Let's Compare: 5% Credit Card Rotating Quarterly Rewards

Citi Custom Cash is different than Citi Dividend. Citi Custom Cash does indeed give 1% back on the excess, mirroring the Discover it and Chase Freedom.


I was not aware of this aspect of the Dividend card. Thanks.

Added Chase Q4 2022 (Paypal, Walmart).

Some Dividend cards are getting changed to Customized Cash. While you can “pick your category” (via highest spending per statement cycle), Citi probably finds that card less gameable due to needing to spend 500 per cycle to maximize the benefit (whereas you can spend 6k all in one quarter in your favorite category on Dividend; much more gameable).

Additionally, the Customized Cash idea probably appeals more to the mass non-gamer population than rotating quarterly 5% categories.


Categories for Discover in Q1 2023:

Grocery Stores, Drug Stores and Select Streaming Services


There is a $1500 spending limit

Does Discover pay the 5% reward for gift card purchases?

I have a CVS and Safeway nearby, which is better for buying gift cards?

That’s the only thing I buy when it has the 5% grocery category.

The new CITI custom cash can be useful to those of us who are careful. If a particular month you may plan high spending in a category no other card gives 5%. This card will get 5% if the spending is in this category. You might plan purchase of a new appliance for instance from a building materials store, and could get 5% by putting it on this card.

I have been using it for groceries delivered by adding it before the closing date and then removing it., so there are two months with less than $500. With a new card there is 0% interest for a few months. I have a Amex 6% Blue Cash, but know my family will exceed the $6,000 annual limit .


Does any card pay grocery rewards for online purchases for home delivery from Walmart grocery?

Chase Freedom Q2: Amazon and Lowe’s.

Meh. I guess this is OK but I have a ton of Amazon credit from buying GCs so I think this quarter will be harder to hit the max, unless we have some home improvement expenses.


Amazon and Lowe’s also both offer a store branded card with 5% discount much like when Target is a category.

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the SS visa cards are easy to liquidate at most grocery stores

definitely yes

Professor Ed why not get another BC preferred with the current bonuses (350.00 )and no fee for the first year? you could also refer a family member and if approved, you get 100.00 into your acct. 450.00 total

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Thank you, kind sir. Maybe Lowes will have mulch for a dollar/cf … but I doubt it. They seem to have embraced this whole inflation thing a little too well. :laughing:

Don’t tell me you’re hoping for a disaster. :laughing: