"Bye Bye" to Shinobi?

So I go on vacation for two weeks and our resident “get off my lawn!” guy is gone?

Was he banned or did he leave on his own volition?


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I noticed to that he hasn’t been posting and he changed his profile picture to an image of “bye bye”. I didn’t notice anything that would’ve gotten him banned.


I sent him a pm a few days ago to check if he was logging in without anything to say … like that was a possibility. :smile:

Didn’t even notice the picture change. :frowning:

Maybe tagging a resident expert @TravelerMSY might offer some insight.


wow, kinda weird to change his avatar and just peace out like that

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I agree. It kinda makes me wonder if there’s a health issue or something on his end… he is not exactly a spring chicken. I hope everything is ok.


In the past, I had suspected that Shinobi was posting on depositaccounts.com as “deplorable_1,” and that poster has posted within the last 24 hours, but it was only a suspicion.

Looking at his “Summary” page, his last post was on September 19 and last login on September 21.

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I’m rather surprised he’d even know how to change his avatar.

Maybe armed FBI agents raided his home in an act of political retribution? :wink:


He hasn’t been banned or anything like that. Says last activity Sep 21.

Hope he’s not ill.


Don’t think that’s him. That person posted yesterday in a thread about MACU and said “I’m snagging the 3.75% 5 yr. and the 4% 18 mo. growth certificates x 2 for the wife.” I don’t believe shinobi was married.

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Interesting, I always thought he was “Kaight” over on DepositAccounts.

Thanks for the status update, and glad to hear that he’s not been suspended/banned.

Yes, I think that is everyone’s concern. Is there any such thing as a “welfare check” email?

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I messaged him.


Wondering if Shinobi replied to your message(?)

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No. I just DM’d him on the site same as anyone. I don’t have his contact info.

He could be on vacation I guess.

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I’m late but hoping our friend is OK! @shinobi SOS! Let us know you’re out there even if you don’t plan to post much/at all.


Such a huge loss to the forum. Hope he’s doing well and will continue his meaningful and magnanimous contributions in the future. Or at least just pop by and say hello.


How did I miss “Bye Bye :kissing_heart: “??

Yea I was sicker than a dog for a month or so but boy am I behind times. Where, what, when???

One of our best friends on the site. Yes we’re all set for political imbalance and no shinobi :ninja:. COME ON :man: MAN!!