Which One is the Democrat?

Got it!! Hope she gets that R seat. :relaxed:

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Don’t comment… I meant #1 for the R seat.

How’s your sarcasm detector? I think it may be broken…

Here’s something you may find useful:

I don’t get it. Guess I say, no detector.

Just like you have no “wild unfounded conspiracy theory” detector?

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Here we go! You wrote:

To which I replied:

By which I meant to imply, once again and with humor, that their menu does not contain any authentic Chinese food.

Do you get it now?

And did you check the link I provided? A free bowl with GC purchase seems like a good deal if you eat there often enough.


I remember the last time I tried their app it was pretty terrible. Looks like a decent deal though. 1 per purchase - unclear if that’s 1 per account.

~$6 off of $38 is slightly better than the 4% or so from CC restaurant charges. Although I don’t think you can use the free entree from survey with the online order unless they changed something.

But that’s where Rudy goes to for “court”!

“Of course Rudy never made it to the hearing. Because he accidentally went to the Pennsylvania Supreme food Court at…”
“Your honor. I object!”
“Alright. So do you want, like, the Chicken Teriyaki instead?”

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I did check it… But last time they made a mistake :open_mouth:. I wanted chow m & they gave me fried r.

WTF has this place become? From Fat Wallet finance to this, worthless trolling crap that I can only guess is a high schoolers attempt at stirring controversy? Wow. I’m out.

Wasn’t this place founded by and moderated by one of the most respected members of FWF? @DaveHanson — where are you dude? Or did you really want this place to be a Qanon breeding ground all along?


Well… the Off Topic forum has always been … Off Topic.


Off topic

This thread was never intended to highlight the closest race for a Congressional seat in the last 100 years. But that is what has ensued:

Republican Dr. Miller-Meeks, following the recount, won this race by just six votes! This is a stinging defeat for Nancy and her Democrats and naturally they are screaming their heads off and shouting “foul”, just as you would anticipate.

Anyway, bottom line, one more House seat for the good guys. It’s already very close. We will flip the House in two years and send Nancy home.

Apologies for the very late reply, and thanks for the hat-tip, Dman.

Two points. First, I don’t think any of the mods believe that “off-topic” should be put on a tight leash. Now if something like this were in the finance forum, that’d be another matter.

Second, everyone moderating here is volunteering, and AFAIK are busy with multiple other projects. There are no current plans to change that by monetizing the forum it in any way.

I would love to see the forum grow, and am very open to devoting more time to nurturing it whenever a worthwhile return seems likely. Meanwhile, thanks so much to everyone who contributes here! :slight_smile:


When FWF went poof, there were 3 main options. Reddit, Phat, and here. Reddit is all but gone but Phat and Fragile are still around.

I’m a big tent type of person and was sad to see us scatter. But you are welcome to stop by phat as well. I’m not a moderator on either site.

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What’s going on over there? Other than the Highest APY Accounts thread that the OP has kept up to date, their Finance category is pretty much dead. “Hot” deals don’t seem so hot, mostly from like 3 posters with few upvotes or responses. Looks like “Off topic” requires a login, but I think I’ve got enough of stupid in our own OT :slight_smile:.

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Well, they have ONE political thread. otherwise mostly banters with other FW OT folks. I guess I didn’t realize that FWF and FWOT doesn’t mix all that much. kamal and I are the exception where we frequent both FW forums. I still enjoy just shooting breeze with the old folks. Their Grocery forum is quite active as well.

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