Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

I know it’s a rewards checking account, but Redneck Bank (and their sister accounts) has raised their rate to 4.25% (and increased the max to $15k, unless I missed it earlier).

And their MMA is now 4% up to $75k.

** Effective 11/22 **


I email through my account overview and no issues at all. Done it four times already

Not sure if anyone here has tried Andrews FCU for their 5% promo CD. Man. What a PIA. These guys really don’t want new customers. Most involved process I’ve ever had to open this CD, and I’m far from done.

I was going to open one for my wife also - but no way. Not worth it, and I clearly won’t want to do business with this CU after this is over. Just nuts.


existing or new customer?

New customer

Ally Online Savings Account rate is increasing from 2.75% to 3.00% effective 11/22.


finally joins 3% club.

Live Oak 3.1% effective today, Nov 22


4-week T-Bill 3.859% → 4.038%


Bought some at Etrade today. Saw an instant loss of $111 :frowning: ?? Is that the spread loss
for buying on the secondary market?


It’s because the price they mark it at is not the price you can buy or sell it for. Ignore it, hold til maturity and the yield will be what it was stated to be.


TDAmeritrade has a couple 4-year new issues with a 4.1% interest rate. Any 5-year options they have are now yielding below 4%.

My large GTE 3.3% add-on has 20 months left; I’m considering eating the 6-month early withdrawal penalty to get those funds rolled over early, if I can score another new issue at 5%+.


Good to know it’s just a bid ask spread. I was worried that I should have clicked on another option that wasn’t secondary market…

Does anybody know about this? No info on the amount you can deposit… is a 3-month cd @ 4.25%. Rate only good thru Cyber Monday. Of course, nobody to call or chat with on weekends. Don’t know if transfers are goodto get that rate as it would be 3/4 days to get into acct. I have their high yield savings at 3.5 but I could send in funds from other accts.


No offense, but terrible idea. Buy a 3 month treasury instead, which is state tax free and is paying 4.27%.


This number probably includes secondary market fees. If you bid on the auction directly, the ones issued this week yield 4.392%.


yep I learnt the hard way that they have secondary market fees @etrade. sneaky b/c they said no transaction fees

SoFi savings increased from 3.00% to 3.25%, right before the bonus holding period is about to end.


Patriot Bank MM(via SaveBetter) was 3.65% now 4.00%
Blue FCU MM(via SaveBetter) was 3.65% now 3.75%
Bask Bank Savings was 3.60% now 3.85%
American First CU MM(via SaveBetter) was 3.50% now 4.00%
CIT Bank Savings Connect was 3.25% now 3.60%
Sky One FCU MM(via SaveBetter) was 3.25% now 3.75%
Rising Bank Savings was 3.10% now 3.25%
First Internet Bank Money Market Savings was 2.78% now 3.04%
SFGI Direct Savings was 2.51% now 3.01%
Paramount Bank Interest Checking was 2.00% now 3.00%


In those regards, there is a “fee” baked into every financial instrument you purchase. There isnt anything sneaky about it.

Almost every CD and Treasury I’ve purchased over the past few months has seen a large 3-figure “loss” as well. I dont care - I bought them for the yield to maturity, not to day trade, and they continue to provide that same yield until they mature. Any interim decline in value isnt any more significant than an early withdrawal penalty.