The 2024 election politics

I suspect that the Venn diagram of conservative talk radio hosts/listeners and conspiracy theorists is a circle.

News from “far right” Europe. The leftist media are not pleased.

How Geert Wilders turned all corners of Dutch society into far right voters

The taboo of voting for populist, anti-immigration parties is fading.

Edit. Elections have consequences

They are planning to move their embassy to Jerusalem, like about eight other countries, including the United States.

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More on Biden’s poor showing in battleground states.

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Why progressive DAs are losing their grip on the West Coast

From Portland to Los Angeles, top prosecutors in deep-blue regions are being challenged over their criminal justice policies.

SAN FRANCISCO — Progressive prosecutors are under siege all along the West Coast, as voters in deep-blue metro areas express their frustration with more lenient approaches to crime.

The trend started with the 2022 recall ouster of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, which criminal justice reformers once labeled a pandemic-induced anomaly unlikely to repeat in other liberal-leaning bastions.

But this week’s district attorney election in the ultra-liberal Portland area made it clear the sentiment isn’t a one-off. Progressive District Attorney Mike Schmidt was defeated by tough-on-crime challenger Nathan Vasquez, a prosecutor in Schmidt’s own office and an independent who was previously a Republican.

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