The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war (Part 2)

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worst sales pitch ever

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The 1-0 loss to Canada, thanks to a goal from Jessie Fleming in the 75th minute, ends any chance for Olympic gold for the team.

“It certainly wasn’t one of our better performances, that’s for sure,” a visibly upset Rapinoe told the press following the match.

we can hope for enough losses that they are kept off the medal stand.

I was just pointing out that it all doesn’t fit under one umbrella. You may not like such programs (and I’m not saying that I do), but there was an arguably justifiable basis for those programs that wasn’t “they get it, so I need it too!”. Especially in their initial incarnations, as opposed to today. It’s a far cry from the new stuff being proposed today. You can accept, even if begrudgingly, those programs while objecting to new programs without being the hypocrite they like to try to label you as.

"notes of a 27 December telephone call from Trump to then acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen, in which Trump told Rosen: “Just say the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R congressmen.” The notes were taken by Richard Donoghue, Rosen’s deputy, who was also on the call.

The release of these notes has barely made a stir. The weekend news was filled with more immediate things – infrastructure! The Delta strain! Inflation! Wildfires! In light of everything else going on, Trump’s bizarre efforts in the last weeks of his presidency seem wearily irrelevant. Didn’t we already know how desperate he was?

In a word, no. This revelation is hugely important.

Rosen obviously rejected Trump’s request. But what if Rosen had obeyed Trump and said to the American public that the election was corrupt – and then “left the rest” to Trump and the Republican congressmen? What would Trump’s and the Republicans’ next moves have been? And which Republican congressmen were in cahoots with Trump in this attempted coup d’état?

Make no mistake: this was an attempted coup.

Trump knew it. Just weeks earlier, then attorney general William Barr said the justice department had found no evidence of widespread fraud that could have overturned the results.

And a few days after Trump’s call to Rosen – on 2 January – Trump told Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s secretary of state, to “find” votes to change the election outcome. He berated Raffensperger for not doing more to overturn the election.

Emails released last month also show that Trump and his allies in the last weeks of his presidency pressured the justice department to investigate totally unsubstantiated claims of widespread election fraud – forwarding them conspiracy theories and even a draft legal brief they hoped would be filed with the supreme court.

For the first time in the history of the United States we did not have a peaceful transition of power. For the first time in American history, a president refused – still refuses – to concede, and continues to claim, with no basis in fact, that the election was “stolen” from him. For the first time in history, a president actively plotted a coup."

Frankly, I missed this. Should not have. But I did. It pisses me off to be so stupid. Specifically:

Given the Marxist tendencies rampant today in America, one is safe to look to Communist China to see where we might be headed. This social credit BS is already well established there. So why not here?

You might respond that this is completely un-American, 'bout as much as anything you can conjure. That was certainly true in the past, which is a convenient excuse for me being so blind. But all the pieces are in place on the left to bring this to fruition here sooner rather than later.

It’s a future to which you all are welcome. I want no part of it!

Watch the election in Ohio today as a measure of Trump’s political strength . . . or lack thereof.

Argyll a similar thing happened in 1960. That was an extremely close election, as was this most recent one. The likelihood of corruption (Mayor Daley in Chicago) back then was greater even than it was last year. So what did Nixon do? He ignored the highly likely Daley corruption and conceded for the good of the country. I’m confident you approve of the way Nixon handled this.

When the next close election came in 2000 the shoe was on the other foot. But the Democrat, Gore, refused to concede. Instead he put the country through hell before finally giving up his fight after many weeks. And I’m confident you approve of the way Gore handled things.

Most recently it was the Republican, once again, who came out on the short end of a VERY close election. Trump has gone Gore one better, something I’m certain does not meet with your approval. And that is no surprise.


Except that changing the rules in advance to better accomodate those opposed to him is in fact a basis in fact. The concept of corruption encompasses far more than just the vote count.

To continue to summarily dismiss this notion and repeatedly insist otherwise is only telling everyone “We got away with it and there’s nothing you can do about it, so shut up!”. Which may be the case, but there’s no way you can reasonably expect those who disagree with you to just drop it, either.


I think both sides agree there was an attempted coup. They just disagree on which side did it and whether they were successful or not.


in addition to the cases quoted by Shinobi, you need look no further than the 2016 election where the whole Democrat party said it was illegitimate and President Trump’s victory was due to Russian interference.


My take on the Cuomo matter

Democrats have little to fear regarding possible loss in the next NY gubernatorial election. This is true whether or not Cuomo is their standard bearer. So:

AG James was free to do whatever she wanted where Cuomo is concerned. I’m seeing this as an effort by her to stockpile cred she will need in an upcoming action aimed squarely at Trump.


Alternatively, there is just too much evidence and many credible victims for the AG to sweep it under the rug. Besides, Cuomo wasn’t going to be a viable presidential candidate in the future. Nothing lost by exposing the truth, and potentially a lot gained.


Someone wrote up the hate crime stats report before checking the answers they found. Oops.

In at least 13 states, Black Americans were listed by law enforcement as the perpetrators in hate crimes at a rate roughly 1.6 to 3.6 times greater than the size of the state’s Black population, the report said.

In line with violent crime rates generally, one could add. If you want to watch the journalists make a bunch of unsupported excuses for this, you can read the rest of the article.


Under Biden: One country, two border policies

Canadians are so hated by Biden that even those who are vaccinated and test negative are not permitted to enter our country.

But on the southern border, anyone with COVID may walk across the border and be welcomed untested into America.

Only Democrats can rise to this level of lunacy.

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I forgot the satire roundup this past weekend. On topic,


I’m not making this up.

Except yes, you are.

The entire premise of his opinion is that he is entitled to more rights on his property than others are on theirs, and he is entitled to have more rights on other’s property than they do on their own.

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See above Tamyra Mensah-Stock, our splendid and highly accomplished Olympic Gold Medal winning athlete in freestyle wrestling. This woman literally wraps herself in our flag and proclaims her pride and good fortune in being an American. She is a winner in every way!

But you unfortunately (see below) have to take the bad with the good:


You will not find photos of that woke America hater, Megan Rapinoe, wrapping herself in our flag. And she will not be winning, nor do traditional Americans hope for her to be winning, any gold medals . . . or silver medals either, for that matter.

I’ll take an American winner like Tamyra over a screaming loser like Megan any day of the week!!

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I hate when the satire is so good it’s not funny.