Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

That is correct, goldendog. You start counting the day your account opens.

Thanks for the reminder. Mine is also there. Woo HOO!!!

Now do we need to keep the funds there for any period? Or take it out & party?

I’m taking mine out pronto.

With the awarding of the $300 this very sweet promotion has come to an end.

Given all these drops (and higher taxes on interest) I’m looking for tax advantaged “safe” vehicles to move too. Any recommendations

since when?

PNC High Yield Savings is still showing 0.80%, but when I log into my account it shows the Rate as 0.80% but the APY of 0.65%.

I’m guessing either a major computer issue… OR they are in process of dropping the rate.

SalemFive has to be dropping soon too as they are still at 0.80%

Today’s drops:

SFGI Direct Savings was 0.81% now 0.67%
Virtual Bank eMoney Market Special was 0.70% now 0.55%
Envision Bank Savvy Savings was 0.60% now 0.55%
Barclays Online Savings was 0.60% now 0.50%
Zions Bank Online Money Market was 0.45% now 0.40%


Did you guys, Bendr & Shandril, get in on the Citi Priority Package back in July?

Interested because I did.
It’s been sometime now. I believe I deposited the $50k in the Interest Checking +$10 in the Savings, around the middle of July. Confused on when the payoff of the $700 will show up if ever. :wink:

I have not gotten my $700 yet. My 60 days were early September. At that point, I called to confirm that I had met all the requirements and I opened a Citi Accelerate Savings (0.7%) account to replace the shambolic Citi Savings account that was earning 0.1% only. At that point, I was told the cash bonus would be credited “within 90 days of completing all the requirements” so I figure it may be up to early December. Since my money is earning 0.7% and pretty close to the best it can earn elsewhere, I’m being patient.

I think they know my account gets closed the same week I get my bonus so they are milking it and will pay at the very last day they can. Fair enough I guess.

From the T&C of the offer: “If you are eligible and fulfill the required activities, the cash bonus will be credited to your new checking account within ninety (90) calendar days from the date you complete all required activities.”

So true. Glad to know we both are waiting with open arms.

That $50k could be earning a low or fair % depending on whether you got in on the Keesler HIMMA 1.4%. But oh well, it’s wait until Nov or maybe Dec to see if the surprise $700 comes through.

I had to get CFPB involved, but they posted it after that. I had converetd the joke Savings to the Accelerate but I asked the rep if that would null the bonus, he said yes, so I said dont’ process that change, but he did anyway.