The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war (Part 2)

Here we go…

Veterans benefits, Social Security and Medicare payments, and SNAP could be among the first federal programs at risk if the US defaults in 10 days, a new analysis says

Of course they’re “first”. But what was funded the 10 days prior? Spending billions for Ukraine, etc so that Social Security has no money to pay benefits isn’t a consequence of the debt ceiling, it’s a consequence of piss poor management of the Treasury.

BLM - morally bankrupt grifters, soon to be actually bankrupt. Well, their fundraising entity would be bankrupt, while the execs all quit after paying themselves and their relatives millions of donated funds, flipping fancy houses to the company for huge profits at the company’s expense, etc.


Shocked! I’m shocked these critters were just scammers taking advantage of the gullible and desperate.


Inconvenient facts from a large government IQ study saw the government revoking the data’s “open access” promise.

You can never quite get liberals to articulate why they are convinced it would be the end of the world if there are racial differences in intelligence, other than that’s the ditch they’ve decided to die in and it would be embarrassing for them to turn out to be wrong.

In reality, the main public-spirited step we can take regarding racial gaps in intelligence is to Raise Awareness: Racial intelligence differences are real, large, crucial for understanding American society, and not going away anytime soon. It’s something we have to live with. Just as the foot-speed gap doesn’t justify witch-hunting football coaches for being racist against white cornerbacks, the manifold effects of the intelligence gap don’t justify the current paranoid conspiracy theorizing about white racism.


It’s because they have no desire to build a utopian society, they expect to just have one with a snap of a finger. The liberals are trying to play golf with society - simply give the lesser persons a handicap so they can be treated “equal”. Because it’s clearly hate-filled racism to expect someone to change their culture/behaviors if they want to truly be equal and participate in the benefits that certain other behaviors earn.

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Trump indicted over classified documents.

Biden garage continues to be of no interest to the Biden DOJ.


Meanwhile questioning $5-10M in Ukraine bribes for the Big Guy is what was Trump got indicted for last time…


I’m convinced that we have a president that received a bribe during his term as Vice President.

And why don’t we hear anything more about those 51 signer’s on the letter incriminating Trump?

Why, why?? :sunglasses:

10% for the Big Guy looks like it’s coming out.

Probably friendly but detailed legal take on Trumps situation. Doesn’t sound as bad as the media portrayals, but I’m sure those are deliberately bad. Guess we’ll find out in due course.

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Up to $30M? That’s a lotta business getting done at 10%.



Hunter pleads guilty - to being a Ukrainian energy and art expert. Also on gun possession and tax charges. Details still forthcoming.


Hunter’s wrist was only very lightly slapped, unlike his sex trafficking underage companions.

Hunter’s legal team defended the deal against claims of preferential treatment. “Allegations of double standards are ridiculous,” said one of Hunter’s attorneys. “Every Biden is treated exactly the same way.”

More details of all the IRS and DOJ obstruction by higher ups to protect Biden from the serious charges and evidence against him.

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Imagine if Don Jr had been charged with anything remotely similar while Trump was in the White House? I’m positive there would’ve been nonstop, deafening demands for Trump’s resignation, and anything other than the death penalty for Jr would’ve been considered proof of obstruction at Trump’s behest and likely yielded another impeachment hearing.


This article has the full whistleblower transcripts


From CBS News no less. Looks like the Democrat media has thrown Biden under the bus. They are actually asking pointed questions of KJP who is, of course, stonewalling.


Better 3 years late than never, I guess?

Biden is a special case. They are as biased as ever.
It will be interesting to see how they remove Harris to make room for Newsom. Speculation is that they will make her an offer she can’t refuse to resign and be appointed to DiFi’s Senate seat.