When will you allow yourself to be vaccinated?

But why no “booster” requirement? Just kidding.

The requirement is to get all the holdouts. Probably the northeast schools will go first, and these who don’t follow suit do so at their own peril as parties spread covid like wildfire on campus. It only takes one severe case to get egg all over the administrators’ faces.

I’ve done the same with our tennis league socials. Pre-COVID we had a small quarterly social for our ladies tennis league. We’ve obviously cancelled all these during the pandemic but started redoing it in June. Only requirement to attend was to get vaccinated which everyone who plays regularly was anyway since we meet a lot of people via the league and often indoors.

That said, it’s all on an honor system. I’m not asking for people to show me their vaccination card. But it’s understood that if you were to get caught lying about it, you’d probably be done with our group. Maybe that’d be enough incentive for some but it’s hard to know. Don’t think it’ll be an issue considering the social bubble we’re in where it almost feels like everybody around us got vaccinated as soon as eligible.

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Lol how is anyone to get caught? There’s no evidence to start.

Yes, cowardly employers have the same policies you are describing. (Matches my current employer’s policies. Well… not even required to be vaccinated but supposed to mask and social distance if not and be terminated disciplined if break the rules. But no requirement to ever self report or demonstrate vaccination in the first place…)

Serious question. What part of that policy is cowardly? The part where the employer is too cowardly to require proof and just goes on the honor system when it comes to masking? Or the part where the employer refuses to straight up fire people for not getting vaccinated? Or some other part?

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If they get very sick to start with. Vaccinated people are very unlikely to get very sick even if they catch it. That’d be suspicious to me if they got hospitalized. If they die, for sure I’m kicking them out of our group!

Maybe not requiring proof of vaccination by HR? The EEOC has indicated that employers can mandate vaccination for new and existing employees as condition for employment - with accommodation provision when exempt. Although some States have introduced laws to prevent that too so it may not be in the hands of all employers equally. Even if they legally can, some companies are just wondering if they should mandate it if it’s gonna bring them unwanted attention, if it’s gonna make them lose employees at time when there is shortage, bad PR, etc.

With delta variant cases ramping up though, the dynamic may yet change on that. When it looked like positivity was going to be down and stay low, mandating it did not seem as important. Now you see more businesses, colleges, etc shifting their stance realizing herd immunity is not gonna happen on its own and then don’t want to deal with the hassle of having another wave roll through their business just when it was starting to look back to normal.

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Same as how “everyone” in certain groups voted against trump and the republicans. Got it. /s

To be clear, I’d vote for these who I feel is the best. If you don’t like it and don’t respect others, well, tough luck.

Oh dear, concerning numbers on infection. On the bright side, small sample, observational, could be biased, and many of the infected were vaccinated in Jan. Note avoiding severe covid is still in the 90s, but that is small consolation.

suggest that after two shots the vaccine was 39% effective at reducing the risk of infection and 40% effective at reducing the risk of symptomatic disease during a period when the Delta variant dominated cases in Israel …
“We are still not sure about whether the reduction in effectiveness is due to time passed or [a] question of the variant.”

Israel’s new data suggests a lower potency for the Pfizer shot than was found by another major U.K. study published this week. Published in the New England Journal of Medicine and sponsored by Public Health England, the study involved nearly 20,000 people and said the vaccine was 88% effective at protecting against symptomatic disease. A previous Israeli study, based on data collected from June 6 through early July during the start of the Delta outbreak, found Pfizer protected 64% of inoculated people from infection

Not to me. :–)>

As I mentioned earlier this COVID vaccination is actually supposed to cure all. Make us free to run the gamut. Not what we are hearing lately…

I don’t understand. I’m not ready to put the mask back on. And if I had young children I would be up in arms. Angry about suggestions of a booster shot now…

And you are still on the fence deciding. lol

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How worried should you be as a vaccinated person about covid? Well, it’s hard to say with the variants changing all the time, but this study was for the PFE vaccine in Israel at a time when the UK strain was common and looked at fully vaccinated people who needed hospitalization.

The short version is this - all the people who were at risk for bad unvaccinated covid outcomes are at higher risk for bad vaccinated outcomes (ie old, male, poor health in the ways that are bad for covid generally), plus also people who have immune system problems since presumably they didn’t respond as well to the vaccine despite being given it.


This study includes a detailed description of 152 mRNA COVID-19-vaccinated individuals who presented with a significant breakthrough infection leading to hospitalization. All these patients had their disease onset 8 days or more after their second vaccine dose, and in most much later, with a median time to admission exceeding 1 month.

The clinical profile of the patients is typical of other COVID-19 hospitalized patients, being elderly males and having high rates of co-morbidities linked to COVID-19 severity… Furthermore, 96% of the patients had at least one co-morbidity. Of six patients with no co-morbidity, only three had severe COVID-19, all with a favourable outcome. The high rate of co-morbidities might be explained by a lower vaccine effectiveness in patients with co-morbidities, by the risk of co-morbidity exacerbation after breakthrough infection, or by both.

Most (93; 61%) of the patients in this cohort had severe or critical illness. The mortality rate was 22% (34/152). At the end of the study period, 12 patients were still hospitalized and not ventilated, and were categorized as a favourable outcome. Overall, the primary outcome of mechanical ventilation or death occurred in 38 patients (25%).

No healthy, vaccinated people died and the absolute risk level was way way lower for unhealthy ones. However, if you do end up as one of these few unhealthy people, your chances of a poor outcome are still significant.

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PFE recent study shows their vaccine efficacy declines over time, down to low 80%’s for preventing symptomatic disease after 6 months.

the vaccine’s efficacy in preventing any Covid-19 infection that causes even minor symptoms appeared to decline by an average of 6% every two months after administration. It peaked at more than 96% within two months of vaccination and slipped to 84% after six months.

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Simple solution - you have to shoot up every 6 months. For the first week after the shot, you don’t have to wear a mask.

Exactly. And in totally unrelated news, PFE’s covid vaccine sales are projected at $33B+ without boosters or new variant shots, and is the single biggest Pharma winner in all time besting around $20B each for the Gilead’s Hep C cure or Humira for arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

“We don’t need to spend money on therapeutics, especially generic ones, when we can keep selling shots at $20 like now, or hopefully more like $150 for a typical vaccine…”

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I’d expect they’ll see much competition soon from the likes of Moderna, Novavax, etc. $150? No, even $20 a shot, at quantities of hundreds of millions of shots, seems non-competitive to me.

Regular shots - Since preventative vaccines are 100% covered by health insurance (ACA), why not take a shot every 6 months?

Following that logic, why not take one every month, week, or day? The CDC has repeatedly said that the vaccines are safe. In fact we all know that the vaccine has never hurt anyone, and that it is the only accepted way to be certain of avoiding infection. :innocent:

Local cops mistake you for a heroin addict?

Dunno, might not be worth it

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