The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war (Part 1)

I thought this was always the case.

“You can start receiving your Social Security retirement benefits as early as age 62.”

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Oh, that certainly is correct. I was confused. I thought you were referring to an age requirement relating somehow to the forty quarters, not to collecting. Yes, no question you have to be 62 to collect, and that has not changed.

He didn’t call himself stupid. Regardless of what you think the rules should be, you follow the rules that are in effect.

That made me laugh, glitch99. :grinning:

Socialism is for losers. Only losers collect Social Security. Clever losers.

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I suspect most of us have already voted in the FD POTUS election poll., most of the people who want to at least.

Biden is ahead now, but not by much. The poll will close one day from now, plus a few hours.

They arent doing this to keep Trump in…

Yes, it’s a sad situation. If they do riot and Trump endeavors to stop them, he will be accused of being a tyrant.

And BTW is the mainstream media propaganda arm of the DNC going crazy or what! They are pulling out every anti-Trump story they can find. The size of the Trump rallies really, really has 'em worried. They are remembering 2016 and that memory is driving them insane.

I heard from somebody who was there that 50,000 people showed up in Rome, GA, for Trump’s rally but only 35,000 were allowed in. The rest had to be turned away.

Meanwhile Biden has twenty or thirty cars honking their horns like idiots. It’s pitiful by comparison. And Kamala cannot draw flies. They have to pay people to show up for her.

Even the Trump surrogates, all four of his older kids, attract a couple thousand people when they appear on Trump’s behalf. I’m pretty sure Barron Trump has not been out campaigning. He still is too young. But boy is he tall!

Right, that’s what he said, the rambling lunatic that he is, at a nationally-televised event. And then we had cases of increased phone calls to poison control centers with people asking about injecting bleach, and even a few trying it if I recall correctly. So sure, on the one hand he didn’t actually suggest that anyone should inject bleach, but on the other hand that’s what some people thought he was suggesting and thought or tried to follow through.

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Well, yeah - all you critics immediately jumped up and down screaming that he just told everyone to inject bleach. Those people who did it got the idea from the nightly news, where they “reported” how “Trump said to inject bleach.” As I’ve said numerous times, at this point Trump is about the only person left who hasnt told people to inject bleach.

On the bright side, the whole vote-by-mail push means nothing will happen Teusday night. It’d have to be an absolute landslide for the election to be called tomorrow night.

I know. Only the ignorant and unwoke respect and follow rules they disagree with.

The thing that both you and Xerty tried to question me on, why Biden didn’t respond. If you go back you’ll see I already explained why, and after i pounded home the reason why for several pages, you posted the exact thing again. So not going to repeat all that.

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As I previously explained (see a response I made to patty), I have been posting in the style of Trump / a Trump supporter, using their own language and terms. That whole f— your feelings stuff, that’s a Trump supporter thing, they’ve got the tshirts and flags and stuff saying literally that (well except for not censoring the profanity)

If that sort of behavior bothers you, I suggest re-examining who you support.

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Before anyone blasts me for watching the PBS News Hour, I only watch it to keep tabs on the left. I am well aware of the wild liberal bias throughout, and I know about the predominance of liberal funders, too.

Anyway, you never find anything remotely close to a Conservative viewpoint on the PBS News Hour and Judy Woodruff is about as far left as they come. So I was shocked this evening when she interviewed a young woman named Erin Perrine who is communications director for the Trump reelection campaign. First, Trump is always accused of harboring bias against women. I never believed that and realize it’s wrong, but here was still more proof. Second, I had never heard of or from Erin Perrine, but here she was and the woman is obviously whip smart. She put Woodruff squarely in her place as being the inferior intellect. Here is the transcript of the interview:

  • Judy Woodruff:

As President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden make their final pitch to voters in the closing hours before Election Day, let’s check in with both campaigns.

First up, Erin Perrine. She is the communications director for President Trump’s reelection campaign. She has been on the trail with him for days. And she joins us now from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Erin Perrine, thank you very much for joining us.

We know this is an uphill challenge for the president. One of the challenges he faces is, he’s lost support, according to the polls, among suburban women and among senior citizens. How do you make up for that?

  • Erin Perrine:

Well, at this point, polls are pretty useless.

And we’re looking at voter data modeling, the data infrastructure that we have built, in conjunction with the Republican National Committee, that’s really been the cornerstone of our ground game.

At this point, we are looking at voter turnout, propensity and ballots left to be cast. And when we look at that in the key battleground states, we are showing, state after state, that President Trump is well on his way to victory.

Let’s take Wisconsin, for example. We look at that. When they started their early voting, they were over 12.5 — with 12.5 percent on the voter modeling with Democrat lead. We have cut that down now to about 5.5 percent, again, modeling on a Democrat lead there. On Election Day 2016, they had a 9.5 lead. And with the votes that are being — left to be cast, our contacts, our phone calls and our door-knocks, we’re seeing that our modeling is saying we’re going to win Wisconsin by 100,000 votes.

  • Judy Woodruff:

Let me ask you about another state that the president won in 2016, Arizona.

A few days ago, the head of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee told reporters who were asking about the Senate race in that state and why Martha McSally is behind, the Republican, he said — quote — “The president is losing Arizona. And we think that he and Martha McSally are tied together,” in other words, acknowledging that the president is dragging down Senator McSally.

How do you explain this?

  • Erin Perrine:

Polls don’t matter at this point. It’s about ballots cast and what remains out there.

Again, in Arizona, we have cut substantially into a Democrat voting lead. And our modeling is showing about 100,000-vote advantage for President Trump come Election Day. At this point, polls — polls are moot. It doesn’t matter anymore at this point what a poll or poll doesn’t say.

What we see is our ground game, our advantage. The door-knocks, the phone calls, and the grassroots army for President Trump is what’s going to help put us over the top. We have the candidate and the message.


Now it’s about getting voters out.

  • Judy Woodruff:

Excuse me.

I just want to quote Ben Ginsberg, longtime Republican activist lawyer involved in Republican campaigns going back many seasons.

He said in a column over the weekend: “My party is destroying itself on the altar of Trump. Republican elected officials, party leaders and voters must recognize how harmful this is to the party’s long-term prospects.”

This is from someone who’s devoted his life to the Republican Party.

  • Erin Perrine:

I have devoted my life to the Republican Party. I’m a proud woman for Trump. I’m proud to be part of this army for the president. I’m proud of the work this president has done.

He has changed the Republican Party in a way no modern political candidate ever did. You will see record-breaking numbers in terms of Black turnout for President Trump, a Republican, in terms of Latino turnout for President Trump, a Republican.

The president changed the Republican Party for the better. And I’m sorry that other folks who maybe aren’t part of this part of the Republican Party feel left behind by a president who has made us a bigger and better party than ever before.

  • Judy Woodruff:

Last quick question.

The president is suggesting on the stump that, unless that results to the election are known, are declared on Tuesday night, they may not be legitimate.

Does he know that a number of elections have not been called until the succeeding days? Certainly, in 2000, it took 37 days for the election to be clear.

How aware is he of history with regard to elections?

  • Erin Perrine:

I would point to the history in 2016 of President Trump’s first election, when he won in the wee hours of the following morning, when he got to come out and make that acceptance speech as becoming the next president of the United States.

What Democrats want to do is sow chaos into this election and call it a red mirage and a smokescreen. Democrats are already trying to sow disinformation into the results of the election to tell the American people they cannot believe what they will see with their own eyes.

We know the data. We know where the voters are. We will get them out. It’s Democrats who are trying to not accept the election results that will come tomorrow, when President Trump wins again.

  • Judy Woodruff:

We’re going to leave it there.

Erin Perrine, who is communications director for the Trump campaign, thank you.

  • Erin Perrine:

Thank you.

It was rather funny the way whip smart young Perrine cut Woodruff, the stupid hopeless old liberal, up.


Lots of details on which states to watch, timing, details of votes and counting, etc, for your election night info.

(Hopefully) on the lighter side

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