When will you allow yourself to be vaccinated?

It appears likely at this writing that a COVID-19 vaccine, perhaps more than one, will become available to us in the not too distant future. What criteria will need to be fulfilled before you personally get the shot(s)?

  • I’m good to go the moment I become eligible. It cannot happen too soon.
  • I’m OK generally with a vaccine, but I don’t want to be on the leading edge. So I might hold off a few weeks, but no more than a month.
  • The vaccines are probably OK but I will wait at least two months before I get the shot. You never know what might happen.
  • I’m hesitant and concerned about unforeseen downsides to the shot. I will let things play out for at least three months before I get vaccinated.
  • This is unexplored territory and I have serious and deep concerns about them putting a needle into my arm. I have no specific time frame. I’m strictly gonna wait and see.
  • The vaccine is highly likely to be trouble, and to do far more harm than good. There is no chance I ever would risk vaccination. Period.

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As soon as available, for me, and my whole family.

I asked my doctor last week. He thinks his office will probably get them when available. So yes, as soon as I’m eligible. My husband wants to wait a while, not the leading edge.

Assuming any serious side effects are low, immediately.


Which could be 9 months (That’s Texas’s current schedule plan).

Which is slightly strange, it’s much longer than Fauci’s estimates. Trump’s estimates were last month, though, which are past. You’d think there’d be some sort of coordination.

Especially given the indications here that the vaccine is proven effective at preventing symptoms, not preventing becoming infected, I feel no inclination to try to elbow my way towards the front of the line. Aside from the sufficating feeling from wearing the stupid mask (in situations that warrant it), my life the past 6 months hasnt really been affected much anyways.

No, I’m not an anti-vaccine person, and no, I dont think the virus’s mere existance is a hoax. But I do stand by my belief that a lot of the general risk is over-hyped (yes, if you catch a bad case it can be really bad), and feel that we’ll all be better off quickly calming down those most inclined to panic by getting them get vaccinated first. So I’ll gladly let them go first.

If stores, restaurants, etc start requiring proof of vaccination for admittance, then my feelings will change. But, frankly, I’d be extremely surprised if that ever actually comes to be.

Of course, this is not one of the options in the poll. Apparently you must either want it, or you are afraid of it. There’s no room for general indifference.

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Trump is a developer/sales guy. Think 2006 real estate developer

airlines might require

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No promises because I’m not entirely sure what you have in mind and do not know whether or not I will agree.

But if you can propound a poll question along the lines of your thinking, I certainly would consider adding it to the poll. I read what you wrote and tried to come up with something to satisfy your concern, but I was unable because I really do not think I understand.

Would it be something like:

I will only accept vaccination if required by law or if demanded by businesses I must patronize.



Coming to a fake ID shop near you …


Not really. More like

I don’t care. I feel no need to fight over the limited supply. As long as there’s more people who feel they need it than there are doses, they can have 'em.

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When you estimated September, and deliver in May, you look really good. When you estimate March, but don’t deliver until May, everyone is pissed.

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As soon as I’m eligible which is likely not soon since I’m not going to be a priority target for immunization (less than 50, no comorbidity, working 100% from home until at least end of Q1 2021). By then, plenty of weeks will have passed so things should be much more clear.

That’s a very good point I had not considered. I wonder which businesses may push this requirement. Vaccination status is not a protected class so there should be no issue for any business or government agency refusing to deal with unvaccinated people.

It may be bad PR but some may figure that they could spin it into promoting a COVID-free environment to assuage the fears of customers, like some in the travel industry. Maybe cruise lines could be on the forefront of that since it’s trivial for them to add this to their terms and just refuse boarding at embarkation.

Same boat here but I am assuming this will be months not weeks.

I assume the priority will be:
Hospital workers
Elderly in old folks homes
Essential workers
Elderly in general
most everybody

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I appreciate everyone’s vote and your participation.

Couple of personal items from me since the OP:

  1. I have not voted because I cannot make up my mind what the hell I’m gonna do.

  2. I tried to enlarge the poll choices to enable myself to vote. It was at that point I learned such an addition of voting options is disallowed by forum rules. When you initiate a poll, as I did in the OP, you have five minutes to alter the available choice alternatives. That is it. After five minutes everything is locked in.

I will allow this poll to run for a while. Maybe before the end I will be able to make up my mind.


I like your ordering of who gets it. My list is a little shorter:

Everybody else

OTOH, if I get it and die, my wife will never let me hear the end of it. :smile:



Yeah, I think I am going to get it when it is available to me but I assume I will have time to gauge risk simply because I will be sent to the end of the line. I am thinking I have months without having a choice :slight_smile:

But you are right, my wife will make me take it so I am just pretending I have any choice in the timing.

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