The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war (Part 2)

He isnt Trump. So yes, a majority of those who voted for him are in fact happy with the results.

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Yes, a Democrat is a Democrat.

Luv em, regardless of the Afghanistan dramatic screw-up. Even bringing home our honorable 13 dead Military, Biden must check his watch. Showing disgusting display for the day.

Several months running now as POTUS, disappointment at every turn. I suppose his loving followers might think a job will done with Covid vaccination.

Not so in my book!!

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Two different takes on 9/11 twenty years later.

On 9/11, NYPD Officer John Perry was at One Police Plaza putting in his retirement papers when the towers were hit. Officer Perry had a law degree and spoke four languages. He could have finished that paperwork and walked away into any other career. Instead, he pinned his badge back on, ran into the North Tower, and was never seen again. There’s no question that he died making a difference.

Across 245 years of American history, over 25,000 police gave their lives because they thought it was worth it. who am I to disagree?

Nearly a hundred thousand spies returned to work at the agencies with the knowledge that they’d failed at their primary job, which was protecting America. Think of the guilt they were feeling… September 12 was the first day of a new era, which America faced with a unified resolve, strengthened by a revived sense of patriotism and the goodwill and sympathy of the world. In retrospect, my country could have done so much with this opportunity. It could have treated terror not as the theological phenomenon it purported to be, but as the crime it was. It could have used this rare moment of solidarity to reinforce democratic values and cultivate resilience in the now-connected global public.

Instead, it went to war.

Both have a fair bit more in the links than is easy to summarize.

Satire roundup.

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NY Times and Washington Post call BS on Biden’s brags about widely publicized payback drone airstrike

Another Biden lie? Most likely. And these sources are Trump-hating liberal icons, not Fox News!!

Another Biden lie exposed . . . by his friends!

I hope you foolish Biden voters are pleased. Thanks to you we can look forward to over three more years of this sort of disfunction.


George W. Bush is unable to release his Trump hatred, even on 9/11/2021 in Shanksville

Speaking there, on 9/11/2021, Bush equated Trump supporters with the terrorists who, twenty years ago, took down the Twin Towers, attacked the Pentagon, and crashed a jetliner right where he was standing. On a day of commemoration as solemn as they come, Bush could not suppress his personal feelings of hatred for Trump. Bush believes half of America (maybe more than half now that many have seen Biden in action) shares a mindset with Muslim extremist terrorists.

All this from the genius President who gave us endless failed wars and the second most severe financial collapse in American history. Whereas Trump, prior to the pandemic, gave us NO new wars and wonderful prosperity, with black and Hispanic employment at all time record highs.

I’ll say this for Bush: the guy has chutzpah. But then he is not the only asshole out there with chutzpah. I would suggest Bush leave the Republican party and join the Democrats. But I don’t think Democrats would want him either.


The Intuit buyout for Mailchimp is official. $12B final price tag, up from the $10B rumors earlier.

I’m confused - isnt this admitting that the military was only allowing Trump to pretend to be President, as long as he “stayed in line”? That in and of itself is more of a coup than anything Trump had or could’ve done.

“Tax credits are based around people that have tax liabilities,” Manchin told Insider

I’m sure there is plenty that I disagree with him about, but Manchin continuously seems like someone for whom I could respect their arguments despite continuing to disagree.

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Agreed. Milley is a hard left individual. Trump should have given him the boot along with many other such left wing thinkers.

But Trump is, or at least he was, a NYC denizen. As such he lacked the instincts of real Americans. So has Trump by now learned to despise the left? I hope so. They certainly kicked him around enough. But with Trump nothing is for certain. When you spend your entire life in a left wing town it’s tough to get your head right.

I start to wonder if doing so was even an option for Trump?

It’s a reasonable concern. My own take on Trump is as follows:

I think Trump is a fraud, or at least there is a fraudulent aspect to him, as follows:

Trump is not a natural conservative. Rush used to opine that he has no real political ideology. I think Trump’s principal goal was/is acquisition of power, being the “big man” . . . the guy in charge. He saw America’s vast unserved constituency on the right as a means to that end. But catering to that constituency is more difficult if you’re not a natural, and especially if you have lived your entire life in as left wing a town as New York City.

I think Trump tried and continues to try. But he had a WHOLE LOT to learn. And Trump clearly is not a quick study where such as this is concerned. There are countless examples. I will offer you one:

Trump needed to choose, for the SCOTUS, persons who never went anywhere near the Ivy League . . . middle America types. He did do that with ACB, a home run. Gorsuch was a single or a double. He unfortunately has that disgusting northeastern exposure (Columbia, Harvard) but his mother, Anne, was a true blue American old fashioned Conservative Coloradoan. She REALLY pissed off the liberals and that was excellent training for son Neil.

Finally, Kavanaugh was/is a strikeout. He is a northeasterner to his core. You do NOT learn midwestern values at Yale. Period.

It’s a really big country. There are countless wonderful, bright Americans who do not reside, and did not grow up, east of Ohio and north of Virginia. Trouble for Trump is he doesn’t know many such Americans, even though it is people with their traditional values who make this country work.

The tragedy is that Trump appointed Milley.

Appointments are the President’s biggest failing. I agree with your comments about his Scotus appointments.

But as to Kavanaugh, the President may have been backed into a corner by Anthony Kennedy. Maybe the President had to appoint Kavanaugh in return for getting Kennedy to resign.

iirc The president was very displeased with Kavanaugh’s letter of recommendation for Merrick Garland. After seeing Garland as attorney general, that was indeed very poor judgment by Kavanaugh.

Edit. I could not find a reference to a letter of recommendation by Kavanaugh but I did find that he said this during the confirmation hearing

Kavanaugh will attempt to downplay the controversy when he says in his opener that he serves on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, ‘a court now led by our superb chief judge, Merrick Garland.’

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Trump isnt a career government guy. He isnt a military guy. He had no roster of appointees in his back pocket. So he basically had to guess. And while I’m sure he was highly qualified, it really wasnt predictable that Milley would also decide to put his personal feelings above the chain of command.

Speaking of the military, our Dear Leader (or his political handlers) has decided it’s time to purge the bipartisan advisory boards of the military academies, because some of them weren’t partisan enough for his tastes.

Jen Psaki’s in her Sept. 8 press briefing… gave the game away when she defended the firings, saying among other absurdities, that “the president’s qualification requirements are …. whether you’re aligned with the values of this administration .”

… part of the political left’s relentless drive to force political conformity in thought, word, and deed on all segments of society, including the military. It is also an attempt to overthrow the fundamental military ethos and tradition of being apolitical.

Perhaps the pesky justices on the Supreme Court need to be “reconstituted” with more compliant political appointees as well?


In two polls (Quinnipiac, Rasmussen) just released this morning, President Biden continues to score very well. His approval in both polls is well over 40%, with approval among Democrats overwhelmingly strong.

The only hopeful sign is that Biden is losing favor, to some extent, among independent voters. However, there are not many independent voters left today and this trend might not be at all determinative.


Many people believe Trump sort of went nuts following his election loss and use that as justification for Milley’s traitorous act.

It is very important not to confuse the time line. Milley contacted the Chinese at the end of October, 2020. This obviously was prior to the election and prior to anyone knowing the outcome of that election. There is no justification for what Milley did in any event. But certainly his having acted prior to the election is indefensible.

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In an absolutely shocking turn of events, Trump hater Alexander Vindman has called on Milley to resign. I detest Vindman. But he is correct on this one:

The Hill: Vindman criticizes, calls on Milley to resign

Biden needs all the Democrats in the Senate and can only afford to lose three Democrats in the House. I think,the Democrats will stick together and screw our economy.

A bald faced lie this morning from the AP - So typical

As I posted up thread, Milley called his Chinese counterpart on thirtieth of October, 2020. Everyone here knows that was prior to last year’s presidential election, which took place in November.

This morning the AP has posted a story which includes the following:

Milley and U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are scheduled to testify Sept. 28 before the Senate Armed Services Committee, in what initially was going to be a hearing on the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan and the chaotic evacuation of Americans, Afghans and others from that country.

Now, however, Milley is expected to face tough questioning on the telephone calls, which came during Trump’s turbulent last months in office as he challenged the results of the 2020 election.

Apparently the AP writer believes Trump was challenging the outcome of the election before it took place, an election which Trump at the end of October surely expected to win.

This sort of BS is typical of the left wing crazies at the AP. But how many people are aware of such lies?

Here is the entire piece, which was excerpted above:

Link to AP article - Don’t waste your time


By purposefully muddling the timing the AP writer is attempting to defend Milley, in the following sense:

Trump went nuts after losing the election so Milley was justified in calling the Chinese and reassuring them.

Of course that defense falls apart when the actual timing of the call is revealed. And the AP is careful to avoid mentioning that the call really took place prior to the election.

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