The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war (Part 2)

An elected Virginia County Commissioner of the Revenue (a democrat) is formally threatening to discipline employees (up to and including termination) that don’t get vaccinated by 6/30/21.

I see two problems with this.

  1. There are certain professions where extreme care needs to be taken to protect people’s health. Considering what we know about COVID, the immunocompromised, people with lung health issues, people in failing health overall, and the elderly, are particularly susceptible to the illness and to death if they catch it. Any employer in which the JOB FUNCTIONS of employees are particularly focused towards people in that category should be able to require their employees to be vaccinated. I’m talking about cancer wards, nursing homes, dialysis centers, etc. We also know about COVID that it is not easily passed outdoors or with minimal contact indoors. There are jobs that require employees to be in close contact with others indoors for long stretches of time - a situation in which an infected person is much more likely to transmit COVID to someone else. Dental hygienist would be an example. Employers should be allowed to require their employees to be vaccinated when these criteria are met.

A Commissioner of Revenue (COR) office, which functions in a similar way to a DMV with windows where people come in to get a business license or update their property tax, allows for plexiglass and social distancing. The job functions of a COR employee do NOT fall into the above category.

  1. This vaccine still only has emergency approval.

Put these two factors together, and I think the COR is overstepping her authority. So far, the EEOC has said what she is doing is legal, but there is no court precedent on it yet. I could see a court factoring in what I posited above when coming to a determination about this. We might be seeing it soon. Or maybe not. Most people would just get the shot. If I were a COR employee and I had a family to feed, I’d just take the shot. I would write a letter documenting that I am getting it only because I am forced to get it to keep my job though. That way if anything negative happened to my health that could be traced to the vaccine, there would be a paper trail that would be helpful for a lawsuit in the future.

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You are not fooled when I post articles with links you can check out? Did you think someone was trying to fool you? Is it a conspiracy?

I’m curious - what would the ramification be from lying about getting vaccinated? I assume you’d get fired for violating the policy (since it turns out you didnt get vaccinated as required), but any legal/criminal consequences?

I literally said I am not sure, so I don’t know if you are or aren’t. Maybe you use yahoo news as your go to leftist news aggregator. Maybe you browse leftist news sites, then post the yahoo news version to make it seem less leftist. I don’t know. I just wanted to point it out to others what you are doing (if they hadn’t noticed) and put you on the spot about it to see how you’d respond.

At this point, I would think the people getting those letters are going to need to provide proof. Had they told they’re employer they were vaccinated back when everyone else was getting it, they probably wouldn’t have needed to provide any proof and could have gotten away with it. Then, however many months down the line, if/when they were asked for proof and they couldn’t provide it, they’d surely be fired.

It would be an interesting legal case though. One could argue that their earlier claim to have received the vaccination was just them trying to fit in with people in the office. Something akin to, “Hey did you watch the county administrator’s speech? Sure! Loved it!” They could say they didn’t know when they said they were vaccinated that it could have any bearing on their employment. So then, when asked for proof months later, they could argue that they should be given the opportunity to get vaccinated at that point. I would assume folks in that position that are willing to get it to keep their job will be getting it surreptitiously now (that these letters are going out) rather than waiting until it may be too late. That’s what I would do in that situation.

I don’t see how there could be any other legal or criminal consequences. A lawsuit claiming someone got COVID from a particular unvaccinated person due to neglect is going to be very hard to prove. I haven’t heard about any of them yet, but I wonder if it will become a thing. I have no idea.

Biden’s “America Last” policies already bearing fruit abroad

President Joe Biden has really turned things around. Inflation is way up, there is an overwhelming border crisis, China and Iran are on the march once again with the latter having a good shot at nuclear weapons, spending is out of control and taxes are set to burgeon, America is no longer energy independent and still existing supply deliveries are threatened at home as critical pipelines vanish, and so much more! Just think. Biden has accomplished all these things in less than five months!

But not to worry. Biden is focusing on the important stuff. In particular, foreigners now have a much better impression of us than they had last year. And when you’re pitifully weak and lack self confidence like Biden and his liberal toadies, foreign views are what matter!

Foreigners hit jackpot as Biden once again facilitates fleecing of American taxpayers

Unlike Trump, who stood up for us Americans and put us first, Biden places the entire world ahead of America. Trump was satisfied being President of the USA. Biden has set his sights on becoming President of the world. And the amount of additional damage he can do to us, prior to next year’s mid-term elections, is inestimable.

Is “Jewish Democrats” an oxymoron?

While appearing incongruous on the surface, the notion of American Jews being Democrats is easily explained. You see, some American Jews place their liberalism ahead of their Judaism. And in our country that choice, that personal decision, is entirely valid and acceptable. Period.

However, a wrinkle has emerged for these folks. While they may put liberalism first they remain Jews, and there is just so much BS any Jew, indeed any American regardless religious preference, can tolerate. And this is becoming a problem for Democrats especially with Jewish Americans, but more and more with ALL Americans! So what’s the problem? One picture is worth many words:

These women are giving all Democrats, but especially Jewish Democrats, fits. They hate America. They detest Israel. And they have no business whatsoever being in our Congress!!

The radical views these women spew are losing votes for Democrats all across this country. And nothing could be more appropriate or welcome!

Personally, I really don’t know any Jews.
I often wonder why American Jews are liberal Democrats. Makes no sense to me! :relaxed:

Because Jews are not often racist, they’re good people that care about others. They’re more knowledgeable than average about the world, higher education levels and higher awareness of other religions and other areas. And they’re not usually fans of Nazi rhetoric (which they’re more likely to be very familiar with the related historical events), either. That disqualifies supporting QOP, and the Democratic party is the only other currently viable party. Not agreeing with everything in the party platform is fine, they can work within it to further planks that align with their own goals.


That’s wonderful. I feel the same way.

Who does? Certainly conservative Republicans hate Nazi rhetoric.
So there we are!! We should certainly be able to get along.

I think I missed a point here, As shinobi pointed out, “there is only so much BS any Jew can tolerate”. All this is becoming a problem for Democrats. Hateful Omar is still out there spreading viciousness.

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In Portland, the protests and endless riots are still going on. “Overwhelmingly peaceful” is an overwhelmingly disingenuous phrase.


Nice try. But my post was not really about, nor was it aimed at, Jews. The real subjects of my post are shown in the photo I posted. And I’m confident you do not want to discuss them. This because they are ripping your Democrat party to shreds as they go about the nasty business of impugning America and our history, while attempting to destroy our culture.


BTW, the general public’s frustration is getting so loud The Oregonian, Oregon’s newspaper of record, has restarted including a few images of crime perpetrators. Here’s an article from today…

The Oregonian had deliberately stopped posting pictures that could identify criminals about a couple of years ago because, you know, it contributed to systemic bias. Maybe the rise in violent crime -including murder- this past year began to shift the pendulum. Hard for the public to help the police identify and locate suspects when the description is along the lines of “males”.

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But they’re also usually offended when “Nazi rhetoric” is used to denounce stuff that is neither rhetoric nor nazi-related.

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How dare you use such an intollerant and discriminatory term!

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Civil war rages within the Democrat party

The latest skirmish:

11 June: Squad takes on Pelosi over slapdown of Ilhan Omar

“The Squad” has gone to war with its own party leader, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), one of the two Muslim women in the House along with Omar (D-Minn.), took aim at Pelosi and other members of the Democratic leadership, claiming “freedom of speech doesn’t exist for Muslim women in Congress.”

Tlaib’s comments come in the wake of Pelosi and the leaders releasing a statement blasting Omar for her tweet, which blasted America and Israel,

Rep. Ilhan Omar equated the US and Israel to the Taliban and Hamas

MSM standards

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Yes I watched that first interview on CNN. Nice itineraries, not interested in getting back to “root causes for dismissal”.

Is CNN hard up for Interviewers?