The budget app Mint is shutting down

What is your favorite alternative?

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Shut down has been extended to 3/23/2024.

I’ve been using Simplifi - another Intuit product. It’s not amazing frankly but it seems to be doing the trick.

My biggest gripe is just that it tries to be too smart - it autofills everything, which is fine, but then makes it too hard to correct its mistakes.

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Simplifi looks compelling, but of course Mint was free and this is fragiledeal. :slight_smile:

Do you feel like it’s worth the cost?

I think it’s something like $25/year after a portal discount.

Can’t really say if it’s worth it. This is really the first time I’ve tried tracking my spending like this since I used Quicken maybe 20 years ago.

They seem to be very focused on budgeting and upcoming bills. That makes sense. But what I really want is retrospective reports. How much did I spend on groceries in 2023? Which it does have, but it doesn’t seem to be the main thrust.


Spreadsheets!!! They’re free now and forever, and you’ll never need to worry about switching to another software.


Fidelity Full View. Also free.


intuit is the worst. I put it all on mint so TT would auto-import. They couldn’t figure it out. CK taxes was shut down.

Although more onerous in thought and time to setup, GnuCash is an amazing double-entry accounting package. After the multiple hours of setup and roughly 90 minutes of annual maintenance, it’s less than 10 minutes of work twice a month. Its mailing list is active, knowledgeable, and supportive (of non-lazy adults).

Didn’t mean this to sound like an ad, but I’m thoroughly satisfied with its capabilities, support, security (open source and no online requirements) … and price - whatever you want to donate.


These kind of retrospective reports is one reason why I use Empower (previously personal capital). It’s free but if you have some investment assets (>$100k), they may offer you about once a year to listen to a presentation for their robotadvisor service.

But Empower doesn’t have as much budgeting help as Mint does: no spending/saving goal setting, bill negotiation, billpay reminders, credit score monitoring.

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Anyone care to share the link to convert your data?

Used to use Personal Capital. I sort of liked Mint. How is Credit Karma ?

Just received email. Company said hold tight for conversion date and instructions. When you move to credit karma, 3 years of transactions come with you.

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I said adios, downloaded my data and deleted my account. I’m using Fidelity Full View which seems more than sufficient. Here’s a review from a few years ago. Fidelity Full View + GPS: Track Your Portfolio Across All Accounts

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My only issue with Full View is that it’s not available in the Fidelity app (or I never found where). Only way I can access it on my phone is via a web browser. Even as an optimized mobile webpage, it’s not as tight as an app.

Otherwise, the desktop experience is maybe slightly better than Empower especially in terms of allowing you to set spending goals in addition to spending reports and monitoring transactions and balances of all your accounts.

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I haven’t tried to use on my phone - I never used Mint on my phone either. What’s annoying to me is I can’t link Navy Fed or Pen Fed and I use Navy Fed to receive my paychecks.

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I have been trying out a few programs. Most don’t do functions I need unfortunately. I am likely going to Quicken Simplifi which seems to cover most of my needs.

I stayed with Mint as long as allowed. I had been with Mint for many years and all my money records were there. So I followed along with the conversion to Credit Karma. The changing process took more time than I expected. Everything moved now and it’s different but I can live with it.
I have a Fidelity account so I’m going to take a look at Fidelity Full View. What do others :thinking: think about it? But thinking about all the movements involved is daunting… :cry:


I switched to Fidelity Full View. It doesn’t let me link PenFed or NavyFed, otherwise no regrets. The price is right. I did get a call from a Fidelity sales person though so clearly they use the data to try to upsell. :smiley:



Fidelity Full View is a limited version of emoney, right?

Does it track bills well, or at all?

1.) I think so.
2.) I don’t think it does that.

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