The 2022 election politics

it was used well in midterms by Dems

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When to expect results from California

Election results are updated throughout the canvass period as vote-by-mail ballots, provisional ballots, and other ballots are processed. Depending on the volume of these types of ballots, it may take up to 30 days for county elections officials to verify voter records and determine if ballots have been cast by eligible voters. The frequency of updated results vary county to county. County elections officials must report their final results to the Secretary of State by Dec. 9. The Secretary of State will compile the results and will then certify the results of the election by Dec. 16

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The Alaska rank choice voting system had the designed result: Murk won and the Democrat won the House seat


I don’t know who this guy is but he seems confident


Media letting us know that we sure shouldn’t ignore them and think for ourselves, and especially not read all that “fake news” that’s out there on social media instead.


The left is preparing to destroy Twitter. I live in Silicon Valley so there is a local angle and the local news has been devoting 5 to 10 minutes of a 22 minute broadcast to Twitter. The video shows that even in podunk markets the left wing news media are beating the drum.

If you want to see the power of the left look at the Gab app. The opening barrage will be removing Twitter from the Apple App Store and Google play store. If their software is built on Amazon Web services or Microsoft Azure or other general platform they will be removed from that. Next they will be banned from any kind of credit card or other payment services.

The question is whether Musk and Twitter is big enough to be able to fight this. I doubt it but Musk has more resources than Gab.

Edit. Here is a half hour video of an interview with Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab. They are trying to build a parallel economy to the left dominated economy. I’m surprised it’s still on YouTube

Manchin’s side deal on brink as GOP seeks his 2024 ouster | The Hill

Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist, said getting the Mountain Valley Pipeline authorized, a key piece of Manchin’s permitting reform bill, would be a big win in West Virginia, where fossil fuel is the “life’s blood” of the state economy.

“This is an opportunity to actually win his seat in 2024,” O’Connell said, adding that “it would be political malpractice” to give Manchin a victory on permitting reform.

I’ll criticize anyone who deserves it. And this deserves it - it’s terrible to decide to block good reform because the wrong person will get the credit.

Not to mention, we seem to have already forgotten that Manchin was the lone obstacle to way more Biden spending being passed these past two years. The GOP should be trying to work with him, not sabataging him, since he’s shown himself to be one of the few for whom playing petty party politics is not his priority. Far too many on both sides have tunnel vision focused on not letting the enemy win, no matter how much damage it does.

If anything, I’d think Manchin should be considering entering a different election in 2024.


You are falling for spin from the left wing thehill. If you do a search you’ll see that it’s being torpedoed by opposition from the greens. See for example this article

But the bill, which was a condition of the centrist West Virginia Democrat’s support for his party’s larger climate, health care and taxes measure earlier this year, may still not have the support it needs to pass, with progressive Democrats concerned about the effects on environmental protections

Failing to pass a bill this year would be a disappointment to Manchin and his allies in the oil, gas and coal sectors, who have pushed for years to loosen federal permitting requirements. Some renewable energy advocates also say that federal permitting must be reformed for wind and solar technology to reach their highest potential.

But it would be welcome news for environmental advocates, who say the bill would weaken a fundamental environmental law that protects communities from pollution, while providing little in the way of new renewable energy capacity

I’m not falling for anything. All the stuff you mention is fine, but irrelevant. I was replying to the direct quote from a “Republican strategist” - it isnt even necessarily the strategy being followed, just one that a third party is advancing. And it’s a terrible one.

The only relevant rebuttal would be to claim the quote is made up.

I disagree. The senate is a federal body. The most important thing is control and the republicans, with Manchin out, have a chance at full control of the house, senate, and presidency in 2024 (albeit not filibuster proof control). 49 of the 50 republican senators don’t represent WV. They represent other states and those other states will have more long term benefits if Manchin doesn’t get what he wants and it helps him lose.

We rightly forgot that because he eventually caved and voted FOR the green new deal (inflation expansion act).


He’s a tax and spend democrat. Always has been, always will be. His vote for the green new deal is proof of that. The pundit class thought he had the country’s best interest in mind for a while this past year and then on a dime, he flipped. He never really cared about the spending (because has never thought we spend to much before). He just wanted something out of it. He was just too stupid/trusting to do it before he got permitting reform. That’s his own mess. It’s not the republicans job to dig him out of it.

In my lifetime, the periods where the most damage has been done at the federal level have occured when democrats controlled the house, senate, and presidency. Politics is about control, and when your enemy has control, more damage is done. After the republicans dismal showing earlier this month in all those close senate races, they can’t risk anything that could help a democrat senator get elected.

I predict that will be the case as well.

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He voted for a deal that was a fraction of what they desired. Exactly what I said - clone any one of the 49 other Democrat Senators in place of Manchin, and where would we be right now? The filibister would be gone. Student loan forgiveness wouldne be a court case, because it’d be law. The $800-billion spending package would be a $4-trillion spending package. And they would’ve had a clear path to do whatever else they felt like on a whim.

Yes, he’s clearly a Democrat, and that’s where his decisions will ultimately lay. But he’s the only reason things havent completely flown off the rails more than they already have, because he thought for himself rather than blindly follow his party. Yet he’s the one they chose to target for removal?

This obsession putting power over everything else (by both parties) will be the downfall of America.

Exactly. And these past 2 years there has been one obstacle to that happening again. Sure, we consider that damage was done, but nowhere near the damage they wanted to do.

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You are in for a lot of disappointment.

To paraphrase Captain Renault from Casablanca, you are shocked that there’s politics going on in Congress.

Who is shocked? It’s pretty obvious that politics has been the only priority for quite a while now. Doesnt make it right. Or productive. Or constructive. It’s perpetuated a war that will not end until one side [metaphorically, kind of] goes nuclear and ends life as we know it.

You hit the nail on the head. The ruling party leaders planned this and intend to blame Republicans. Who would fall for that … intelligent, common sense, mainstreamers … like glitch99.

Joe Manchin is a champion of Joe Manchin. He will not run in any election next year. He’s 75, and already gotten his big payday.

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From the elections have consequences department. The “educators” are radical left wing activists

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The California-13 house seat outcome is more or less official. The CA Secretary of State will not “certify” the result until December 16.

Edit. CNN summarizes the final House count

With Duarte’s win in the Central Valley district, Republicans are projected to hold a slim majority in the House of Representatives next year, with 222 seats.

Democrats are projected to win 213 seats in this year’s midterms, but the recent death of Virginia Democrat Donald McEachin just weeks after he won reelection means they are expected to start the new Congress with one fewer seat. McEachin’s seat will remain vacant until a special election is held.

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