The 2024 election politics

The “far right” has done well

Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigration, nationalist party is estimated to get around 31-32% of the votes, a historic result more than double the share of Macron’s Renaissance party, which is projected to reach around 15%.

Macron, who lost his majority at the National Assembly in 2022, is taking a big risk with the move that could backfire and increase the chances of Le Pen to eventually take power.

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Macron is for sure out of touch with what matters to this countrymen…


I’m only following from a distance, but it sure seems like Macron cares more about Ukraine than he does about France.

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I was referring to his proposal to raise even more taxes to give to African countries, at a time when Europeans are struggling financially and France is being kicked out of its former colonies.


Hunter Biden guilty on all his gun-related crimes.

Tax crimes still TBD (ie expensing his H&B, and not reporting all his foreign money as income).

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This only went to trial because the judge on the case questioned the sweetheart deal offered by the Biden justice department.

The plea deal in Hunter Biden’s criminal case unraveled during a court hearing Wednesday after a federal judge raised concerns about the terms of the agreement that has infuriated Republicans who believe the president’s son is getting preferential treatment.

Hunter Biden plea deal on hold after federal judge questions agreement | AP News.

The income tax case is much more consequential because it involves the big guy.


Macron - look who’s not accepting the election results. Must not be in favor of French Democracy



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Nigel Farage enters the UK election. His Reform party is polling better than the Tories and closing on Labour.

Illegal immigration is a huge issue as is inflation caused by the Tories going green.

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Alaskans closer to repealing their previous mistake.

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Seems Alaskans realized quickly it was the wrong way to go.

On other matters…

Will this propel a wave of marriages in certain communities?

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Polling reviewed by top aides in the White House and the president’s reelection headquarters helped the administration finalize the plan.

Yup, it’s not about doing the right thing, it’s about pandering to voters.

I miss the days when we elected representatives to lead by making the hard decisions, rather than to merely act as a proxy vote for their constituents.

What do legal immigrants think about this? These people are competing against them for jobs and increasing the cost of housing and filling local emergency rooms.

Not the fire alarm but anti-Israel stance

The single biggest source was the United Democracy Project, a pro-Israel Super PAC that had so far reported pouring $11.6 million into commercials and mailings for Latimer and against Bowman, according to the Federal Election Commission. The second-term progressive and “squad” member from Yonkers was a prime target for the group because of his vocal criticism of Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.

Latimer, the Westchester County executive, also has benefited from $1.1 million in spending by another pro-Israel group — Democratic Majority for Israel — and $2.1 million by a group promoting crypto-currency.

Crypto ??

Bad blood. On one side Bernie and the Squad, on the other Hillary, AIPAC and another NY Dem congressional candidate Mondaire Jones

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So you think that deporting someone who has lived here for 10 years and is married to a citizen is doing the right thing?

Thanks to COVID making WFH popular, the Mexicans and Indians who live in their home countries are a much bigger threat to to my job than anyone here :roll_eyes:

The majority of US citizens now support mass deportations of illegal immigrants, including a majority of Hispanic citizens as well. Turns out the massive flaunting of the country’s laws by the Biden regime, together with the lower wage growth (pressured from extra workers) and inflation pressuring living expenses has people much less inclined to forgive these criminals.

This is what it would take to get the left to enforce the border, well, the US border (there’s plenty of money for border defense in Ukraine and Israel).

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Add “mass deportation” to the FED’s toolkit :rofl:

Questions to the Fed officials are mostly poltiical posturing, but I recall one interview where some Democrat asked J Powell if “additional immigration would help reduce inflation”, and he said it probably would. Of course extra workers willing to work for less are deflationary for their labor market, the goods those markets produce, and anyone employed upstream of the workers replaced / displaced by the new workers (who get paid less too as they face competition from those below them).

But much like the Inflation Reduction Act printed tons of money and caused more inflation, bringing in lots of immigrants might lower inflation but it also lowers the living standards of existing US citizens.

I have yet to see a good argument why we need to bring in all these unskilled, unvetted, and illegal immigrants, instead of for example having more H1B’s or guest worker programs or something. Lots of people want to come here clearly, so why don’t we select for those who follow the laws instead of those who don’t?


What you describe is outsourcing and has been common in high-tech companies for couple of decades now. Most of the illegals that are arriving, at least in Oregon, have no skills to threaten your job or mine. They seem to depend on community assistance at the moment, with free or subsidized housing, food, etc. I can see this situation becoming financially difficult for cities with limited fund$.


Outsourcing has been somewhat limited for the past 2 decades. In my experience it was mostly the boring jobs related to IT, testing and other repetitive low-skill tasks. But now I’m seeing a bigger shift in actual R&D brain work outsourcing. I think education and infrastructure was behind but has now caught up.