When will you allow yourself to be vaccinated?

J&J vaccine demand is down

It appears the “pause”, which happened back in April, did the trick:

J&J faces steep decline in demand for COVID-19 shot in the U.S.

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mRNA based vaccines by PFE and MRNA are seeing higher than expected heart inflammation post-vaccine.

There have been 275 reported cases of myocarditis or pericarditis, which are inflammation conditions involving the heart, in people ages 16 to 24 as of May 31, according to a CDC presentation that was prepared for a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel meeting Thursday. The expected number of cases was between 10 and 102, according to the CDC.

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Vaccine cheating (falsification of documents)? Vaccine breakthrough? Just bad luck?

I dunno.

But there is at least some trouble in paradise:

Two US cruise passengers test positive

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94% != 100%

With the abundance of mRNA vaccines, I’m somewhat glad that JNJ’s 76% efficacy vaccine isn’t popular. There are better options. Perhaps give the JNJ away - looks to be leaps and bounds better than saline sinovac.


Reading the article, it states, “at least they were sharing a room”.

Fully vaccinated cruise!
You just can’t trust the people. They had to show a record of their covid vaccination before loading. :neutral_face:


JNJ fda tells them to throw out 60M doses from their bad production facilities in Baltimore.

“JNJ - not even good enough to give away in good conscience”


Problem is, phony immunization cards are out there. That is what I meant by “vaccine cheating”. Probably should have been more specific.


debating whether to vax my 14 y.o , lots of summer sports too.

but you just need to get / buy more doses :wink: What a scam 1st come up w/ disease, than a crappy vax that you just need more doses

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Lawn mowing is a great summer sport, and is non-contact, so no vax required. :smile:


Not in PHX :wink:

My concern isn’t about his getting the virus. It’s bringing it home to older parents

NVAX works. 90% efficacy, 100% vs bad outcomes in their 30k person trial. 1/3 of cases were variants as well, so it’s doing well against those also.

This is a different (protein based) technology than either the mRNA or viral vector ones presently approved.

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I have no idea where my vaccination card is right now. I promptly put it somewhere random after my 2nd dose and haven’t seen it since. If asked to present it by a business, I’m more than happy to walk away and do business elsewhere. In my neck of the woods (a blue state, a blue city (where I work), and a purple county (where I live), the only place I’ve needed to wear a mask in recent memory is the post office. But I didn’t test them, I just followed the sign on the door. If I had to go back again today, I’d attempt to get service without one to see if they are still stuck in 2020. My point in posting where I live is that, even though it is blue here, it’s not so blue (like New York City) that the democrat voters are irrationally continuing to wear masks. They are actually comfortable with vaccinated life and realizing it isn’t their responsibility to mask to (uselessly) protect people that have access to the vaccine, but don’t want it. I feel bad for the democrats in the much bluer cities that are peer pressured into still wearing them.

Why is it irrational? I’m vaccinated but will continue to wear mask to protect myself from irrational people who have not vaccinated.

  1. Common surgical masks and cloth masks don’t offer you protection from others.
  2. If you are vaccinated, you don’t need more protection. You are protected.

Why do you think that you need to continue to wear a mask if you are vaccinated?

I can answer only for myself. I was vaccinated with the J&J vaccine. This option promises only protection from serious illness and death. But you can still get COVID-19 even if you have received a J&J vaccination.

I want to minimize my chances of contracting COVID-19 so I wear an N-95 mask when I’m in the presence of strangers indoors. It is not burdensome . . . at least not as burdensome as coming down with even a mild case of COVID-19.

Outdoors? Outdoors I am less careful and do not wear a mask.


They don’t offer 100% but do offer significant protection / reduction. Plus N95 or KN95 are relatively cheap.

California is set to officially reopen Tuesday (tomorrow). All businesses will be allowed to fully reopen with no social distancing or maximum capacity requirements.

While much of public life is officially set to return to normal this week, the state will still be under a declaration of emergency. That means Newsom retains his authority to suspend this law with Democratic-majority state Legislature.

So it’s out & about tomorrow without masks. (hard to believe)

I’m not trying to be a jerk, so I really hope this doesn’t come off that way. But there really is no nice way to say it.

You’re old. So an infection for you is decidedly different than an infection for someone younger/healthier. I guess I should have clarified when I called continued masking after vaccination irrational. I was talking about the general population that doesn’t have significant comorbidities. It is especially irrational for those of us that COVID posed very little threat to before the vaccine was even a thing.

Here’s a follow-up to those of you still masking after getting the vaccine: If being vaccinated didn’t do it, what will it take for you to stop wearing a mask?