The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war (Part 2)

Pursuant to the above post, it seems to me another significant jeopardy between now and January 2025 lies in the loss of Taiwan. Consider:

Under Obama in 2014, sensing weakness, Russia annexed Crimea. They still have it. Communists have a certain “spidey sense” when it comes to knowing when to act. They would never have dared any such thing with Trump in the big chair.

Over the interval of time between now and November of 2024, if the Red Chinese sense immanent return of Trump to power, they well might decide the “time is now” to move on Taiwan . . . while their weak and hesitant collaborator Biden remains in power. They know as was the case with Crimea, that once annexation of Taiwan becomes a fait accompli, there will be nothing Trump or anyone else can do to restore the status quo ante.

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Democrat/Marxists not deterred by their "moderates"

The American mainstream media would have you believe Democrat “moderates” (Manchin and Sinema) are dealing a severe blow to the cause by opposing the outrageous spending plans favored by the Democrat/Marxist supermajority. It’s simply not true.

Scarcely reported at all are the Marxists’ countermeasures:

They will take whatever Sinema and Manchin give them, as expressed in dollars, and simply use the money to fund the entire array of their insane, giveaway, “free stuff” programs for a shorter interval of time.

Marxists are evil . . . but they are not at all stupid. Consider how well this strategy worked with Obamacare. Once the masses receive their freebies they are loathe to give them up. And the Democrat/Marxists are well aware of this fact.

Later attempts presumably by a Republican majority in Congress, to scale back the giveaways, will be met with howls of Marxist protest and concurrent press condemnation. And you can always rely on a few Republican jackasses, i.e. those of John McCain’s ilk, to vote with the Democrats.

Bottom line, the Democrat/Marxists do not need the full $3.5T to destroy our country. They can transform America into a socialist paradise for as little as a trillion and a half. And their two recalcitrant Senators will be happy to vote for that while proclaiming how careful they are with our tax dollars.

10% for the Big Guy, updates

Couric RBG disclosure offers still more proof of extraordinary media bias

Here is one more story you will not hear reported on the nightly news.

Couric has finally disclosed Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s scathing criticism, way back in 2016, of Colin Kaepernick. She did so, in a book she wrote, in order to hype sales of the book and put more money into her own pocket.

Former Today show host Katie Couric is facing strong criticism after she revealed she had edited out part of an interview with the late Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In her new memoir, Going There, Couric admits that she edited out part of Ginsburg’s comments about kneeling for the national anthem that the justice made during an interview in 2016.

Ginsburg had said anthem protesters showed “contempt for a government that has made it possible for their parents and grandparents to live a decent life” in remarks that were not included in the published story by Yahoo! News.

Some social media users took to Twitter on Wednesday and criticized Couric’s decision to edit out Ginsburg’s comments.

Natalie Shure, a columnist with New Republic, tweeted: “Completely indefensible for Katie Couric to withhold this from the public to protect a sitting Supreme Court Justice

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) also shared a storyabout the matter.

“Katie Couric deems RBG ‘unworthy’ because she wasn’t sufficiently woke. Ridiculous,” the senator tweeted.

Cruz was referring to Couric’s description of Ginsburg’s comments about football players taking the knee during the national anthem. The late justice had called taking the knee “dumb and disrespectful” and Couric believed those remarks were “unworthy of a crusader for equality.” However, those comments were included in the published story.

Story continues here:

Katie Couric’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg Interview Actions Branded ‘Indefensible’


Maybe we need more of these types of things to emphasize how far off the deep end the progressive authoritarians have gone.

“If RBG were alive today, she’d be a Republican”
“If RBG were alive today, she’d be on a domestic terrorist watchlist”


Boy in skirt rapes and assaults young female student in girls’ school lavatory

Cover up by local authorities only partially successful

While the American mainstream media is entirely on board with the cover up, some news of this violence is nevertheless emerging. And the role of the Biden Justice Department is as outrageous as all the other abuses Biden currently is perpetrating.

Real Clear Politics: Parents Slam Loudoun County School Board For Covering Up Transgender Assault Of 9th Grade Girl


This is profoundly weird. Why the hospital bed? These two guys are non-breeders.


They both look happy so I’m happy for 'em. People, all people, deserve to be happy.

I just hope the twins end up being happy. Must wish for the best.

That’s all fine, and I agree. But as note asked, why the contrived setting in a hospital bed? That is innately unnatural, because clearly neither of them are in the hospital due to giving birth.

I think it goes in the category of “trying to hard”.


Yeah. Weird if true. Am not 100% certain that’s a hospital bed.

Maybe not 100%, I know there are (a few) people with beds that elevate. But rails, a corded bedside phone, and tray-style table make it pretty clear.


An interesting media study in wake of the horrible stabbing murder of Sir David Amess, MP, in a Christian church in the UK earlier today. Sir David was a Conservative:

The liberal media stories are careful not to identify Sir David’s assailant, a Muslim immigrant from Somalia. If you want that information you must look elsewhere, to sources not liberal so not politically correct.

Nothing new here. Just one more example of the extraordinary liberal media bias which surrounds us.

With so many normal hetero couples wanting to adopt why put two babies with these two? Children need role models of both sexes.


Now, you’ve done it :slight_smile:

The press does now admit they’re treating the UK assassination as a terror attack. Norway had a recent bizarre bow and arrow killing of nearly half a dozen people…



Merit Garland vested interest in war on CRT opponents revealed

Garland is a skunk. But this information is 100% unavailable from the very liberal American mainstream media.

This is from Forbes, which is not exactly Conservative media:

Last week, AG Garland sent a memo to the head of the FBI, directing him to work with local law enforcement “to address threats against school administrators, board members, teachers and staff.”

Critics say that Garland made the move in response to parents vocally opposing mask mandates and race-related teaching implemented by local school boards.

Nevertheless, the move by Garland to have the FBI investigate parents at school board meetings quickly put his son-in-law’s nationwide education business in the spotlight.

Garland’s son-in-law is Xan Tanner, co-founder, board member, and president (2012-2020) of Panorama Education. Panorama Education sells surveys to school districts across the country that focus on the local “social and emotion climate.” These surveys are then used as justification for new curriculum from other providers that some parents call critical race theory and find objectionable.

Tanner’s company has a large footprint with contracts in 50+ of the nation’s 100 largest school districts. The company describes its business as supporting “13 million students in 23,000 schools and 1,500 districts across 50 states.”

In 2017, Panorama raised $16 million in a private funding led by Emerson Collective, with participation from Spark Capital, Owl Ventures, SoftTechVC, and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative — owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and his wife Priscilla Chan.

The capital raised, along with the changing political landscape, likely helped Panorama grow from 400 school systems in 2017 to 1,500 systems today – a nearly four-fold increase in business.

Then, just last month – weeks before the Garland directive to the FBI – Panorama closed on a $60 million private financing raise with venture capital firm General Atlantic. According to the press release, existing investors Owl Ventures, Emerson Collective, Uncork Capital, CZI, and Tao Capital Partners also participated.

In the OpenTheBooks government expenditure library posted online, there are at least $27 million in payments to Panorama from states, school districts, and local boards of education across 21 states between the years 2017 and 2020.

Contracts with the New York City Department of Education; Dallas Independent School District; Seattle Public Schools; District of Columbia; and the San Francisco Unified School District are showcased in company materials, and are known.

This highly revealing Forbes piece continues here:

Panorama Education, Co-Founded By U.S. AG Merrick Garland’s Son-In-Law, Contracted With 23,000 Public Schools & Raised $76M From Investors

In addition:

The NY Post has now picked up this story:

AG Garland’s son-in-law’s education company supports critical race theory

At the bottom line:

We now see why Garland takes such an active interest in attacking parents who oppose CRT . . . including even using the FBI to confront and intimidate them. It comes down to $$$$ in the pockets of his family members!!

Personal concession:

I have not always been a supporter of Senator Mitch McConnell. But credit where due. Absent McConnell’s strong stand a few years back, this Garland dirtball could today have a lifetime appointment to our SCOTUS!!

Thank you, Mitch. You did good!!


(On my oath, I’m not making this up. He actually said it!)

Biden to young child: "I like kids better than people"

Find link to story below. In addition, this story contains the following:

In 2017 and 2018, Biden and first lady Jill Biden routed $13 million in book and speech income through “S corporations” to reduce their Medicare taxes by up to $500,000 by dubiously lowballing the share of that income produced by their own labor.

Biden earned nearly $1 million from the University of Pennsylvania from 2017 to 2019 for serving as an honorary professor at the Ivy League school. He made just nine known appearances, including a November 2017 event promoting his book “Promise Me, Dad.”

Link to story

So of course he wants college loans discharged, rather than criticize the schools for charging so much in the first place…

Biden does the right thing so

His immigration activist supporters walk out

They are really pissed off at Biden. They want American taxpayers like you and me to support illegal peasants who arrive from all over the Western Hemisphere. After all, it doesn’t cost them anything! And they believe we work for them. Charity begins at home. And we have plenty of less fortunate American citizens who need our help. We cannot, and we should not, be expected to support the entire hemisphere.

Politico: “We’re done”: Immigration advocates stage walk-out on Biden administration

F these despicable activists. Who let them come here in the first place! It was a mistake, I can tell you that!