The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war (Part 2)

Satire roundup

Here’s a big part of NY’s problem - bail reform. Turns out letting criminals out means they commit more crime instead of sitting in jail waiting for trial.

Roughly one in every five crooks busted for burglary or theft in New York last year got re-arrested on a felony charge within 60 days after being put back on the streets, NYPD figures obtained by The Post show.

The alarming statistics reveal increases in alleged recidivism as high as three times what they were in 2017 — before New York’s controversial bail-reform law took effect in 2020.

I guess a kinder, gentler approach is good for criminals and bad for their law abiding victims. Who would have thought otherwise? Soros apparently, who backed these do-nothing DAs and even tried to defend his actions in this WSJ OpEd piece. Boy did he get taken apart in the comments!


You’re just being pessimistic. This data proves that 4 in every 5 didn’t need to sit behind bars. The policy works!

Just like how it’s very reasonable to allow a few pedophiles and rapists into women’s restrooms, in order to ensure a handful of masculine-looking females don’t risk being inadvertantly inconvenienced while trying to pee.

I’m pretty sure the Democrat way would prefer that people who don’t want to become victims of repeat criminals should lock themselves up in jail for their own protection.

Liberal media meltdown just ahead. Be ready!!

Will DeSantis cause the liberal media to dematerialize? Let’s hope so!!

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Damn I never expected this OR saw it coming!

Yoon goes Gangnam Style on Pelosi

WITHOUT meeting in person!

Major snub. No forewarning. It just happened!

South Korean politics are very strange. In the recent election apparently women’s rights were a major issue along with high unemployment and inflation of course. Major mudslinging on both sides but I don’t know what the sides are

Yoon is obviously a loon.

But I’m still a big PSY fan :joy:

Sinema finally is heard from.

Executive summary:

She is not happy and is not ready to sign onto Schumer-Manchin compromise.

Sinema is not ready or willing . . . at least not yet


Turns out this was just democrat city leaders taking some good police work where patrolmen and detectives got firearms away from prohibited possessors, and turning it into something they could crow about right after a real July 4th mass shooting took place in Highland Park, Ilinois. Sadly, the department has lost all sorts of credibility now and people around here won’t even believe them next time they say they prevented something.

Prosecutor Clinton Seal told (Judge) Hicks there was no evidence pointing to Dogwood Dell as the location for the alleged plot.

When Alvarado-Dubon was arraigned in Richmond on the morning of July 6, the same day of the police presser attended by Mayor Levar Stoney and several City Council Members, Hicks had granted him a secured bond because the evidence presented to him was that there was a potential for shooting in an unspecified location. There was no mention of a mass shooting plot at Dogwood Dell.

Dogwood Dell was not specifically named in the search warrant affidavit, and Crime Insider sources told CBS 6 that the alleged threat was vague.

Sources also told CBS 6 that the Richmond Police officers who worked on July 4, including officers stationed at the Dogwood Dell event, were not made aware of any threat.

This is the part that angers me the most. Richmond has been declared by the democrat leadership a sanctuary city. Yet because this prosecution makes them look good, the administration IS working with ICE to make sure these guys are held and punished more than any other illegal immigrant accused of breaking any of our other laws (not even counting the laws they broke entering the country). They talk out of both sides of their mouth. Republicans do it too, but never on something this egregious. But the double standard is never covered by the media. No one has pressed them on why Richmond doesn’t work with ICE on cases involving illegal immigrants accused of aggravated assault or armed robbery but they are willing to do it on this.


Nexus disclosed: New York Times and Ayman al-Zawahiri

Why am I not surprised!


American foreign policy failure is global in scope

The Biden team is not getting it done:

Biden’s mismanagement is actually bringing into existence and fostering a block of nations manifestly averse to America’s foreign policy goals!!

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Satire roundup



Trump gets raided by the FBI, must not have enough material to keep the Jan 6th show running through midterms. Some coverage.

FBI agents went to Mar-a-Lago and looked in every single office, safe, and grabbed documents and boxes without going through them on the property. The source said they took boxes and documents to go through later, once they left

High-level Chinese asset and sex trafficker Hunter Biden breathed a sigh of relief this evening as an FBI raid team passed by his West Palm Beach vacation home to raid Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago.

“Whew! Thought they had me for a minute there,” Biden sighed, according to sources before going back to smoking crack with a hooker on a pile of cash freshly delivered by Chinese agents. “Glad to know the FBI is still working for my Dad!”


The left is hyperventilating that they will reap what they sow

For months, right-wing agitators with millions of followers have peddled the idea that a moment was coming soon when violence would become necessary — a patriotic duty — to save the republic.
With the FBI search Monday of Donald Trump’s compound in Florida, that moment is now, according to enraged commentators’ all-caps, exclamation-pointed screeds urging supporters of the former president to take up arms. Within hours of the search at Mar-a-Lago, a chorus of Republican lawmakers, conservative talk-show hosts, anti-government provocateurs and pro-Trump conspiracy theorists began issuing explicit or thinly veiled calls for violence.

“Today is war. That is all you will get on today’s show,” right-wing podcaster Steven Crowder announced Tuesday to his nearly 2 million followers on Twitter, referring to the program that goes to his YouTube audience of 5.6 million.

It’s been the Biden police state since January of last year.

Only difference now is that more Americans are finally aware.

Welcome to the American Banana Republic.

Or, at the border and in major cities, a non-police state as the case may be.

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Wherever opinions differ and matters are in sharp dispute, the role of surrogacy has always fascinated me. In the latest example:

Donald Trump stands for a whole raft of ideas, notions, and approaches which are anathema to millions of Americans.

James Clyburn is a leading South Carolina Congressman without whose outspoken support Joe Biden easily might not today be President. Congressman Clyburn is black. Black Americans (not all but a great many) generally find Donald Trump unacceptable and prefer President Biden.

Today Trump is under withering attack from different prosecutors in various venues. The attacks are not directly on the various solutions he supports or on his approach generally to matters of public interest. Instead, the attacks are on his personal business dealings and so forth, with the hope of bringing him down to size so he cannot lead on the things which really matter to the country and to those who oppose his thinking.

It is also noteworthy that the prosecutors headhunting Trump, in three of the most prominent cases, are black. They are: Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, and Letitia James.

Trump’s litigation entanglements are numerous and must be costing him a small fortune in legal fees. This website details over twenty such cases currently ongoing:

Finally, it is Donald Trump’s very poor fortune that so many of the actions against him are taking place in locations where bias against him personally is sky high. Some examples: Fulton County, GA, New York City, Washington, DC. Trump support in those venues is very, very low. Juries and grand juries in such places will go out of their way to find against Trump at every opportunity. It’s like the OJ jury, if you remember that, writ large in multiple places.

Trump’s ability so far to withstand so many simultaneous legal attacks, all surrogates admittedly but still blistering, is quite remarkable.

Trump’s ability so far to withstand so many simultaneous legal attacks, all surrogates admittedly but still blistering, is quite remarkable.

What has he “withstood” with respect to any of these?

or do you just mean his followers are all stirred up about it and aren’t yet deterred in their support?

I don’t find that particularly remarkable, at this point, given that they all voted for him in the first place knowing everything we knew about him then.

EDIT – and WOW… “est reading time 59 minutes” – is that for real?

Have you never been target of a lawsuit? It’s not a prospect most folks relish. Trump is dealing with over twenty at the same time!

You make my point.

The post was about surrogacy. Perhaps you missed that. I’m not an ardent Trump supporter and I have never voted for him in a primary election. I did vote for him twice in general elections because I’m not insane and he was my only choice to avoid the sorts of multiple catastrophes America has been confronting since January of last year.

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Have you never been target of a lawsuit? It’s not a prospect most folks relish. Trump is dealing with over twenty at the same time!

You act like the guy isn’t a billionaire with an army of lawyers and accountants at his disposal that are dealing with the vast majority of the day-to-day on this stuff for him.