Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

How quickly time passes when you’re having fun!

I can scarcely believe it is time, once again, for me to renew my HIMMA Plus account, my last renewal having taken place back early in January. I surely hope I can pull this off “one more time”. I know pattyb53 accomplished the deed since I did. There is a lot of moving money around and I need to get it all right and not mess up or violate this or that Keesler rule. These sorts of maneuvers do not become easier as we become older; quite the opposite.

But time grows short and I need to act or risk losing the best liquid money account out there today. If I can finagle another six months on the gravy train it’ll be a good day.

Did you open one as an individual or get any info about it?

I was also thinking about this account. Sounds like a checking account only. I was wondering about just putting the full $100K @1.10%. Leave the funds alone, not making any checking acct payments.

Wonder if that would work? Keep it like a savings, but it is listed Checking… :wink:

I haven’t opened it yet. I don;t see any reason why it being a checking account should prevent you from parking money there long time.

This post comes in the wake of a telephone conversation I had today with a single Keesler representative. Please bear that in mind as you go forward here.

My inquiry was regarding HIMMA Plus and, specifically, how interest rate is arrived at for this liquid account. I was more confused than usual because the Keesler rate page appears to tie interest rate to the amount of your opening deposit.

Link to Keesler rate page

Note there the words “Opening Balance” top left of the HIMMA Plus rate chart.

But the representative told me the interest rate you will earn on your HIMMA Plus funds varies, not with the opening balance, but instead with the current balance in you account.

As always, a single representative at any financial institution can certainly be misinformed and be dispensing bad information. And I spoke with only a single person. So again, please bear that in mind.

I had the same conversation with a rep the last time I re-opened my HIMMA+. My question was about keeping new funds in Savings until I had the $100K to gain the higher rate. She said, open the HIMMA+ now with the $25K & the rate will change as I add to it. So that’s what I did.

By the end of the month, the total $100K was in HIMMA+ & I rightly received the higher rate.