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Question #1: Who will be sworn in on January 20, 2021 as our next President of the United States of America?

  • Joe Biden
  • Donald Trump

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Question #2: Whom do you personally support in the upcoming election? Your answer here might be the same one you offer above, or it might be different:

  • Donald Trump
  • Joe Biden

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Please note these polls both close automatically just prior to midnight on third of November. No votes will be accepted thereafter. Thank you.

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Aw, you should let people vote who thought about voting for another week at least!


No option for Pence, Ivanka or Pelosi??


What about Jo Jorgensen?!


I hoped the second question was open. I’m voting for the Trumpster, but I support the goose. :wink:

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I ended up writing in Sasse for POTUS. I don’t personally support either candidate.

Can’t seem to change my vote, but let’s just say I bought some GEO today.

Click on “show vote” and you can change it in the poll

" The company has been the subject of civil suits in the United States by prisoners and families of prisoners for injuries due to riots and poor treatment at prisons and immigrant detention facilities which it has operated. Wikipedia"
You don’t think Biden will follow through on cutting down the use of private prisons and won’t push to remove some of the legal shielding the current administration provides them?

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Of course Biden would be bad for them if he won, although I think the market was mostly pricing that downside already.

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Our poll closed on election day as it should have.

Vice President Biden won by a whisker.


I find it remarkable that our outcome here, in our small group, so closely mirrors the outcome in the real world . . . . where the margin of victory, regardless who prevails in the end, will be paper thin.

When I look at the big map, I also agree. I don’t like it. Say it isn’t true…

But we still take the Senate. :relaxed:

“It isn’t true!”

Happy? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think shinobi was talking about the poll in this thread – the first question – not the election.

Why is that remarkable? You don’t think our small group is made up of people from the real world?

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50/50 political world. (& we’re located all over the USA)

Although our groups here are interested in making more money. (I know everyone wants more money, but most don’t care to put forth the effort.)

Before the pandemic we had very low unemployment. The employment/population ratio was 60% (70% for men over the age of 20). Most people of working age had jobs.

How can you say or believe that most don’t care to put forth the effort?

Which of you voted for Kanye West???

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LOL. Kanye was also listed as VP on the AIP ticket (in a few states including CA, I don’t think they were on all the state ballots), although that was done without his permission. Quite the jokesters they are.