote. While I agree anything is possible, there is nothing in conservative media indicating Trump is ahead nationally, and certainly there is nothing of which I’m aware in the mainstream propaganda media. Of course if they thought Trump was ahead they would never actually report that.

Instead, conservative media is saying this race is quite similar to the one in 2016. Trump is anticipated to win only in the electoral college, and only by a narrow margin therein.

Personally I think Trump might seal his victory by Wednesday. One thing for certain, as happened in 2016 the mainstream media talking heads will hold off as long as they can with admission of a Trump victory, if that is what ensues. If Trump actually does prevail, it’ll be fun watching them melt down as reality invades all their special personal safe spaces. :grinning:

If Trump loses instead, nobody will be able to say he has not given the race everything he has. He deserves a lot of respect for that. He is no quitter and no shrinking violet.

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I guess Trump supporters wish they could emulate this great businessman by getting away with stiffing their creditors. Do they know it’s illegal to promise to pay for things and then not pay?

I wonder if they would support the Biden campaign if it did this.

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Yes, it’s like pushing Biden, to carry on. Democrats choose this man to take the duties on in name only. If he were to win this election, he will probably only last in office half the term. IMO

I can see that look on Biden’s face when he is searching for answers to media questions. (even though not many questions are asked) Many times he is lost. I would say he is showing signs of early dementia.

shinobi, your story of taking care of your father in his old age, is very touching. My mother died in1997. We moved my stepfather into our home at that time. We took care of him for 2 years, before moving him into care center. So I know how stressful it can be to take care of the needs of the elderly.


Trump claims doctors are profiting off COVID-19 deaths

“our doctors get more money if somebody dies from COVID,” Trump said to nods and agreement from the crowd. So doctors apparently claim “everybody dies of COVID-19” to drive numbers up, Trump said, with no proof whatsoever — and to the disgust of doctors who heard it."

Good to see our President is supporting our health care workers in a time of deadly crisis. What a disgusting vile man. Doctors, nurses, and other health care workers have also died and gotten sick. Many of them have suffered pay cuts, not pay raises, and they are working extra hard and extra hours. Hospitals lost huge sums of money from canceling elective surgeries and special covid-19 expenses.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised if Trump calls our troops losers and suckers. Of course he attacks good hard-working people who work selflessly to save others. He talks about money because he personally can’t understand why doctors do what they do and why our troops do what they do.

Doctors: Trump is wrong to accuse medical professionals of profiting from diagnosing COVID-19

As doctors we are outraged by Trump’s gutless insinuations. We’re not alone. The American Medical Association, American College of Physicians, and the Council of Medical Specialty Societies, leveraging the voices of over 800,000 American physicians, have each castigated Trump for his callous allegations.

The mere implication that health care professionals would be incentivized by profit to alter the true rate of this public health pandemic is reprehensible. Here’s why:

We struggle to contain the losses — and we continue to lose our own . For months, we have worked tirelessly to contain the spread of COVID-19. As we approach a quarter of a million deaths nationwide, we cannot forget the 1,700 of our own health care colleagues among that number. We are the teams that care for everyone, day and night, as we risk our own lives for the benefit of our communities. Unsurprisingly, we are burnt out. These last seven months have been a marathon in resilience, frustration, and fear.

Here’s the truth: We label patients with COVID-19 because accurate identification of this disease is essential so we can track cases to take the quick action necessary to prevent further spread. If a patient has a history of heart disease or other medical problems, and dies in the hospital with COVID-19, we know that coronavirus exacerbated that underlying condition — and their demise. It is accurate and in line with public health principles to list it as a cause of death.


" We face historic furloughs, layoffs and pay cuts.

Here’s what’s worse: the assertions that doctors are profiting off of the pandemic are completely baseless and could not be further from the truth. Physician practices are not immune to the economic losses Americans are experiencing. One in five American physicians, whether salaried or in independent practice, have experienced pay cuts during the pandemic. Hospitals and physician practices have had to implement furloughs and layoffs to stay afloat, including furloughs at 35% of all primary care offices. More than 16,000 — or 9% — of independent physician practices have had to close entirely.

More recent estimates suggest that hospitals, thanks to the loss of elective surgeries during pandemic spikes, will face over $300 billion in lost revenue this year alone. And this is all happening while physicians report working more hours this year — amid more uncertainty about the future of their profession."

I’d like to know the real story. Because that article only mentions that the city screwed up, and that their chances of collecting in court are slim. This happened a full year ago, plenty time to sue and collect from an ongoing presidential campaign. This is clearly not as staightforward as you want it to be.

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That’s unnecessary. It’s strategic. He can’t hold event after event, and keep criticizing Trump for having event after event. His sales pitch is pretty well known, the more time on camera only increases the likelihood of “gaffs” for people to jump on. And the more he’s out, the more likely he’ll be asked certain questions he apparently has no answer for.

The main purpose of events is to energize his voters. And he has plenty of third parties doing this for him, along with the fact more and more voters have already cast their votes.

He has very little to gain from a vigerous campaign schedule.


Doctors don’t do the billing. I doubt many doctors even have a clue what is being billed most of the time.
Hospital administrators and billing departments, on the other hand…

Trump is far from the first and only person to “imply” this. It’s widely known that some standards for reporting Covid deaths included anyone who died while testing positive, even if from obviously unrelated causes. I suspect the accusations are over embellished, but they aren’t out of line either.

Do you even read what you quote? This only explains that doctors/hospitals have even more reason to inflate what billings they do have.

---- continued

"We still work in unsafe conditions, without the equipment needed to protect us — and you . In the spring, the images were indelible: N95 masks being reused for days on end, while nurses were covered in trash bags as a proxy for PPE. Across the country, hospitals, clinics and state agencies bid against each other for what few PPE supplies existed. All the while, President Trump accused health care workers of hoarding PPE and other medical equipment. He blamed health care workers for shortages across the nation, when the root cause of that unfolding tragedy was his administration’s unwillingness to enact a national and comprehensive strategy.

Fast forward to today, where many healthcare workers still do not have adequate PPE and continue to reuse masks, gowns and gloves meant for one-time use. This could have been easily addressed by now, had President Trump fully activated the Defense Production Act to speed up and nationalize PPE production, a request he consistently refused.