The 2022 election politics

On to the 2022 election cycle.

Wisconsin had their primary election yesterday but that included many school board elections. The conservatives swept many of them.

If parents want to ‘have a say’ in their child’s education,” Democratic Wisconsin Representative Lee Snodgrass sneeringly tweeted in February, “they should home school or pay for private school tuition out of their own budget.”

It turns out there was a third option: Take over the school board. All across the state Tuesday night, conservative parents won decisive victories in school board elections, ousting liberal incumbents and sending a clear message that their communities will no longer stand for mask mandates and radical curricula.


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Why can I see Democrats intentionally registering as Republican, just to facilitate stories like this to help scare democrat voters into showing up to vote again? Or even to actively participate/meddle in the nominating process, trying to keep the strongest Republican candidates on the sideline?

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LOL. or maybe some people just will not take this article along with others like this one to see that there’s a Republican wave going on

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Just a little ray of sunshine


Is there a chance that the United States Democrat climate crazies will face reality also? Nah. Not a chance.


Even if they had enough nuclear power plants to provide the electric power, there’s no way the grid will be able to transmit the power to the homes. And, of course, they will not use nuclear power but will try fairy dust and pixies solar and wind. From the article, “we banned fracking but we’re still creating demand for natural gas.” LOL

Edit. Who knows, the election in Connecticut last year was pretty close


No More Gas Appliances In New York?

This leads me to envision Gilligan on a bicycle and the professor hooking up wires to an, as yet, uninvented “green” warming machine made of coconut shells. Hopefully, they’ll just take the two from Tina Louise.


Anyone taking bets on when we’ll start seeing stories about angry white males, a blacklash, or some other idiocy?

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Ms. Loughran, a 45-year-old skateboard instructor with red dip-dyed hair and a blue-collar upbringing, had speared an Obama-Biden sign into her suburban home’s lawn and waived a handmade placard at the Women’s March in New York during President Donald Trump’s first year in office. . .
Watching her daughter fall behind in virtual kindergarten, Ms. Loughran had grown so frustrated not knowing when her children would return to the classroom that she joined a group that attracted right-leaning parents in its school-reopening push. She was unhappy that Gov. Phil Murphy didn’t fight to reopen schools sooner, and she associated his fellow Democrats with mask mandates and restrictions. . .

The defection of once-loyal voters like Ms. Loughran—along with disapproval from independents—is among the challenges Democrats face in their bid to retain control of Congress and win state-level races in this November’s midterm elections. These voters say Democratic officials left pandemic restrictions in place too long and mishandled the health crisis, with devastating consequences for their children, while Republicans have generally pushed to minimize school closures and keep the economy open.

Interviews with New Jersey voters revealed that some Democrats’ breaks from their party last fall were neither flippant nor fleeting . . . Democratic voters who have broken from their party over Covid often describe decisions they reached only after wrestling with issues such as their support for abortion rights and opposition to gun control—political positions that have constituted the core of the party for years.

Meanwhile, more surveys show Democrats slipping further among hispanics. Our friends at Legal Insurrection report:

Support for Democrats is sinking like a rock across all demographics. A recent NBC poll shows a 30-point shift among “Hispanics, no degree” toward the GOP since 2018, a finding that should be resonating across Democrat politics with earth-shaking urgency.


In a recent article, the Times revived one of its standards from the latter part of the 20th century and the early aughts: the fact that many conservatives are also people of faith.

The New York Times :

They opened with an invocation, summoning God’s “hedge of thorns and fire” to protect each person in the dark Phoenix parking lot.

They called for testimonies, passing the microphone to anyone with “inspirational words that they’d like to say on behalf of our J-6 political prisoners,” referring to people arrested in connection with the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, whom they were honoring a year later.

Then, holding candles dripping wax, the few dozen who were gathered lifted their voices, a cappella, in a song treasured by millions of believers who sing it on Sundays and know its words by heart:

Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper
Light in the darkness, my God
That is who you are …

This was not a church service. It was worship for a new kind of congregation: a right-wing political movement powered by divine purpose, whose adherents find spiritual sustenance in political action.

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Hochul leads Lee Zeldin by slim 4 points in governor’s race: poll

and that was before this bombshell that the lieutenant governor she appointed is arrested for campaign financing shenanigans. they might not be able to get him off the ballot so he will appear beside her in the listing


This entire matter is a hoot. To get this guy off the ballot:

  • he has to move out of NY State or
  • he has to go to jail or
  • he has to die

It’s horrible luck for Hochul because of the way she touted this dude to the skies at time she chose him, and because had this revelation come only a week or two ago it would have been possible to exclude him from the ballot.

One wonders if the delay in announcing Benjamin’s indictment was intended to leave Hochul on the spot. She is not at all looked upon fondly south of Poughkeepsie. And NYC denizens have no desire whatsoever to support Hochul’s new Buffalo football stadium. This even though the Bills are their only genuine NY football team.

Sure Hochul is gonna garner lots of primary votes on the Niagara frontier and in cities across the Southern tier. Trouble is, compared with the NYC metro region, nobody lives in such places as that!


In addition, lest anyone forget:

Does Kathy keep it in the family . . . . or what!! :rofl:


DeSantis 2024. Trump who?

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Interesting. If you recall, at one time (circa 2000, hanging chads) the Florida Supreme Court was under Democrat control. I dunno which party rules there today.

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that is interesting. I looked it up and according to Wikipedia all the members were appointed by Republican governors. three by the so-called Republican now Democrat Crist, one by Scott, and three by DeSantis.

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My opinion: Crist has always been a Democrat. He is a skunk.


You know the old saying, the evil flee when no one pursueth.

Democrat Nikki Fried, who is challenging incumbent Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), is denying the explosive claim she appeared in a sex tape. Meanwhile, no one seems to know where the rumor came from.

“Dang,” podcaster Jesse Kelly wrote.