The 2022 election politics

13 states will have such severe restrictions that I think it is fair to refer to them as bans. Many are heartbeat restrictions which limits abortions to 5ish weeks - so those are essentially bans on surgical abortions. Some are outright bans like South Dakota’s (but it has a ‘life of the mother’ exception).

If you lived in one of those states, you already had a very hard time getting an abortion because the number of clinics there are few and far between. Most people won’t see a change in abortion access when the ruling comes down. In fact, some people might be helped because of more dollars and efforts flowing into abortion tourism.

This is why the case will mostly be a non issue come November. Everyone sees the price of gas and their dwindling savings account every single day and that’s what they care about. Very few people will notice anything different about their “reproductive” day-to-day life between now and November (even if they live in those 13 states) because of this supreme court decision.


I’d disagree. 5 weeks is 5 weeks longer than the Pro-Life side would like. And I’d argue that if you insist on retaining your “reproductive rights”, you also have the responsibility to pay attention to your pregnancy status so that you can exercise those rights in a timely manner.

The one argument I do see against that ~5 week timeframe is that it very well could cause more abortions to take place, since the expectant mother has little time to come to terms with the pregnancy. Its now or never, even if you arent really certain you want to abort.


I agree with you 100%, but in my view, a 5 week ban is essentially a ban on abortion for the sort of woman who gets an abortion. It is so easy to prevent pregnancy these days if you really want to that if you aren’t able to do that, you probably aren’t able to realize you’re pregnant and get yourself to a clinic in 5 weeks either. While most women get abortions in the 1st trimester, the proportion that get them sometime after the morning after pill is effective and before 5 weeks isn’t that high.

It will cause more <5 week abortions, but I don’t think it will cause more abortions overall (unless abortion tourism takes off). I predict (and of course there is no way to measure this), for every extra abortion that happens because someone that would have later kept their child got one super quickly because they knew they had a time limit, at least twice as many women will work harder at being more responsible about their birth control to keep themselves from having to deal with the consequences of getting pregnant in an abortion-free state.

There won’t be a huge immediate effect, I’ll admit. But the most important thing about this decision is that, the pro-life side (which I am a proud member of), now after 50 years, finally gets to the starting block of the legislative race where we get to try and convince hearts and minds of how morally reprehensible abortion is and that a civilized society should never permit it. The pro-abortion side has a 50 year head start, but I think we can overcome that. No one would go back in time and tell an abolitionist 50 years before the civil war that his work was no big deal because it wasn’t going to help blacks right now. In another 50 years, who knows, California and New York might have laws similar to France and Germany. Someday we might even be able to outlaw the abortion of pre-born babies that test positive for chromosomal abnormalities that are otherwise healthy.


Where does your view come in on IVF? Like when they make 10 embryos, implant one that seems fine, and they keep the rest on ice until the couple wants another kid.

The optimist in me hopes we get to the “genetically optimized embryo selection is so important it should be free, not a privilege of the rich to have all the smartest, healthiest, prettiest kids for the next generation”. I mean, we’ve got too many stupid people already.

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Don’t shoot the messenger, but the bird cage liner seems to agree with you.

Without Roe, the number of legal abortions in the country would fall by at least 13 percent, according to research by a team from Middlebury College; the University of California, San Francisco; and the Guttmacher Institute, based on the effects of clinic closures around the country between 2013 and 2020.

My wife and I are very blessed that it was never something we had to think about for ourselves. I would like to think that since we have talked about adoption even having our own kids naturally that adoption would have been our first and only plan had we not been able to have our own children. I wish more people in that position would adopt.

That said, it’s important to make a distinction. The end goal of an abortion is to snuff out a life. The end goal of IVF is to create a life and raise a child. But even though the goal is noble I don’t believe you can set aside the “extra” life/lives you are creating when trying to have a child.

I haven’t looked into IVF enough to know about how many eggs are fertilized then never used, and what options are given to the parents of those fertilized eggs. But I assume a lot of parents discard them, and I think that is wrong and akin to abortion. My catholic aunt had 3 kids via IVF, but I’ve never talked to her about it because I don’t know what options were given to her 20 years ago. Maybe her 3rd kid was the last batch and she didn’t leave any embryos left to die/linger forever in a bank. I don’t know. They were fortunate to have the money available to do it multiple times so maybe they didn’t make extra. But I have to assume not everyone is able to do that and they either pay to keep them frozen “forever” or they are discarded at some point. If I were king of the world, I would make it illegal to discard fertilized embryos leftover from IVF treatment just as I would outlaw abortions at any stage. But I can understand how some pro-life folks don’t see it that way considering the overall goal of the procedure and the fact that the embryos are just as developed as the embryos that the female body often naturally discards each month when they aren’t implanted.

The optimist in me hopes that someday the international adoption process would be streamlined and more parents would consider that option. Then the optimist in me hopes that someday there would be no orphaned babies around the world to adopt and we would actually have to grapple with the ethics of your scenario.

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good review of the 2000 mules movie.

One of the retorts we often hear concerning claims of vote fraud is the phrase “without evidence.” Except that D’Souza, Englebrecht, and Phillips provide actual official footage of crimes committed by “mules” in the form of drop-box stuffing of ballots, often during the dark of night. Most states, including Pennsylvania - a particular focus of illegal election activity in the movie - prohibit voters from casting more than one ballot, their own, at drop boxes.

Drop boxes - many of them privately funded via $400 million from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg through the left-wing Center for Tech and Civic Life - were a unique feature of the pandemic-scarred 2020 election. Most were placed in Democratic-leaning counties and jurisdictions.

Phillips explained how TTV’s (TrueTheVote)research worked. They obtained some 10 trillion cell phone “signals” using a petabyte of data. They narrowed their research to focus on “signals” that visited ten or more election drop boxes and five or more visits to “nonprofit” organizations that have collected ballots, starting in Georgia. They expanded their research to include Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

Remember, most state laws, including Pennsylvania, restrict the number of ballots (one) that any single voter can cast at a dropbox. Ballot harvesting - collecting and delivering ballots on behalf of voters - is illegal in most states. While most states have provisions to allow others to deliver ballots on their behalf, it is highly restricted.

A “mule” is a person who picks up ballots from an organization - “stash houses” - and delivers them to a series of drop boxes. According to Engelbrecht’s sources, mules are typically paid about $10 per ballot. They often take selfies of them depositing ballots to ensure payment. “In the Georgia (US Senate runoff, January 5, 2021), that payment was higher.”


You can watch the movie or buy a dvd at this website I do not know the price


Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana certainly has a gift with words. No wonder the left media avoid him like the plague.

“I mean, look, here’s the truth — the truth is that the Biden administration just keeps kicking its own ass,” Kennedy continued. “The truth is, President Biden won the nomination because he promised not to be Bernie Sanders. Who has he tried to emulate? Bernie Sanders,” he said.

“After 14 months, we know that President Biden believes in bigger government, higher taxes, more spending, more debt, more regulation, a weaker military, open borders, taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand, and turning cops into social workers,” Kennedy said, recapping the Biden administration’s agenda. “His energy policy — here’s his energy policy — wind, solar, and wishful thinking.”

“He thinks he can run with the greatest economy, the most powerful economy in all of human history, without fossil fuels,” Kennedy added of Biden’s declared desire to end fossil fuels. “And that’s one of the main reasons why the prices at the pump are so high,” he explained.

“The American people see this — they see that after 14 months, nothing is built, nothing is back, and nothing is better — and that’s why when you poll it, the American people say the country is headed in the wrong direction,” Kennedy added. “The president, he has no self-awareness, or at least the people around him won’t allow him to have self-awareness about the real problem.”


The documentary made more than $1 million in under 12 hours on video streaming platform Rumble and its subscription platform Locals beginning at noon on Saturday. The take was “good enough to put ‘2000 Mules’ in the estimated box office top ten for the weekend of May 6th to May 8th,” according to the video platform.


“Don’t take the bait from the mainstream left-wing media,” Stefanik said of her guidance for the Republican Conference. “Don’t take the bait,” she reiterated. “First of all, they don’t have the support of the American people — there’s a reason why the mainstream media’s ratings are in the toilet and are at a historic low — because the American people no longer trust the mainstream media.”

“We tell our members stay disciplined, don’t take the bait, and go on offense every single day,” Stefanik explained. “Democrats want to do everything they can to pass the buck, but the reality is — and the American people know this — there is unified Democrat control right now. They have the Senate, the House, and the White House,” she reminded. “It’s really them projecting their own inability to govern,” Stefanik said of House Democrats’ work to stir up and amplify negative coverage about the Republican Conference. “They own these crises and they’re going to be held accountable this November,” she added of Democrats.


Scintillating mainstream media bias on full display

Can you imagine the American mainstream media filth not soiling themselves with delight at the possibility of a woman achieving high office never before attained in history? Now imagine their multiplying that rapture tenfold with the thought that same woman happens to be black! The endless feature stories would overwhelm all of their reporting.

Well it’s happening, but without the media ecstasy. A woman named Kathy Barnette has become a serious contender in the 2022 Pennsylvania Republican Senatorial race. Barnette is black. Pennsylvania has never elected a female Senator. Pennsylvania has never elected a black Senator.

So what’s the problem? Why is the press not celebrating like crazy, and championing Barnette and the amazing possible “firsts”? You know, like they always do in a situation like this.

Well, there is a complication. You see, Kathy Barnette is a staunch anti-abortion Conservative. For the press jackals, there is nothing on earth worse than a black Conservative. And that goes double when it is a woman.

So don’t look to the American mainstream media for glowing “first black” and “first female” PA Senator stories about Kathy Barnette. In fact, if she turns out to make a successful 2022 run, I expect the mainstream media scum will attack Kathy Barnette with everything they have.


While I wholeheartedly agree with your description of the media, Ms. Barnette has some baggage to unpack before I’d vote for her.

Some of these are repeats, and I know that hannity can pretzelize the facts pretty well, but I’ve seen no substantive rebuttals.

Well of course there is controversy about Barnette within the Republican Party itself. This is a primary election, after all. And Trump, together with his toadies, supports Oz . . . . NOT Barnette. They feel threatened by her and are toting out all the dirt they can locate. Is the dirt factual?. I dunno. I have not taken the time to investigate, assuming it’s even possible to investigate given the circumstances. I did hear Barnette on Bo Snerdley’s show early Saturday morning. Unlike Hannity, Bo did not attack her. Of course both Bo and Barnette are black.

But my earlier post was more about the media and less about Barnette. I believe, regardless her background and even were she not coming under withering attack from her Senate race competitors, the media would not be celebrating her. This because she is a Conservative black woman. They carry on about “firsts” only when the candidate agrees with their liberal viewpoints.

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interview of Barnette on Fox news Sunday. She’s doing a lot of filibustering and BSing. she may be OK but not for the Senate race this year. She should try to win a local seat so she can be vetted better. she ran for the House in a heavily Democrat district and lost badly. Find some other race where she has a better chance.

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New York governor Kathy Hochul again. she of course does not let the terrible shootings in Buffalo go to waste What an evil dangerous woman. Go Stefanik.

Hochul notably went further to demand the curtailment of free speech protections. Speaking later at a church, she pledged to “silence the voices of hatred and racism and white supremacy all over the Internet.”

On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Hochul declared

“They need to be called out. And leaders elected officials from both parties need to stand up at this moment and call it out and to shame it and to make sure these people crawl back into their holes and stay there. This cannot be part of our mainstream dialogue here in the United States of America. Leaders have a responsibility to call it out … we are dealing with it on the gun side but also on the social media side. And the combination of the wild access to guns, unfettered, we need national laws to deal with this as well as the unfettered sharing of hate information on the internet, that is a lethal combination. We saw that on display here just hours ago yesterday.”

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But oddly didn’t say much about “silencing the voices of hatred and racism and Black supremacy all of the Internet” when that guy shot up a dozen people on the NYC subway? If the left didn’t have double standards for the ideology of those committing violence, they’d have no standards at all. Laid out in great detail…


meanwhile, at the Democrats focus session, some rejected pejoratives for Biden to use against Republicans

Whoresons and daughters
Dangerous dingbats
Nasty nuts
Pusillanimous putzes
Never MAGA-nificent
Puny pillocks
Fallacious failures
Phonies and fakers
Ninnies and nincompoops
Super mega MAGA

And for President Trump

Mr. Poopy Head
Big Hair Guy
BFF of the MyPillow Guy
Damn dictator
Fake mogul millionaire
The MAGA maniac
The megalomaniacal MAGA man
The MAGA monomaniac
Mad MAGA Max
Mister MAGA

“Mister MAGA” was rejected as too respectful. “Mad MAGA Max” was rejected as too obscure. “The megalomaniacal MAGA man” and “The MAGA monomaniac” were rejected as polysyllabic. “MAGA King” was the compromise choice.

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Uh, weren’t they worried that their constituency would see that “pejorative” as an endorsement?

A Special Master appointed to resolve NY State redistricting has created a remarkable situation there involving two long time, nationally known, NY politicians. This will impact the 2022 election in NY this fall:

It appears as of now that Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney will be running against one another in the upcoming 2022 NY Democrat primary.

Both of these people are hard left Democrats, representing different portions of Manhattan. Nadler is perhaps the better known of the two, being Chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. Nadler, who is full of hot air, achieved buffoon status some years ago. Maloney is only slightly less well known, being an outspoken voice of the Democrat extreme left.

It is good to see these two idiots being forced to square off against one another in the primary. This offers hope there will be one less Manhattan nut case in Congress when the dust settles.