Poll: Vote now in this race to the bottom

The NYTimes repeats the canard that it is Republicans behind the recall when a substantial fraction of those signing the petition were Democrats.

Millions of dollars more have come from interest groups with business before the state, including labor unions representing service workers, teachers and prison guards, the real estate industry and Native American tribes that operate casinos.

no opportunity for corruption here /sarcasm


Today is the big day. Both Biden and Kamala are in California to back Newsom. This alone would result in his recall if California voters had a scintilla of sense. Given they in the main do not, I’m afraid this could be Newsom’s day. :frowning_face:

Big win for Newsom as California refuses to relinquish its role as America’s Marxist HQ.


Capt Renault is shocked. :frowning:

Exit poll numbers, demographics

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The breakdown by race is striking. Blacks are definitely on the Democrat plantation. They do not care what the race of the candidate is, just the party.

The other striking part is the Asians. They were a close second to the blacks in opposing the recall.


Must have read one too many articles from the LA Times and voted against the black guy for his implied white supremacy views.

What do you call it when the poor people vote Democrat for promises of economic help and 50 years of doing this later they’re still poor? At least one of the two groups involved are stupid or incompetent.

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Free money and other goodies is an enchanting mermaid.

I see it in the old country and makes me furious. Their measures are intended not at helping people out of poverty but at keeping them dependent and angry.


I don’t think the result tells us much about the house race in 2022. But I think it does tell us that Glenn Younkin will not the be the next governor of Virginia. There was much more anger toward Newsom in CA over his handling of COVID than there has been in Virginia toward the current democrat governor. If botching COVID as bad as Newsom did in CA can’t turn a blue state red, then I don’t see much hope for the increasingly bluer Virginia.

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Yes big win for Newsom.

I’m sure happy at how well our guy Larry did. He impressed California as well as the nation. And to think most of the people had only seen him on the evening tv ads before the recall.

Here in the far west those early election results were showing up by 6p. Righty known, 4-1 Democrats. Why do we bother??

At least here at fragile most of the people who reside in California are conservative or seem to lean towards that direction. Not actually sure how many of us diehards there are but occasionally we speak out.

Understand, we stay here for various reasons. Certainly not political… :frowning:

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Seems pretty obvious … the low taxes … or is the earthquakes? :smile:


Those of us that stay in California must be nuts!!

Just filled my car today, $4.59 a gallon. Almost $70, but must use the premium kind. What a joke!!

Then headed to the grocery store. Yes, got hit again. Price for eggs is moving on up. But have you noticed the green leafy vegetable section?? bell peppers, lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli etc… Out of sight!! And I didn’t buy any meat.

Love it… Makes the world go round.

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