Poll: Vote now in this race to the bottom

How Cuomo & Cuomo teamed up against his accusers.


Biden forgetfulness!

Going back to old days. Thinking young lady’s crossed legs make her look like she’s in her 20’s.

Comments unbelievable! Cringed audiences. We all remember so well.


We do not, even after all this time, have a single vote here (see OP) for Newsom. Now, I dunno:

California recall race has turned into a zoo!

It really has. And if you doubt this take a look at the latest coverage by the AP:

Who’s in? California recall candidate list draws confusion

So is Newsom still a shoo-in to retain his lofty position? I have to wonder.

The real issue is whether conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder will be on the ballot. The Democrat CA Secretary of State excluding him is obviously Jim Crow on steroids.

Here’s what he tweeted:

Politicians know I’m the only candidate who will beat Gavin Newsom — and that’s why they don’t want me on the ballot,” Elder wrote on Twitter. “They’re using shenanigans that they invented to block to doors to the Governor’s Office and make sure they stay in power.”


he won the lawsuit and is on the ballot.



Newsom hopes grand gesture will win over voters

Gavin Newsom invites world’s homeless to California

California Gov. Gavin Newsom pledged to house and feed the world’s homeless population this week during a whirlwind “Comeback California” tour that is designed to stave off a September recall by angry voters.

With a platform like that how can Newsom possibly lose the upcoming recall election!!


Meanwhile, Cuomo is off the hook for killing thousands of nursing home residents with his covid policies and covering up how they did it and lying about their covid numbers / risks to the public and the CDC.

Biden’s DOJ showing who’s the real threat - poor and occasionally deadly Democratic leadership? Off the hook if you buy one of Hunter’s paintings. Show up and peacefully protest in DC? Get out the felonies and tap the spooks to round up those violent domestic extremists.


California is hurting vulnerable people with their misguided policies. Just ask poor people affected by the closing of retailers like Walgreens…

And politicians are oblivious to the root cause of these problems, or pretend to be.


It’s obviously racist corporations, right?


Of course, that’s why the politician says the company should have given them the opportunity to find a solution around their problems. You know, find a solution around the problem that shoplifting under $900 isn’t a real crime… it’s reparations.


They’re only pretending to be oblivious for as long as they are getting re-elected and their backs slapped. Lose two or three elections, and they’ll suddenly become Henry Ford and have a better idea.

OTOH, this is California. The criminal / illegal vote is probably greater than that of Conservatives. Thus, all of those Walgreen’s will be renamed to Barksdale’s Corners. :frowning:


Cuomo woes continue

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If he makes it through this, he’s not going anywhere. We’ll know in 24 hours.

if I recall correctly the Daily News is a left-wing newspaper.

Demands for Gov. Cuomo to resign or be promptly removed from office poured in Tuesday after New York Attorney General Letitia James [announced that her investigators have corroborated allegations]

Dang, the CA recall is a lot closer than i would have thought.

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Psaki said [President Biden]would speak more to the situation Tuesday afternoon.

This should be interesting.


In March, Biden told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that Cuomo should step down if the investigation confirmed allegations of sexual harassment against the governor.



New York Assembly Speaker Heastie says Cuomo can ‘no longer remain in office,’ expediting impeachment probe

we shall see. The Democrats talk a good game but let’s see if anything happens


particularly dangerous to young, attractive women, and 100% fatal to the elderly. “This is the most infectious—and also the grossest—variant yet,” said Dr. Maria Bellagamba to reporters. "It seriously creeps me out…”


Wow! The Bee be cool!

Uh, I suspect that the CA recall appears to be a lot closer … It is California, after all - Uncle Joe is dead, along with Lenin, Krushchev, and Brezhnev, LaCoiffure is still in Canada, the Castro bros (of the fantastic Cubano medical system) are both taking dirt naps, along with that bearded South American on t-shirts. Who else are they gonna call, Ed Asner?

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Just back to Gracie Mansion. :slight_smile: Also, this used to be a résumé enhancement in the Democrat party. I wouldn’t rule him out for future peter principle Presidency. It worked for several recent WH residents.