The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war (Part 2)


DeSantis backstops his culture-war agenda with capable governance.


The bigger issue is that if Trump is vintage Trump, it doesnt matter who wins the primary because they’ll have already destroyed each other and the GOP will remain hopelessly fractured going into the general election.

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A lot of people thought that would happen in 2016 (I was one of them). But enough GOP voters that didn’t like Trump held their nose and voted for him to the point that he won.

One could argue (I am), there won’t be anywhere near as much nose holding required for Trump supporters to vote for DeSantis in a 2024 general election as there was in 2016.

Keep in mind, there are a ton of 2016/2020 Trump supporters that have already hitched their wagon to the DeSantis Express. He’s got plenty of the non-political qualities that Trump supporters loved (willingness to take on the media, willingness to fight the culture war, willingness to own the libs, a hot wife), just without a ton of the baggage. Why do you think it will be difficult for hard line Trumpers to switch over to DeSantis after Trump (these are my predictions worth as much as the paper they are printed on) loses the first few primaries and has a bad showing on Super Tuesday? Are you worried that DeSantis will make the mistake of insulting those people as he wallops Trump? I don’t think he will. Do you think there are enough Trump cultists that will actually listen to Trump if Trump tells them to not vote GOP if he isn’t the nominee? Is there no chance that Trump shows up to the convention and gets behind DeSantis?

I agree. But Trump isnt going to sit on the sidelines, and I dont see him ever endorsing the candidate he just lost to. It wont split them 50/50, but there will be a large enough block firmly entrenched on either side to self-sabotage the final tally no matter which way the nomination swings.

Biden vs M.B-is-for-Bonesaw.S, decided to give him legal immunity. Take that for accountability.

How it started:

How it’s going:

I mean, we couldn’t set the precedent for holding heads of state responsible for killing people abroad, especially with all the drone wars under Obama and continuing under Biden.



When, oh when, will Democrats finally comprehend that many of those ‘wild conspiracy theories’ they rail against so adamently are of their own making?

I’ve become thoroughly convinced it must be intentional, that the powers-that-be are concocting such inconsistencies to seed the opposing headlines, in order to deepen their party’s resolve against the ‘obvious’ right-wing lunacy.

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Why isnt this headline “Liberals openly attempt to make politcial hay from tragedy!”?

What did you think would happen when you make an enemy out of people who don’t fit into your little box of normal,

You’re basically the leading sponsor of hating marginalized communities

Apparently those two comments were made into a mirror, because dollars to donuts this shooter is from one of those communities the left openly hates and persistently demands be “cancelled”.

Not much to say here except…Yup.

Satire roundup

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