Who will join POTUS nominee Biden on the Democrat ticket as VP?

It’s a true Republican dilemma : “give handouts to a hugely profitable company” vs “but the company is owned by the guy than runs the fake news Washington Post”

But AOC has a position on it and thus the Republican position is automatically “opposite of whatever AOC says”.

/ I heard she is in favor of breathing.

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And then there were 4

Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), reportedly remain on Biden’s list, and rounding it out are Rep. Val Demings of Florida and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

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I either dreamed it or heard on some station. Biden would pick Warren. I don’t care one way or the other.

Difficult for me to envision Warren; she is not black and she is from MA, a state Biden already has in his pocket.

I’m still thinking Val is a REAL contender.

I should be. But I am unfamiliar with Mayor Bottoms. However:

Bottoms, as a fellow Georgian, might be a fine alternative to Stacey Abrams.

Both Georgia and Demings’ Florida are states which could sew up the election for Vice President Biden . . . if he could win either.

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I watched the “Sunday shows” this morning. I might have missed something if it was only a brief mention. However:

Discussion of Vice President Biden’s VP pick was absent. I don’t recall the subject even coming up on any of the shows.

It’ll be July before these shows reconvene. And of course everyone in DC goes on vacation in August! Am wondering how much longer we will have to wait for the big VP reveal.

I hope they won’t tell us until September at least. The never-ending election cycle in this country is ridiculous. It’d be more efficient and way cheaper to do the whole thing in just 2 months.


There’s few VP picks that would make a difference. He just has to select someone who appears to be at least remotely competent.

Maybe if Biden selected Jared Kushner as VP… THAT would change the dynamics and he’d lose a lot of sane voters.

You mean at least as incompetent as he is… or I guess most are at least as competent as he.

Vote for Kodos!


Vice President Biden will make his VP choice this month and, moreover, it will happen before 16 July.

This selection will be a huge news maker for the campaign. I expect it to kick off some serious campaigning.

The above notwithstanding, nobody today appears to have any inside information regarding who the pick will be.

If Vice President Biden does not choose a woman of color I believe he will be facing, right out of the starting gate, the need to mollify a significant portion of his base.

I think Cuomo is still a darkhorse candidate for the VP slot. Seems like he’d offer an ideal counter-punch for the typical knocks against Biden. He has a lot of visibility and has gained a lot of respect nationwide the past few months (whether you agree he earned it or not).

But unlike most people apparently, I determine an ideal candidate based on the candidate’s actual qualifications, not on some irrelevant demographic details. Which I assume makes me a racist…

Vice President Biden is the presumptive nominee owing in large measure to support from black voters. This is just a fact of political life.

He has several competent black women among whom to choose. But he needs to take his time and get this right . . . which he appears to be doing.

Whatever Mr. Biden decides, when his announcement emerges it’s gonna be a really big deal in the mainstream media . . . and with excellent justification.

It’s too bad Biden said before he’d select a woman VP. I understand this was at the time an important differentiator between himself and Bernie, but the consequence is that he’s now in a corner when he should be selecting the best person for the job regardless of gender/color/ethnicity.


If he thought like that, he wouldn’t be welcome in that party.


Sadly true. The VP will be very important because, let’s face it, Biden is 77 yo. If he gets elected, and there is a high probability he will, his age and health could bring the VP into the Oval Office.

I think that’d be my way of evaluating who I’d want my VP too (if I could run which I cannot). But these days, it seems to be irrelevant. It’s all about analytics and who can get you the most votes in swing states regardless of their merits.

Words of wisdom to heed for future candidates of either party. Don’t paint yourself in a corner during primaries. I can see why Biden did it, especially at the time when his campaign looked DOA but it was a mistake to close off any options before it’s actually time to decide.

It would have been better to say that he’d have no trouble picking a woman and/or person of color for VP since there are plenty of extremely competent ones with proven records in the party… no commitment but affirms his support for a merit-based choice regardless of race or gender.

I have a question for Shinobi though. Why July 16th or before? I thought he had mentioned Aug 1st before. After all the convention is not until mid August. I think whoever he picks, giving more time to your opponent to research and target your VP would not be to your advantage, no?

It was just a guess. But, sure, maybe you’re right. What you wrote makes sense.

At this point nobody really knows and the press surely is not “pressing” Biden in the least.

I watched the Susan Rice interview on TV this morning. She appears to be “VP candidate of the day”.

The Hill: Susan Rice sees stock rise in Biden VP race

There is little question Rice will be part of a Biden administration . . . if not as VP then surely as Secretary of State.

“All I care about is getting Joe Biden elected president of the United States so that we again have competent, compassionate, loyal, effective leadership in the White House,” Rice said.

Duckworth rising

If it quacks like a duck…