When will you allow yourself to be vaccinated?

More importantly, that also depends on the size of your life insurance policy…


Shhhh, please. I would like to enjoy my grandkids for a few more years.

Probably as soon as I’m eligible. But since that won’t be for many months more, and during that time we will have learned a lot more from the extended results of the phase 3 trials and from the much larger groups that get vaccinated before I’m eligible, I am definitely leaving open the door to feel differently when the time comes.

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ASAP. Im 72y/o and will wear my old NYPD uniform with id to get first. Plus if idiot Cuomo slows up the NYS distribution as he has said (wants his own panel to check it out) I will go over the border (3 miles) to Danbury CT Rite Aid/CVS which are 1 mile over state line!! I need to liquidate my MS gift cards at grocery stores.!!!I am stuck with about 14k right now from March 12, my last day of MSing. But my wife has used some for online grocery shopping from S&S and Shoprite. Good that instacart does not accept gift cards…(They can tell by first 6 # on card) so f them. Way to many fees with instacart anyway. Plus our only order with them back in May was a disaster.1) they substitute items w/o telling you… at the teenage shoppers whim…2)just throw it at ft. door and leave but I left a tip on door which was taken by delivery kid. 3) they show up in a beat up old Honda with no a/c. We had milk and creamer siting in sun for a few hours at 80 degrees. Called for refund which was flawless. But we had no milk or creamer. At least Shoprite and S&S use refrigerated vans. Oh well. Just stay healthy all, this will pass soon!!

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It all depends on what the FDA advisory committee says on 10 Dec (for Pfizer/Biontech). That’s where independent experts look at the studies and make a recommendation to the FDA. I don’t think the Moderna one has been scheduled yet and AZ is way off since they have to re-do a phase 3 trial on their mistake lower dose regimen.


Someone had asked what might happen if either

  • you possibly had the virus (but weren’t sure, ie no tests back then) and then get a vaccine, or
  • you get more than one vaccine (for some reason)

And the answer as far as I understand it is “nothing.” Of course there are minor side effects of vaccines like a sore arm (sometimes mild fever, etc, and who knows about longer term ones, since we don’t have data on that), so I wouldn’t go out of my way to get more than one vaccine or to get vaccinated if you definitely already had the virus.

If you only thought maybe you had the virus and it’s been too long to test for antibodies, I guess that’s just a call you’ll have to make on your own based on how risky you think the vaccine is vs how risky you think the virus is for you vs how unsure you are about having had it before.

Anyone decide which one they might get? Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZenica? I think the Pfizer and Moderna are similar, but side effects from Moderna might be worse as theirs is a 100ug does whereas Pfizer is a 30ug dose. But then you had one death in the Pfizer group that got the vaccine and none in the Moderna group. Still a wait to see more data I guess.

Do you have a source for that? This is what I saw in a NYT summary on Pfizer.

The companies said that out of 170 cases of Covid-19, 162 were in the placebo group, and eight were in the vaccine group. Out of 10 cases of severe Covid-19, nine had received a placebo.

Do you know what happened to the 10 severe cases?

Sorry, must have been a screw up by some other site. Can’t find it now. Pfizer reports one severe case in the vaccinated group out of 10 cases. Moderna reports none severe with 30 in the placebo group.


For me, since cost is not an issue, it’ll depend on what’s available to me when and what I’ve heard about their outcomes in terms of side effects based on the millions of people who will get it before me.

AstraZenca will be delayed due to redoing their phase 3 trial but since I’m not in line to get it early, they may still get FDA approved by then. But their 62% effectiveness on the 2 full dose trial was not too impressive compared to Pfizer’s or Moderna’s 95% ones.

I’ll also consider J&J’s vaccine simply because it’s a single dose but it all depends on side effects vs effectiveness of the various options when I finally become eligible.


Anyone decide which one they might get? Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZenica?

For those of us that want to get it as soon as available, I doubt there will be a choice of any kind.

I think your initial choice will be between Pfizer and Moderna as they will probably get approved within a week of each other. Your choice will be which one you want to sign up for.

Early on, at least, I really think it is going to be purely a matter of which one is even available in your area at your clinic or doctor’s office.


Given Pfizer’s rather drastic refrigeration requirements, it wouldnt suprise me if logistics dictate where it’s available. Send it to areas that already have the required facilities, or are more dense to minimize the handling needs.


By the time I’m forced to decide, or not given a choice, by “The Man”, I’ll have headed to Berkley to join the anti-establishment counter-culture hippies and float my days away … at the end of a fly rod. :smile:

Ahh, not to worry… our benevolent overlords have promised not to make anyone take it :slight_smile:

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I will take the one that is available asap. I had vaccinations my entire life. Flu/shingles (2 shots)tetanus/pneumonia/measles just last year again etc. Only side effects was a sore arm sometimes for 2 days. Got shots in AM and went to work. Plus plenty of novacaine from dentists offices.

I did not intend this to become a discussion thread. But I’m nevertheless liking the discussion a lot. The comments are very good and are much appreciated. Thanks!

Please though take a moment as well, if you’ve not done so already, to visit the OP so you can register your opinion formally by voting. If you fail to vote we will not end up with an accurate tally of where our group stands on this issue.

And BTW, I myself did finally make up my mind and cast my vote. Better late than never! :grinning:

It’s a basic civic and patriotic duty to get the vaccine when available (in whatever “stage” one is eligible), just like it is a basic civic and patriotic duty to follow health directives (like the cdc’s current directives to wear a face covering in all public spaces).

Obviously, I’ll get one when I’m eligible. I still trust our FDA, one of the most respected health organizations in the world, despite failed attempts to strongarm it.

Sounds like you want to have some otc painkiller on hand in case your body reacts poorly to the vaccine in the short term. Here’s on trial participant’s account of their side effects.

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